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The gift- Chris


childhood living is easy to do , the things you wanted well I brought them for you
the last gift I can give you are my tears . Mum

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Misty Moment – The Third-

I just don’t get it? This is not the house I came to – things are all discombobulated and I don’t understand why.

I think my humans have allergies , their eyes are watering all the time, they don’t seem to have enough breath to speak. Even SWMBO ( she who must be obeyed) has gone very quiet. It is bad and I am worried about my humans – the old one and the young one aren’t the same either-the only one that wants to play is the baby one.

SWMBO decided to have HWTHSBO (he who thinks he should be obeyed) tear up the place where they cook all the meals. I heard the young one say they needed to keep him busy .

He was sitting in his chair a lot, not moving , not talking and not sleeping, just sitting – but wouldn’t it have been better just to take me for a run?

This place has become an unfit place for man or dog, there are times I can hardly find my bowl in the “food place”.

I keep waiting for SWMBO to start shouting about getting it done but she just sighs steps over the piles of tools and boxes and doesn’t say anything.

I haven’t seen “my master” for a long time and I am worried I may have done something wrong. The last time he was here we went over the road to throw the ball, he threw it and threw it and threw it . I was so tired – I admit to putting on a couple of pounds since he wasn’t around so much to run me. Ok ! so I got tired but he wasn’t giving up so I took the ball and went home. I wonder if he is mad I didn’t stay to play and I distinctly smelled “cat” on him.

I don’t understand why there is no laughter and no one wants to play, chase the squirrels, find the pussycats, and why their eyes water all the time- I just hope that they aren’t allergic to dogs all of a sudden. I want things the way they were!


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