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Unfinished Portait-Who are we really? Cleveland Institute of Art- Update

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  • 1. Loraine Ritchey  |  March 9, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    So I tested the waters of the blog and asked a couple of questions … here is the reply . thought I would add it here so you can get the flavor of the blog

    March 9, 2010 1:04 PM
    Loraine Ritchey said…
    I take it that you will be putting up different subjects to stimulate conversation will this be daily , weekly?

    Since we are seemingly discussing the Journal today I have a some questions.

    How difficult is it for you as an Editor to make sure that your staff report and write in a fair an balanced way , how do you keep personal opinions of your reporters from flavouring an article?

    Also through the years I have noticed a lot of different “by lines” come and go . What does the Journal do to aclimate the new reporters to the “history” of happenings in this town and the locals since a great deal of let us say “news stories” especially with politics have a history . Is there an orientation period for new reporters? Thanks Loraine

    March 9, 2010 1:29 PM
    Tom Skoch, Editor, The Morning Journal said…
    Loraine, my plan is to have at least one new thing to say each day.

    As for keeping reporters’ personal opinions from skewing news stories, there are five safeguards.

    First, each reporter is schooled in the ethics of keeping personal opinion out of their writing.

    Second, each story gets a close editing from a well-experienced editor on the city desk who makes sure it passes muster.

    Third, the story next goes to the copy desk where it is typically read by a few more editors before it gets on a page.

    Fourth, if it’s a major story, I’ll be looking at it too, as will our Managing Editor April Elliott.

    Finally, once the story is on a page, the page gets proofed again by copy editors.

    So, after a story leaves a reporter’s hands it gets read by several editors at various stages before it goes to press. That system tends to scrub away any personal slant a story might have had to begin with.

    Finally, newspaper reporting has always been a “learn on the job” occupation. Our young new reporters get bombarded with informal “local history” lessons from their grizzled older editors. Reporters also tap our news story archives. The goal is to give them all the background they need to tackle each story.

  • 2. Grammy  |  March 9, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    I plan to monitor this one closely. It will be interesting to see if the unbiased gets reported, it would definitely be a first.

  • 3. Loraine Ritchey  |  March 10, 2010 at 11:57 am

    Me too , I think the Journal has realized that they need to bring back readership not just “ads” as those come hand in hand , ( your distribition numbers go down so does the ad revenue) something that print media seems to have forgotten… many times have I sat lately in waiting rooms hour after hour and looked at magazines.they are 3/4 ads and very little content…. since Chris was an “ad man” I was torn., but I wouldn’t subscribe to any of those magazines …. I also think that Skoch is using this as a teaching tool for his staff which could be good thing for readership in the long run. We will see….

  • 4. Mark  |  March 11, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    I threw in the towel on the MJ last year. The delivery was piss-poor, paper getting thrown at the door instead of placed in the box; driver with windows down and stereo up at 430 am. Repeated calls and emails did nothing. It would take me 5 minutes to go from front page to back, and the Sunday edition never had the coupons that the Plain Dealer had. Certain sections and comics were never in the same place, and there would be entire sections of ads in the middle of the paper. And don’t even get me started on the typos.

    Far as the site goes, it lags hard. No pop-up blocker stops that damned page from springing up and slowing down everything else. It’s ALMOST as bad as the print edition.

    Staff? I know one staffer that hasn’t the slightest idea what she’s doing, and I’ve seen it time and again in articles that she’s written.

    Sorry for the rant, Loraine, but I needed to get it out of my system.

  • 5. Loraine Ritchey  |  March 11, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Hey well you told it to “THIS Editor” We also had a carrier that delivered next door and the noise from his “music” was enough to shake you out of bed…….. I kept hoping he/she would be caught by the police….I haven’t noticed it lately and since I am up all night would be ready for them ……

    I think the print media’s electronic concept is interesting actually with the video reporting and breaking news they are morphing into Tell e vision 🙂

  • 6. Graham Stocks  |  October 19, 2011 at 8:28 pm


    He was a groom of yoeman stock from a place called Prestwold in Leicestershire, about three miles as the crow flies from Beaumanor Hall. My great-grandfather was also coincidentally a groom at Prestwold Hall. My family tree shows that we (the Stocks’) haven’t moved out of the area at least from the late 1600s. I live in Quorn – a mile away from Beaumanor Hall.

  • 7. Peter Potamus  |  October 20, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Hey Tom Skoch,

    Quit preaching in your editorial pages to everyone else when the Morning Journal and all other newspapers are engaged in RACKETEERING and facilitating “tax fraud” for route drivers who claim the full IRS Mileage deduction for commercial delivery

    OHIO License Plate: FDG 6121

    No front headlight… driving on the wrong side of a four-lane road(Detroit Rd @ Rt 83 in Avon) in the wee hours of the morning…no headlight.

    Driver stated he didn’t need to carry “commercial insurance”

    Tom…come here for a second, Tommy…. I want to say this outside of earshot of the “press councils” you say are not needed.

    “Tax Fraud” is a five year prison sentence… $100,000 fine plus back taxes, interest and penalties.

    Tom… you can’t criticize OTHERS in your editorial pages when you, Andrew Young(Elyria Chronicle Telegram) and Julie Wallace( CT) are not only engaging in this criminal conduct BUT ALSO are planning to engage in it tomorrow. So is the Plain Dealer and all other newspapers in the US who use these route drivers driving their personal vehicles

    We need a “Blue Ribbon Commission” in Lorain County to discuss the hypocrisy of the newspapers who plan to endorse candidates and issues.

    My suggestion is to make it a “Pabst Blue Ribbon Commission” and have Mark Provenza chair this committee.

    You must think we all fell off the turnip truck that Mark Provenza was driving in Lakewood, Tom

    FDG 6121… don’t make that young kid a scapegoat, Tom. You and your circulation manager are the guilty ones.

    You newspapers would not have delivery drivers if you compelled commercial coverage…. that would then make the cost prohibitive to have home delivery…. your circulation numbers would shrink to where you could no longer have advertisers pay for ads reaching such a limited audience.

    Your advertising base would shrink… you’d be out of business within a few months.

    Yet you intend/plan on engaging in “tax fraud” and “racketeering” tomorrow, Tom…. and piously/hypocritically preaching to others about how they should live their lives

    Tom… you were the one who stated that you were in the best position to delete inappropriate comments.

    When I posted that Pizza Delivery Drivers at the Colorado Avenue Pizza Hut were “uninsured” ala your route drivers… you deleted that comment.

    It was journalistically inappropriate to delete a comment that directed people to a hyperlink which showed how the pontificators were doing the same thing as the nation’s Pizza Companies.

    Tommy… do you have a “non-owned auto provision/rider” to the Morning Journal’s “general liability” insurance policy that covers you for uninsured drivers involved in accidents.

    What does the actuarial data used to statistically set the insurance rate for that provision/rider assume, Tom?

    If it assumes “100% commercial coverage” validated by your circulation manager then the PD, CT, & MJ are engaged in fraud.

    If it assumes “0% commercial coverage or anything less than 100%” then it is RACKETEERING between you and your insurers.

    It is also RACKETEERING between you and your drivers.

    Tom… we don’t need no stinking “press councils” when the Pabst Blue Ribbon Commission headed by Mark Provenza can take the Lorain County RTA to City Hall to hold hearings.

    My suggestion would be for Provenza to appoint recent ne’er-do-wells to the commission; to wit,

    1. Sanford Prudoff
    2. Robert Gilchrist
    3. Lame Duck Krasienko
    4. Vince Urbin and the undercover cop posing as a prostitute.
    5. Police Chief, John Malick
    6. Former Fire Official, Prbanek who will handle the photocopying chores.
    7. Joseph Montelon and Ricardo Montabaln

    …and scores of others who have made the Morning Journal and CT headlines.

    Tom… do you plan on engaging in “racketeering” and “facilitation of tax fraud” tomorrow?

    Then let’s not hypocritically editorialize and preach to others today.

    Julie Wallace has “newspapers in education” for school kids… you can end that program also… you’re the LAST BUNCH of people who should be presenting yourselves as honorable individuals to school kids


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