Complex/ Complex and more complexities- Play Ball????

March 13, 2010 at 1:32 pm 1 comment


Got your Tri focal’s ready because there could be more than meets the eye 🙂 I know there is more than we heard on Thursday :

Do you remember hearing anything about this at the meeting? I thought that Site 3 was ready to go as is and that’s why everyone was being led there

LIsa : my fellow bench warmer at the “forum”. Maybe we can discuss it over that Malt Lisa ( but the kind you get in Scotland 🙂


The Morning Journal has its own study going on the Complex Complex and the WHO 🙂 in the Third ….

ED NOTE: A couple of days ago I commented on the Tell the Editor blog of the Morning Journal, so fyi here is the question and here is the response :

Loraine Ritchey said…
The Morning Journal is also a business that is trying to be successful in a broader area but of course has its bricks and mortar in Lorain .

As a “Lorain” business what do you see as negatively impacting your doing business within the city and also what positively impacts your business by being located in Lorain?

What would you like to see happen here that would bring other businesses back and having the MJ be continuing presence on Broadway? What role do you see for the MJ in Lorain ( City )?

March 11, 2010 10:43 AM
Tom Skoch, Editor, The Morning Journal said…
A person could fill a book answering these questions, but I won’t.


It’s no surprise that the ailing local economy makes it tougher for any business in Lorain.

The “positive” of doing business in Lorain is the presence of so many loyal newspaper readers and local advertisers who recognize the value of putting some of their scarce dollars into our publication.

I’d like to see a growing “can-do” attitude and a determination to make the most of Lorain’s assets. A defeatist viewpoint hinders Lorain. People get fixated on problems and as a result fail to see great opportunities.
The newspaper’s role is the same as any good paper anywhere: Report the news fairly and accurately. Be a watchdog over government. Stand up for what’s right. Be a voice for the voiceless


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WHAT DO YOU KNOW? The Complex Complex Complexities- Curmudgeon- and Editorials

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  • 1. thatwoman  |  March 15, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Moved Comment to correct blog post from Anonymous

    You in the media police yourselves and the rest of us can be assured that an instrument of mass persuasion is not being used instead as a “propoganda ministry”?

    The late CIA Director, William E. Colby, told two US Senate Committees headed by Frank Church(D-Idaho) and Ted Kennedy(D-Massachussetts) something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT… something akin to waht he told a book author that EVERYONE of any SIGNIFICANCE in the US News Media is wholly owned by the CIA.

    Quite a sweeping statement when one talks in absolutes(100%)…. either he’s nuts, lying or society has a big, big problem on its hands

    Here…we’ll give this a try locally.

    Tom Skoch…. go down to the Morning Journal Circulation Department and ask the powers-that-be approximately WHAT PERCENTAGE of the 1099 Delivery Route Drivers are probably NOT CARRYING the reqired “commercial driver’s insurance” required by law.

    …and how would that TRANSLATE to the other local newspapers?

    So all the newspapers are “turning a blind eye” to both “income tax fraud” and “insurance fraud” AND YET you in your Editorial Departments zctually go out and criticize the moral shortcomings of others in the community???

    “Physician, heal thyself”

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