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March 17, 2010 at 4:43 pm 9 comments

This is one that did draw me back to the surface as this web company owner stated :
Karl Winn, 60, said he would rather ‘recruit ex-drug dealers, convicts and child molesters’ than employ former servicemen or women.



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When Premonition Becomes Hindsight – Part Two The Ghost in the Pond –

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  • 1. Grammy  |  March 17, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Since he would be responsible for his employees after this statement, he can share the punishments with them. Let’s see how that makes his business work. We can also be sure that possible customers are aware of his statements and the type of employees he would rather hire. I’m not saying that people who have made mistakes are not entitled to a chance to change their lives, but those who have already lain their lives on the line for us do deserve a better comment than what was said. If we cannot reward those who serve, than what kind of persons are we?

  • 2. Loraine Ritchey  |  March 17, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    and the reason that I also posted it here in the USA is the fact that this web company also has connections with TEXAS!!! and we are part of a global community and our thoughts and opinions are far reaching ( don’t I know it :)….I look at Settlers’ Watch and the Barnes memorial of such a young man doing his duty and then this idiot in Somerset who enjoys the rights of freedom fought for by my father , grandfather, cousins and uncles and wellllllllllllllllll brought me up from the depths again.. 🙂

  • 3. Peter  |  March 17, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    It’s not proper of him to vent his anger at the troops who are the lowest men on the totem pole – the man/woman in uniform did nothing wrong.

    What we in the US don’t appreciate however – due to skewed media coverage – is the distrust that a SIGNIFICANTLY LARGE SUBSET of Europeans (not just Britons) have toward their news media and government.

    The Europeans have far more history than a two-hundred year old nation.

    It was the Europeans who bore the brunt of the mustard gas attacks and to a lesser extent Spanish influenza of World War I… “The LUCKY ONES died in the mustard gas attacks”…” the luckiest of the influenza victims died”… I don’t agree with those statements but they were prevalent in Europe

    So now comes the US Senate Committee headed by Senator Charles Nye which showed the bankers and arms manufacturers INTENTIONALLY kept WWI going on longer than necessary to collect “war profits”. Their had been similar rumblings in Britain and France prior to this BUT THE US Senate Committee sent the families of the Mustard gas victims and the living victims themselves into a frenzy.

    Britain was the only one of the European nations to pay its war debt to the US(and only the “interest” was being paid – contrary to what the late Canadian Columnist, Gordon Sinclair said). The austerity measures taken left many Britons impoverished and angered at the bankers.

    This is why Britain and France were hesitant to get into WWII… they (correctly) reasoned that Hitler was being propped up by the arms merchants selling munitions to both sides (as Remington Rifles had done during WWI).

    Britain is a smaller country… so people families have more of a tendency to “stay put” geographically… and Northern Scotland to Southern England is less than a day’s drive… so one knows intimately the war experiences of one’s grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc. because the family unit is geographically more cohesive.

    The Britons, Germans, Dutch French and Canadians also distrust NOT ONLY their own governments but also the US. It was British Investment Houses that forced Harry Truman to overthrow a democratically-elected government in Iran in the earliest part of the 1950s…. Barack Obama just admitted the CIA’s role in the overthrow to the Iranian people in June/July 2009 – but even in finally making such an admission, Obama lied.

    He soft-pedaled a quick glossing over by saying “in the throes of the Cold War” as if the possibility of “communist overthrow” was the rationale. No… the rationale was the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company didn’t want the Iranian people to get even anything close to a fair share of the profits…. Mohammed Mossadegh was humiliated in front of his own people, so he had to start acting tough to get some “street credibility”

    If the US and Britain had been so concerned about the possibility of “communist overthrow” then why not give the Iranian people a “fair enough” share of the economic pie to keep a democratically-controlled government in power?

    The USS Liberty attack in June of 1967???

    Europeans knew all along that it had been orchestrated by the US Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower 3 times warned us about.

    You can go to the Lorain Main Branch and the West River and Main Branches of the Elyria Library and go to the Biography section to page 300/301 of the late CIA Director, Richard Helms book, “A lLook Over My Shoulder”

    What you’ll read will be a “partial whitewash” but you’ll see how LBJ, McNamara and a rogue CIA Agent named James Jesus Angleton ordered a US Ally to murder all 230+ souls aboard the USS Liberty.

    Only 34 died and a subset of the 171 injured were horribly maimed for life.

    Well, Helms’s revelations brought everyone out of the woodwork… Cyrus Vance(Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter) had resigned from the “303 covert operations committee” the day after the USS Liberty attack.

    CIA Director Helms, his Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, Admiral Rufus Taylor, the ENTIRE “303 Covert Operations Committee” had only authorized our ally to STRAFE the USS Liberty with minimal loss of life among the US Servicemen… they didn’t authorize the murder of all 236 souls.

    To blame our ally solely would be to miss the point… Vance didn’t resign because of what our ally did – Vance resigned because the 303 Committee had been lied to about the nature of the attack…

    Well, CIA Director Helms was furious and he stated that if he were ever called to testify publicly he would tell the truth… so when the “propaganda merchants” come forth and tell you that there were 13 official investigations which exonerated our ally YOU CAN REPLY, “That is verrrry interesting…. tell me… when did Richard Helms ever testify before Congress… I mean if there were TRULY 13 investigations the CIA Director would have had to have testified at AT LEAST one of them, correct?

    What about the NSA Director or NSA Deputy Directors then?… In 13 official investigations are you ALSO saying that none of them testified either?

    A bunch of old men coming forward to clear their consciences before they die… all now admit it was “intentional murder”…

    Admiral Thomas Moorer(now dead)
    Captain Ward Boston(now dead)
    4 NSA Directors and Deputy Directors

    Doctored gun camera photos, doctored audio transcripts – a story that unsurprisingly stunk to high heaven

    “What pothhible motive could our only friend in the region have for doing something so horrible?”

    Well…innocent people/governments don’t need to tell lies AND DON’T NEED to doctor evidence.

    So the Britons see the US News Media cover up for the Military-Industrial Complex and they say, “we’re not going to risk our necks so that your elite and our elite can live like kings”

    LBJ, McNamara and Angleton ordered our ally to slaughter our own troops… It was well within LBJ’s “moral framework”… when Department of Agriculture Agent, Henry Marshall refused to take a bribe from LBJ – he was murdered by Mack Wallace… no! no!…you DON’T commit suicide by shooting yourself 5 times and in 1983 the “death certificate” of Henry Marshall was finally amended to “murder”

    This “Web Developer” was an idiot for blaming the troops.

    Britons already know who is to blame… we were informed in the US that the reason the government of Tony Blair nearly fell some years back was because some Labour Muslim MPs in the House of Commons were angry at him….

    …that was a lie

    The reason the Labour Government nearly fell was because of around 7 memos called the Downing Street Memos. The Ricketts memo was most damning because it stated that the British Public would never stand for “regime change” as an excuse to topple Sadaam… which means the Government was going to have to tell a lie (Weapons of Mass Destruction) to the British Public if Blair was going to make good on his promise to George Bush and if Halliburton and other military contractors were going to rake in profits.

    We were lied to and don’t know it…
    The British, Canadian, Dutch, French and German Public know that we in the US were lied to

    According to FOX NEWS 1/3 of Americans believe the WTC attacks were an “inside job” or were allowed to happen (That number rises to over 50% in NYC/Manhattan)

    The percentage of Europeans and Canadians who believe the WTC Attacks and 7/7(London Subway) attacks were “false flag” attacks orchestrated by the US/British Military and bankers is also high.

    They don’t trust the BBC and they don’t trust the US or Canadian News Media

    …but for this guy to blame “the lowest men on the totem pole” is ridiculous… our soldiers have been hoodwinked jjust like we all have…they’re not to blame no more than the crew of the USS Liberty was to blame for getting themselves killed

  • 4. Lisa  |  March 17, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    wow peter…are you ladalang in disguise? 😀

  • 5. Peter  |  March 18, 2010 at 1:02 am


    She sure gets beat up on the Chronicle Telegram comments section… she seems pretty cute by that picture of her, but it is rather grainy.

    Anyhow… the stuff I say cannot be denied.

    That takes it away from the “conspiracy nut” motif.

    You see..
    1).the Lorain and Elyria Libraries DO INDEED have CIA Director Helms’s autobiography

    2) On page 300/301 Helms confirms (in a “partial whitewash”) that an ally of the US knew they were attacking Americans aboard the USS Liberty

    3) The propogandist US Federal Judge stated Helms was offering an opinion…. No!… Helms stated there was a “CIA Board Of Inquiry” convened and that that Board of Inquiry was posssessed of a “finding” that our ally knew they were attacking American Sailors…. one of “many” findings.

    That Federal Judge knew he was not telling the truth… he therefore was committing an “act of treason”

    4) The USS Liberty attack would have been the subject of an “analysis” or a “paper”. The convention of an actual CIA Board of Inquiry meant SOMETHING had gone drastically wrong within the CIA (rogue elements – “A CIA within the CIA”).

    You are aquainted and perhaps even friends with the Barnes family???

    Well on C-Span on 1/12/2004… I too watched one of the greatest sisters anyone could ever have… 40 years after her brother’s murder, the sister of Steven Toth attended a US State Department History Conference which was designed to formalize a “lie” into official US History.

    We used to mocjk the Soviets and Red Chinese for doctoring their History books… do you now think we’re any different?

    Again…it’s not little old Peter Potamus (the conspiracy nut) who is saying this… it is people who were there and who had the “security clearances” to be “in the know”

    1)Director and Deputy Director of the CIA
    2) An undersecretary of State who later became US Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter
    3)US Navy Captain, Ward Boston… who later became an FBI Agent… he served as the lead counsel for the US Naval Board of Inquiry and stated that Admiral Isaac Kidd had been ordered to cover the attack up
    4) Captain Marlin Staring who refused to endorse the Naval Board of Inquiry’s findings… Admiral Staring recently retired as the Navy’s #1 JAG and filed the War Crimes Complaint with the US Army(who investigates these matters)
    5) Four NSA (electronics CIA) Directors and Deputy Directors… the USS Liberty was tasked to the NSA for this mission

    So…it’s not a “conspiracy nut” saying this Loraine… it is these people.

    You identify with the loss of your son and the loss of the Barnes’s son???

    I watched the C-Span Camera zero in on the face of Steven Toth’s sister as it slowly dawned on her that this State Department hearing would be anoother coverup.

    Just as you and the Barnes’s got up and dressed for your sons’ funeral…she too rose that morning to dress for that State Department Conference.

    Just as you blog to keep some measure of perspective on your son’s death… she attends events like these to attempt to make the murderers of her brother someday answer for their crime.

    You’re uncomfortable with the thought of your fellow Americans in positions of power murdering other Americans(“cognitive dissonance”) so you have to make a joke because you incorrectly and uncomfortably feel that you too small of an individual and are unable to do anything else about it against a monolithic and imposing power….’re wrong about that

    You know, Loraine… Eisenhower spoke of “miltary spending” competing with spending on schools and hospitals…. there are TWO fake “gun camera” photographs from the USS Liberty attacks…. one of those photographs is not only NOT the USS Liberty, but it is not even a Victory Hull-type ship.

    The Funding of Schools and Fire and Police Departments AS OPPOSED TO “military spending”

    If the employees of any of those 3 groups asked their City Councils or School Boards to offer a challenge to their Congressional Representative to find the “missing mast” and “missing deck house” abaord the USS Liberty in the fake “gun camera” photographs AND IF SUCH AN EFFORT FAILED the US Government would admit that they and the US News Media and US Entertainment Media all conspired to cover up the USS Liberty murder… do you know what would happen?

    Within a fortnight, they’d have all the funding for the schools that they need… it’d be that simple and that quick.

    You see… you can call me a “conspiracy nut” or a “racist/ethnicist” or “unpatriotic”… well great – if I’m “unpatriotic” or “racist/ethnicist” or a “conspiracy nut” then what I am saying is either “incorrect”, “fantasy” or an “outright lie”…. soooo

    …there should be ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with the Federal Government and the US News Media accepting the Eisenhower “Miltary” vs “Schools/Hospitals/Fire/Police” Funding Proposition….
    I mean by saying that I’m a “conspiracy nut” it OF NECESSITY implies that they would never, ever ditch/destroy evidence they were obligated to collect/preserve AND FURTHERMORE not present doctored “gun camera” photographs and doctor radio transcripts to cover up the murder of US Sailors, correct?

    Then they should have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM agreeing to the Eisenhower Challenge…

    “sure we in the US Congress show you where that “missing mast” and “deck house” are on the USS Liberty Gun Camera Photograph and if we FAIL TO DO THAT we’ll cull enough out of the military budget to fund the Lorain County Safety Forces and Schools”

    They’d never accept that proposition, Loraine… they’d just QUIETLY shovel the schools/police/fire/hospitals the funding and cart all that money in on wheelbarrows lickety-split.

    So …you see, Loraine… I’m intelligent enough and possessed of the cognitive expertise to come up with a “workaround” which annihilates the “conspiracy nut”, “racist/ethnicist”/”unpatriotic” motifs… the INSTANT that they refuse a SIMPLE funding PROPOSITION annihilates that motif, correct?

    So nowwww… we have ALL OF THESE highest-ranking military/CIA/NSA people confirming what I said… we have ditched/destroyed evidence… we have DOCTORED evidence and we have Dennis Kucinich and Sherrod Brown who would both run away like the dickens if presented with such a proposition.

    That removes me from the “conspiuracy nut” Ladalang Banana roster.

    …but I myself will put myself back on the “nut” list, because Steven Toth’s sister is the greatest sister any brother could hope for and I myself saw the look on her face from that C-Span Camera as it slowly dawned on her that she was going to be sandbagged yet again and I myself can 100% ensure that I can make her brother’s murderers answer for what they did to him and I won’t break even one law in doing so.

  • 6. Lisa  |  March 18, 2010 at 1:26 am

    Peter, I didn’t ask the ladalang question because I thought you were a nut of any kind.
    I kiddingly asked because of the length and detail of your comments, that’s all.

  • 7. Peter  |  March 18, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Lorain wrote:
    “….I look at Settlers’ Watch and the Barnes memorial of such a young man doing his duty and then this idiot in Somerset who enjoys the rights of freedom fought for by my father , grandfather, cousins and uncles and wellllllllllllllllll brought me up from the depths again”

    yeahhhh…that “idiot”…and he TRULY was an “idiot” for blaming “the lowest men on the toem pole” who had been hoodwinked into sacrificing their lives and limbs juust as US families have been hoodwinked into sacrificing their sons/daughters in what the Ricketts Memo of the Downing Street Memos shows was a lie…

    ..No “weapons of mass destruction” mistakes by incorrect intelligence supplied by an operative named “curveball”…, no… All of the Downing Street Memos are OFFICIAL British Government Documents including the Ricketts Memo.

    So how do you feel for the Barnes son now?

    I feel sorry for that man cut down in his prime and I feel sorry for his family… I know that you do also, Loraine

    …but to zero in on that “idiot” and have his nonsense lift your spirits… no, no, Loraine.

    You need to read the Ricketts memo where Blair is told that the British Public will never accept war on the premise of “regime change”… after all, Sadaam had always been that evil… the US & Britain had put him in power…

    Sadaam’s BIG crime which necessitated his ouster was that he was going to go to a basket of currencies for Iraqi oil purchases AS OPPOSED TO sole reliance on the US Dollar… The European Central Banks had spent every last nickel of theirs propping up the US Dollar(“throwing good money after bad”). Enough of the British Public knew this.

    The Ricketts memo showed that the British Government knew they had to tell a lie (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and the US News Media had to cook up enough lies to explain away a dozen or so troubling “loose ends”

    You need to read the Downing Street Memos, Loraine… you need to focus on a “phony war on terror” used to keep Kellog, Brown and Root(Halliburton) rolling in “war profits”

  • 8. Peter  |  March 18, 2010 at 1:58 am

    My apologies, Lisa and my apologies to Loraine.

    I’m attempting to “kick up” the discussion by getting Loraine’s readership to think in ways that they have been programmed not to utilize.

    Vladimir Lenin stated that the best way for the Soviet Marxist Government to control their opposition was for the Government to “run it themselves”.

    1) Former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura now has a TV Show called “Conspiracy Theory”… one episode examined the 9/11 WTC Attack and pointed out some troubling incosistencies.

    2)There is a radio talk show host called, Alex Jones, who rails against the New World Order and has examined certain facets of the WTC Attacks

    3) Dallas Mavericks NBA Owner, Mark Cuban, took over sposnorship of “Loose Change”… which presents the US as having perpetrated the WTC Attacks themselves.

    All of the above three… just like Lenin suggested… are run by the US Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower 3 times warned us about.

    That’s correct… the US Military sponsors 9/11 WTC Conspiracy Nuts in order to control the dialogue and domesticate the troubled subset of the American Population.

    What these 3 groups admit to is the stuff that cannot be denied and they mix it in with a bunch of baloney WHICH INDEED can be discredited… that maxes out the % of the American Population which will believe the US Government itself was the perpetrators of the attack…. very clever.

    So…. is there ONE SMOKING GUN piece of evidence…which “standing in isolation” apart from ALL OF THE OTHER PIECES OF EVIDENCE (both “credible evidence” and “discreditable phony evidence”) will prove that the US Government perpetrated the attack.

    Is there ONE PIECE OF AVAILABLE EVIDENCE which when the Barnes family saw it would make them realize that their son’s life was intentionally robbed from those who loved him?

    One PIECE of available evidence which Loraine would show the Barnes Family that would cause that “blank glassy-eyed look” to slowly come across their faces(just like it did on 1/12/2004 to the sister of murdered USS Liberty crewman, Steven Toth)?

    Is there that one piece of damning evidence, Lisa?

    That is what would be needed if the government was controlling an opposition which intentionally was mixing “truth” with “baloney” in order to make “conspiracy theorists” look like “conspiracy nuts”.

    One solitary damning piece of evidence WHICH in-and-of-itself would demonstratively PROVE that 19 Muslim Hijackers could not possibly have been the perpetrators of the WTC attacks

  • 9. Loraine Ritchey  |  March 18, 2010 at 11:14 am

    whew!!!! lot of information and too much for me to digest all at once. . and Peter since I had to deal with some issues here I didn’t scan your thoughts till this morning…I scanned sorry because I just couldn’t digest them all at one sitting….

    I will tell I wouldn’t dare compare the death of my son with that of Eric Barnes .Eric barnes gave his life for us and his country .. my loss effects just my little family .Eric’s loss effects a nation..

    I won’t debate your stance or thinking… I haven’t got the will or the inclination….. too busy dealing with the triggers of a mask……

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