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Beware :Trust Broken can Kill

Trust– just a little word actually, one of those “throw away “ words ,seemingly unimportant in the wonderful mind and tongue pleasing words that you can get you teeth into, as we frolic in the English language.

Trust when broken , no matter the language, is broken forever. There aren’t any “degrees of breaking trust” it is intact or it is irrevocably broken.

Once broken those that are the recipients of the break are left with disdain, hurt and on a grander scale when trust is broken by nations – WAR!!!

It is hard to gain back trust , in actual fact it is impossible once broken no matter how good the repair it can never be a solid again.

Trust like beautiful crystal bowl transparent in all its facets , fragile in its design, the clarity of the “ringing of purity” becomes even after being repaired nothing but a dull thwack when tested. A repair unseen to the eye still leaves the sign of the break as the crystal no longer “rings true”

We all can find lack of trust and credibility in our lives – politics- governments – media – even religious icons have broken trust , it all affects us daily, but we seem to have come to expect the “thwack” in those areas of our lives and in many cases shrug it off as just another part of our existence.

Yes, we might get upset and angry but hey that is the “way of the world “- isn’t it?
When trust is broken by those that love and are loved then a crystal shard becomes
to the heart.

A heart pierced by the shards of a trust broken will continue to beat, it beats a melancholy rhythm , it is heavy and pulls at the very life it is trying to sustain.The heart has to work harder but to further pierce that heart in the name of love is not only a betrayal of the basest kind but can kill.

Come, I invite you the bearers of the “shards of broken trust” to visit my world and see those whose hearts you have pierced……………..

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