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Gentleman Time Please!

and Ladies too!
No this is not about the “pub calling last orders” This post is about R E S P E C T

I admit I am in a fragile state, my emotions are raw and that isn’t likely to change any time in the near future.

I did surface a couple of times from my depths of despair to attend “meetings/visions/input” on the subject of what “COULD” happen in the vicinity of this “old neighborhood”.

The forums for the Complex Complex were more a slanging match than constructive thought process and sharing of concerns , they turned me off completely.

Gentlemen ( and a couple of Ladies) started the rants and insults to those facilitating or in opposition to their opinion and it was like a protective sound proof doors slammed about my being, all that got through to this somewhat befuddled brain was an irritating muffled noise.

I then, since I was informed that a Container Port in the downtown and in fact on the Pellet site of Charleston Village was going to be discussed at the Lorain Port Authority meeting last Tuesday , I once again dragged myself up and out.

I have definite feelings as a “surface dweller with some knowledge of just what is a Container Port” BUT I had promised Mr. Fallis months ago I would “listen” to his plans and proposals when they were definite. However, I would have questions that I would be asking ( in writing) as to how he would “negate the negatives” of which I was already aware.

It was already very difficult for me to attend this meeting and as I looked out the windows at BRL. My focus was my son once again as I gazed upon his contribution to BRL. I fought to maintain my emotional incontinence .

And it started, there were approximately 20 people in the “audience” all but three over the age of 50. The antagonistic, bombastic and insults to people and their integrity was the bar set for the discussion.

Just like the forum I attended the “polite policeman “ patiently tried to let the ranters have their say.

There is a small group of people who dominate these meetings and not just in this “Complex Complex” situation but in all things Lorain.

Is it because of the frustration and helplessness felt in the grand scheme of things. I don’t know – all I do know is –

please if you want to be heard then try being articulate instead of ranting like some old bull in heat bellowing at the top of your voice for attention.

Gentleman, please start acting like Gentlemen otherwise ears turn to cloth and maybe the point of view you have may be heard and “listened to” in the world of debate.

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