Good Afternoon Neighbor!!!

May 1, 2010 at 12:16 pm 13 comments

The sun has started to warm the earth and spring has come to this neighborhood. My mum lives a few blocks away and trying to get a bit of respite and exercise – a walk would do me good!

I am a fairly polite person ( Yes! really I am ) and as I walked along the broken sidewalks of my neighborhood I met others who were enjoying the warming breezes. I was more or less lost in thought as I made my way to mum for a cup of tea and some of her cooking. (so much for the benefit of exercise)

I would nod or smile at those that I passed, but then I realized that there seemed to be quite a few “men “ on my walk – some making for an apartment building –

Was there some sort of a meeting

I wondered,

a basketball game?

I carried on and then I realized some of the faces seemed familiar.

When one passed me on the sidewalk as I neared my mothers, I nodded

Good afternoon

as he brushed by and I realized he was one of the RSOs living in the apartments across the road. I then realized why the other “gentlemen” looked familiar ……

It is sad but true in the one mile that separates my mother and I there are
“71 offenders in 55 locations” whose offences are rape, raping of a minor, rape of a male child – abduction and rape the shameful list goes on and on

Now take in account the vacant houses into the equations in this area and

“Lorain we have a problem”.

Are there more of them than there are of us?

I have written about this situation for a few years but what worries me apart from the continuing glut of RSOs the 44052 zip code is the fact that on my short walk I was meeting more RSOs and parolees than “regular people” – Worrying and very scary .

Within 2 miles radius I have 152 offenders in 128 locations ( which means multiple offenders sharing addresses)

(Please note we have less police officers for the whole city than I have offenders in my neighborhood!

Check out your neighborhood- you might want to rethink a walk in the sunshine!


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When Vanity and Mum’s advice combine to save a life! When “that woman” Could Topple a Government !

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  • 1. Anne Molnar  |  May 1, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    Our city has bcome the dumping grounds for you name it, and it grows more in numbers each year.
    South Lorain has it’s share as well .It certainly appears ot be way out of control. You and I along with many others know the formula. It is all about money provided by the State to house these derelicts. How can we as citizens overcome this dilema when the situation has controlled us? The neighborhood watch is good, but it does not resolve many other issues as you well know.
    As your councilwoman, I along with many are deeply frustrated and concerned about the future of our City.
    I do not have all the answers, but I believe new laws on the State level need to be changed. Or perhaps council should consider passing legislation to control the amount of RSO’s living in our City. I will have a discussion with our law director.
    Will try to get the total amount living here in Lorain. I need HELP, Thank God for people like you and others who bring this situation to others in the community, especially in keeping our children safe.

  • 2. dave c  |  May 1, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Hey! There are 12 offenders in 11 locations within one mile of my house in Amherst!
    Pretty sobering

  • 3. Dennis Flores  |  May 1, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    Now, that’s the woman that is “That Woman” she’s back !!!

    Coming to an area near you a Lorain City school opening
    this fall within 350 ft of liquor store (Long Ave Market)
    How many RSO’s in that area along18th St., Long ave,
    20th St., Garden ave and the surrounding areas?

    Yeah, I know the law director will be sending them a letter
    that notifies them to move, but where will they move to?

    Not to mention all those abandoned houses, crime and drug
    infested neighborhoods will there be enough city resources
    for the safety needed to provide protection for our children?

    Yes, Loraine we do have a problem.
    I do recall a grant to hire 5 more police officers but
    due to budget restraints and manpower shortages
    that money was reallocated to prevent any layoffs.

  • 4. thatwoman  |  May 1, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Not exactly back Dennis just surfacing again 🙂 I think Kalin had the number at 310??? there are 724 county wide….Elyria has their share too ! when I first started tracking back in 05 there were 186 in the city …. remember these are just the RSO that can be tracked, and there is the other group of parolees but then there are the other group that can’t be tracked by us as they have done their time and paid their debt to society – and I think along with the gang wannbees we might indeed be outnumbered???????depressing to say the least….

  • 5. aylin  |  May 2, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Loraine, thank you for passing along this very interesting site – I have young boys and will check it out today. I have been praying for you heavily this week for grace and healing. I especially think of you during my rosary and when I am running. Here is an interesting article on suffering. I thought it maybe of interest to you. I can tell you are extremely bright and articulate – and a true thinker! I hope this helps you and God bless you always.

  • 6. thatwoman  |  May 2, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Thank you Aylin, I have read that piece actually in my research .( those that know me know I am a great one for research ….. 🙂 I am not a Catholic however it might surprise you to know that you aren’t alone in praying for me The Pope’s right hand man in the Vatican is also saying a few words .. I have been in touch with the Vatican and Archbishop Foley and he has responded . I don’t mean to sound or be flippant but I will , later on in the month as I tackle the question of my religious beliefs as I explore what has happened to this family i……. I truly mean it when I say I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. your kindness I am sure will not go unoticed. Loraine

  • 7. thatwoman  |  May 2, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Make that 72 offenders I just received notifaction of one more…welcome to the neighborhood NOT!!!!

  • 8. aylin  |  May 3, 2010 at 2:46 am

    Loraine, I am just back from my mother’s house (I bring the boys every Sunday, gives my husband some time to do his thing and gives grandma some time with the kids), and I just picked up your message. I gathered you were not catholic somewhere down the line and that’s fine, I thought the research, particularly on healing through and with God – and the piece on suffering maybe interesting to you. I can see you are a woman who evaluates things from all angles, that is a true gift and takes a lot of introspection and a great deal of empathy – a gift that doesnt come easy to most.

    I actually think God would be a lot happier with folks if they stopped segrating people based on “Well, I am a Catholic/Jew/Lutheran/Baptist, etc” and just lived with humility, love, compassion and empathy. It would eliminate so much of the bad side of human nature – to some degree anyway.

    Loraine, you are always so gracious in regards to people’s thoughts and prayers for you. How fortunate to have someone in the Vatican pulling for you. Not many can say that! I say that God is all around you, that the coy in your pond was no coincidence and that, really – there is no coincidence in life at all. They say that once this life is over, we truly see the ripple effect of all our actions through out are life – and how we affected others – which shows how we are all truly connected.

    I imagine Chris knows all of this now, he sees the reason for all of the suffering (his own while he was here, and the world’s suffering in general), he sees the colors that we dont know exist because we cant see them, he hears the musical – tones & rythmns that we cant hear just yet – and he has infused knowledge all right before him. He also has the comfort of knowing when he will see and embrace you again. I hope that allows your heart to ache just a little less – to know Chris truly has that peace now.

    Since I now know you love research, when I read an interesting piece, I will be sure to send it to you. God bless you always. aylin.

  • 9. thatwoman  |  May 3, 2010 at 11:23 am

    Thank you Aylin ( that is a lovely name by the way )
    I wish that I could be so sure of peace……and answers but as I continue my journey hopefully I will find peace along the way.

    It is unfortunate that our grief of loss is compounded by a person that my son loved ( and he did) and destructive notes that came in boxes on Friday ( more on that in a post) but I cannot fathom the thinking or non thought of someone who heals ( a Dr.????) and has great faith who cannot see ( or maybe she does) how uncharitable it is to have those that loved Chris to return to the funeral home ( death as the mail drop) “clothes of my dead son” used to carry her “notes of narcism”. amazing to me .

    But I continue …. and since the committee of 19 and astheir leader continue to “try” to inflict doubt as to who my son was I will continue to explore who he was in all aspects and maybe learn something myself along the way.

    I apprecite your thoughts and prayers and will certainly read anything that you send. Loraine

  • 10. aylin  |  May 3, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    Thanks for the compliment in regards to my name (it’s actually pronouced “Eileen”) – my mother got a little creative, but that is a story of and in itself!

    I am praying for that internal peace for you. God wont get involved in our lives unless we invite Him to intervene. I assure you, I am asking Him to intervene – but if you invite Him, it will come to you as much as humanly possible for a mother who has lost her child. I am asking this of Our Lady because she knows full on what it is like to have her son taken from her. She lived many years after Jesus’ death – the mental, emotional agony of those years must have been rough, but to imagine once she left “this world” – how she felt to finally see Him? Oh, it will be so sweet for you again, as well. There is no love like a mother’s love. But the time is now for your suffering and I feel for you and how your heart must ache. I really do.

    As for Chris’ wife, she too will have to account for her cruel actions towards you. She will see her life unfold before her and how her actions affected Chris, yourself and everyone involved- all the anxiety, self centeredness, pain that was caused – for no good reason. That will not be an easy time because there is no way to dillute God or to distort reality during the ‘great life review’. Besides that, and in the meantime, it must be tough to live with decisions such as these – because you truly get what you give in this world – and she will. That is not a threatening statement, but it is factual. There is no deceit in the eternal life. This life is so short compared to that one. If she truly has great faith, she would know that it is not God who divides people or love or relationships, but that quest for division of love comes only from the evil one.

    I read all the time (well, as much as possible with young boys – 3 yrs and 1 yr) but I will keep your interest in my back pocket in case I should stumble on anything ‘Lorraine Ritchey relevant’ =)

    In the meantime, keep on keepin on. You sho’ do have a lot of enthuiasm and spirit. I can hear your voice through your words and it is so surprising to me that having gone through this agonizing journey, that you can articulate your feelings so clearly. Keep writing, sometimes (I find) that I dont even know what I think or feel until I write. Use your gift, woman. It’s huge.

    Take good care.

  • 11. Loraine Ritchey  |  May 3, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    It isn’t easy to write down my most private thoughts or life happenings infact there are some days I can’t see the screeen for the tears…… today is one of those days…. but I will not have my son be taken away from those that loved three times…. I am going to shut down the computer for today as I remember the last time I held his hand……….

  • 12. aylin  |  May 3, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    I am praying with you and for you. God bless, Loraine. I am so sorry for your pain.

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