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JUSTIFY- Two sides to the story? Chris Ritchey or Lombardi’s Lament

Interesting few days around here – apparently there are two sides and two perspectives to the taking of our closure and ‘JUSTIFICATION’ .

Ok, I am willing to tell the other side from remarks made by the “friends of Angela’s family” in telling of their reasoning and also in the words written by Angela to this family .


Apparently, according to him, the Lombardis ( in particular Angela) were upset as my cousin, who had flown over from England to be with us read a letter at the memorial service from my husband and myself.
( I guess it wasn’t my place to have asked Tony to do that, should’ve cleared with “THE family first”)

I was not at the service, I was taking care of my grandson and my husband who was emotionally and physically unable to attend. This is the “offending letter “
The Unbearable Pain of Being

THEREFORE, according to “the friend” after what happened at the memorial service

“Angela decided to take CONTROL and to exercise her rights as Chris’ wife with the rest of the burial decisions”

Also in a phone call to my son in law the day after the memorial service with regard to “selling Chris 4 wheeler” ( more on that later) Angela stated :

Have you seen the blog my mother is really angry –

this is the post


Although their names were not mentioned and it could’ve been anyone in that waiting room whose behaviour I found objectionable they apparently “recognized themselves!”

I hope you have read the letter and the post. My son was still laying in a cooler at the funeral home 500 feet away from where I was typing both .And I was still reeling from the hurt and disbelief that I was punished by that same family by having the information withheld from me that my son was on the Tuesday evening, probably dying suffering a heart attack, organs breaking down and had to be paralized.

I still wonder whether I would’ve been included in the decision to take him from the vent had it not been that after that episode I made sure the Drs. KNEW that both his sister and I were on his medical forms for permission when treating. ( Angela might not of known that as it was I that went with him to the hospital when that was set up)

I put it to YOU does the letter etc. justify the taking Chris from his family and their closure and breaking a promise to his sister , grandmother, uncle and brother in law…. because you didn’t like what his mother wrote.

JUSTIFICATION for the appalling wickedness they heaped upon this family .So YOU tell me was this reason enough to deny closure and to take away our son, brother , grandson, uncle , nephew and brother in law ?


HOWEVER the spin is spinning, because in Angela’s note to us 4 days ( after the service) later she states her “reasoning “as follows:

I have decided not to separate his ashes. This decision was not made as a reaction to recent events . Religion did not play a role. Chris did not want to be an organ donor he wanted to leave this world with what he came with…I feel this is one last thing I can do to honor my husband…..

Golly Gee! doesn’t seem that at that time Dec 11th ( memorial service Dec 7th) the “justification” as hyped now by the friend was part of the reasoning.

Sorry “Friend” your take on “justification” doesn’t seem to wash if you take what Angela herself says as “gospel” but then again I placed trust in her words and look what happened.

Let us take the organ donor business. Chris in his last license August just months before he died was not an organ donor- he couldn’t be he had cancer but he also told me that he was embarrassed to tell the registrar that was the reason.

BUT after his death I found his previous license that he had lost and had to get replaced at the bottom of that licence

Please remember that Angela is a Dr. she knows or should do full well what happens to the “organs” in a cremation
and even in an embalming..
again you aren’t complete either so that reasoning is so much spin as well…..

As for honoring her husband -the biggest falshood of all (imho) as everything she has done has dishonored the love he had for his family . He would NOT have been party to any of this thinking -except maybe his mothers 🙂
Artwork Chris Ritchey

And as for her words in an email to that same Tony with regard- never thinking she would have to be dealing with an attorney’s office.

Angela, let me spin this one for you when you break trust and promises and half kill Chris’ Nana and father because of your actions then you have to deal through attorneys they can be as cold and as calculating as “IN MY OPINION” you are ! YOU BROKE A CONTRACT OF TRUST therefore any further dealings with you would have to be in writing and with legalities all tied up tight. You have broken trust with this family. That is “our justification ” with regard to you .

As I stated in an email to friends earlier this week :

“To me there is NO justification to take from a family their son and further to not inform his family as to the time of his interment. It has been six months of pure hell for us and I am done trying to figure out the why’s and wherefores and tired of apologizing for loving my son .

Chris in happier times


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Ghost in the Pond- A Koi Story

Since that day that I discovered my Mother’s Day present of last year had survived all the adversity of a Ohio winter and our neglect of him/her I wake each morning filled with trepidation that I will find him /her floating or gone to the bottom. To be honest it think it would put me farther down than I am already.

The other morning , after turning off the waterfall so the pond inhabitants would come to feed, I noticed for once they weren’t interested in food. No! they were up to their “spawning dance”.

The water hyacinths,which haven’t been prolific themselves so far this year ,were being pushed hither and yon as the gold-fish used them as their own personal boudoir. The water iris were rocking with the activity of “fish loving”

The were all at it , toads, fish, birds but the poor lonely Ghost Koi was the only one interested in food. I felt sorry for him/her talk about a spare “fin” at an orgy.

Later in the day as I was at a garden center and all things ponds purchasing the barley straw and more pond plants I spied some Koi. I took a deep breath.

Should I lash out more money on a fish that may not make it, that may introduce fin rot or some other disease?

I don’t have a nursery pond . I saw a lovely Koi, just perfect for my ….OOOPS! what is my Ghost Koi, boy or girl and how do you tell and what if I purchased another of the same sex? That would truly be defeating the purpose.

I came home “Koi- less” but hopeful as one website said that Koi can breed without benefit of Koi! so hopefully he is a he and he can get some “fin action”

The frogs from that Mother’s Day ( at least two of them) so far have made their presence known- unfortunately Misty has now discovered a new game of “leaping frogs” hopefully they will be quicker than she is.

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