Ghost in the Pond- A Koi Story

June 1, 2010 at 10:06 am 4 comments

Since that day that I discovered my Mother’s Day present of last year had survived all the adversity of a Ohio winter and our neglect of him/her I wake each morning filled with trepidation that I will find him /her floating or gone to the bottom. To be honest it think it would put me farther down than I am already.

The other morning , after turning off the waterfall so the pond inhabitants would come to feed, I noticed for once they weren’t interested in food. No! they were up to their “spawning dance”.

The water hyacinths,which haven’t been prolific themselves so far this year ,were being pushed hither and yon as the gold-fish used them as their own personal boudoir. The water iris were rocking with the activity of “fish loving”

The were all at it , toads, fish, birds but the poor lonely Ghost Koi was the only one interested in food. I felt sorry for him/her talk about a spare “fin” at an orgy.

Later in the day as I was at a garden center and all things ponds purchasing the barley straw and more pond plants I spied some Koi. I took a deep breath.

Should I lash out more money on a fish that may not make it, that may introduce fin rot or some other disease?

I don’t have a nursery pond . I saw a lovely Koi, just perfect for my ….OOOPS! what is my Ghost Koi, boy or girl and how do you tell and what if I purchased another of the same sex? That would truly be defeating the purpose.

I came home “Koi- less” but hopeful as one website said that Koi can breed without benefit of Koi! so hopefully he is a he and he can get some “fin action”

The frogs from that Mother’s Day ( at least two of them) so far have made their presence known- unfortunately Misty has now discovered a new game of “leaping frogs” hopefully they will be quicker than she is.

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