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Unfinished Portrait – The Artistic Gene ? Part Two

“In search of my son- in search of me.”
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Daily my children passed by works crafted by the thoughts and hands of those that had gone before and in some cases are still with us.

More recent in the family tree of artists was my own father .

Father’s Day is not too far away, as I write this, so maybe an appropriate time to explore what had been passed down to Chris from my own father.

Over the years , as I remember my father

( who was also a bit of a tear away and also showed me the “dark side ” upon occasion – one of the reasons I can recognise narcissistic and less than flattering behaviours in others . I had a great teacher . Thanks Dad 🙂 )

I realized my education may have been somewhat painful at the time but an education none the less.

It seemed through my formative years something was always being built or crafted in the living room, kitchen. Moving countries, as we did on a fairly regular basis for fairly irregular reasons, it didn’t matter if we turned up without furniture to a new abode. My Dad would get some lumber and build a piece. One piece in particular, a home entertainment center, won the award for Best Amateur Design in the British Isles.

He was always working on cars and yes ! in that same living room with the design winning “entertainment center” you would find a car engine being stripped down or the prototype for a dual braking device ( for which he held world-wide patents) or to designing and building a single person Hovercraft.

My mum put up with a lot from my Dad.

Although there is a painting on my bedroom wall , some candlesticks, models of steam engines and tug boats, cannons, a clock or two crafted by him.

You would have to look further afield for some of his best works ( museum quality)

Spanish Keys

A picture of a cross in a chapel hung for years over my son’s bed , it wasn’t a religious icon but his grandfather’s work

The story behind the cross:

I wonder as folk pass through the museum and pay respects in that chapel and look upon the silver crosses, does anyone ever wonder about the man behind the cross?

Probably not

would they care? Probably not

but this man who gave life to a lump of metal did he also give of his talent to his grandson? The ability certainly skipped me!

As I look at the design and crafting accomplishments of Chris I have to wonder, since his grandfather died when he was very young and 3,000 miles away ….how much came down to Chris through “blood , cells and genes” .

Chris , his grandson shared “traits”, the way they sat, there was a grin ( not learned) it was sort of a wicked little grin, when they had been up to no good about something, a slight wrinkling of the nose and flaring of the nostrils. (I saw that same flash of a grin last night flicker across Gavin’s face. as he headed toward a No! No! with deliberation)
It was the grin I remembered from my father that played across my son’s face from time to time. Their shoulders shared the same broadness, their love of expensive things. and spending money and their “temper”- which was also shared by me. I fully understood that slow build temper and watch out when it erupts.

Those traits of my father were not learned by my son- three thousand miles separated them for most of Chris young life.

Although Chris’ training cultivated his artistic talent there was a base talent that came through the generations .

I could see my father in my son when he was working on a project.

I saw my grandmother in my daughter the day she learned “his wife” had lied to her and was taking her brother totally from her. The flash and fire in blue eyes filled with tears were those of my grandmother. The way she fought to try to bring her brother home – ( and he would have been right there with her) -her argument falling upon the self ish deaf ears of “Control”.

None the less Chris was a diverse , multi faceted human being – his life composed of many people who contributed to his make-up.

The more I am in search of my son, the more I realize that this wonderful complex and talented being (with faults and all ) was more than anyone realized and also more of his ancestry that we realized. There will be answers to my questions – as his words and works reach out and speak for him through the veil of death .

Passion ,artistry , and a sense of justice passed down through the generations.

to be continued………


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A Shared E-mail- RSO- The Neighborhood

I decided to share with readers an email I sent out through our “list” – if all I can do is raise awareness then that is what I will do.

As you may be aware Charleston Village when trying to get a pilot program with neighborhoods implemented a few years ago, started tracking the RSO’s in the city of Lorain. Just a month ago I wrote this blog post

A few days later I received information on “unmappable RSO’s in the area” giving “Broadway as an address from the County Sheriff’s Dept.

One of those RSO’s who had been flagged back in 2005 from Compass House research was Donald Krogg ( I recognized the name etc due to the fact that for a brief period he had been living near Harbor Walk. then moved to a homeless shelter address and then as unmappable . He was also one of the faces I recognized on my “walk”

Donald Krogg is the same individual that was in the Chronicle today

“According to the report, once confronted, Krogg told the woman’s boyfriend, “Yeah, I tried to rape her. She’s the only girl out here in these woods and if that’s the only way I’m going to get some (expletive) then I’ll rape her.”
I realize there is very little we can do but to raise awareness…. with the number of RSO’s in our downtown area ( from my article )

Within 2 miles radius I have 152 offenders in 128 locations ( which means multiple offenders sharing addresses)

Remember 1/3 of that area is the lake itself. We somehow have to raise awareness without causing harm to the city’s already fragile reputation – I don’t know how we do that but with the saturated solution of RSO’s in Lorain and Elyria communities something untoward WILL HAPPEN just a matter of time and statistics .

Anyway just a heads up and CVSI Block captains please make the information available to your neighbors to be alert as to the area happenings, School is out a so it is up to the neighborhoods to look to them and the safety of the children. during the day as well. . Loraine

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