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World Cup- 2010- More Than A Game

Jules Rimet Wold Cup Trophy.

So it begins the 2010 World Cup , the excitement in South Africa , the crowds, the pageantry all focused on a small round ball. This blog has been receiving a lot of hits due to people searching for South Africa . Rich Robbin wrote a series of posts on this blog chronicling his time in South Africa

The World Cup and Football (Soccer) was all important in this household. Previous World Cup events were looked upon with anticipation, they generated excitement, entertainment and “dreaming”.

I was but a mere slip of a girl myself when England won the 1966 World Cup but I can still remember the explosion of excitement as the announcer said “they think it is all over- it is now!”

Chris and I would ( as he grew) talk and dream about him playing for the 2006 World Cup, but for whom in our dream, England or the USA? ๐Ÿ™‚
A couple of trips to England to play at the age of 16 and 17 tested the professional waters and the commitment , talent and lucky breaks needed to play at the European level.

It was decided an “education” was the way to go instead. Chris never lost the love of the game and he would never give up either on the field or in life.

Soccer , even though not at the dreamed of professional level , played an important part of Chris’ life.

High School Alumni Game
He loved the game the camaraderie and the skill. Coaches told me Chris’ although a playmaker his greatest assets was his “vision and heart.”

It was soccer that was center stage in his final for his BFA at CIA.

Graphics (BFA) Chris RITCHEY

The requirement was to show an example of each class taken, product design, glass blowing, photography, graphic design etc. Chris built a mock stadium , developed an advertising concept around his “old, beat-up,much worn, indoor soccer shoe”. Adidas– Durability Mixed with Style

The shoe was the focus of billboards, commercials ( which were videoed and run through a projector under the mock bleachers and projected on the wall of the “stadium” in a continuous loop

World Cup – Chris RITCHEY

He designed tables using glass halved soccer balls and Adidas logos that lit from underneath. There was an awful lot to see in that “mock stadium “ including his design for the “World Cup ala RITCHEY ”
He purposely took the spot to build the “stadium” near the food and wine tables

”That is where the people congregate and since there is no other seating they will head toward the bleaches to sit and my display”

Always thinking my son….. and he was right those with wine and goodies in hand headed for the bleachers ๐Ÿ™‚

I miss him and will watch the games in the next days/ weeks not really caring who wins or loses -watching not with joy and anticipation knowing one player has been red carded from the game of life.…..

One “table” is still in his room and lights the night. The World Cup trophy ala RITCHEY takes pride of place there as well. Nikki has the other table and the third waits for its space.

Graphic – Chris RITCHEY

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