Why BP’s Tony Hayward’s PR nightmare effects US

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BP spills coffee

And yet another update: Ya think they read this blog 🙂



‘Distraught’ BP chief Tony Hayward hits back at oil spill error accusations

Oh! Tony Oh! Tony , can someone who runs such a huge corporation and has made his way through the ranks really be that arrogant and stupid? It doesn’t sit right with me somehow. Yes, I am a fellow Brit , have lived here in the USA for many years and understand the American psyche and I have to admit I believe YOU DO TOO ! They don’t pay you the bucks and send you out to deal with world leaders for being an absolute “tosser”.

BP pays Hayward an annual salary of £998,000 and in 2008 his bonus was £1,496,000.

Negotations with Russia’s Igor Sechin
In 2008, Tony Hayward had private meetings with Igor Sechin, a top figure of Russian military and security services. The two negotiated on BP’s deals with Russia

Lets look at the stats of Beneficial ownership from your company site

Beneficial owners as at 31 December 2009

Percentage of shares in issue
Range of holdings Institutions Individuals Total

By principal area
Range of Holdings/ Institutions/ Individuals
UK 33(RH) 7(Inst) 40 Ind()

US 25 (RH) 14(Inst) 39 (ind)

Rest of Europe 10 – 10

Rest of World 7 – 7

Miscellaneousc 4 – 4

a Reflects the beneficial (underlying) ownership of the shares.
b Represents BP’s best efforts to determine the domicile of the beneficial (underlying) owners of the group’s shares, based on analysis of the year-end share register. Note that institutions include custodians, market makers, delivery by value, brokerage, stocklending, clearing and non-American depositary receipt arbitrage.
c Miscellaneous represents shareholders below the 100,000-share threshold and unidentified shares. Unidentified shares represent holdings that are awaiting confirmation of the identity of the beneficial holder and the nature of their interest in the shares following enquiries made under Section 793 of the Companies Act 2006.

Source: Financial and Operating Information 2005- 2009

You see I don’t believe the majority of people you deal with every day in your corporation all talk like they have the proverbial marble in their mouth. I believe you know very well who and what you are dealing with and the American way of doing business- I am sure you talk to them. And I think you didn’t get where you are today by being stupid. So why your PR nightmare? A cynical me ,who believes there is more to this than we are being told, has wheels turning.

I can’t see how you literally keep putting your foot in it – although it seems the corporation etc. was and is still so inept (62 days and counting.) and ill prepared to deal with a disaster

(image: Eric Gay/AP via nydailynews.com)

that has the planet bleeding oil from a main artery spreading cancer- like through its eco system was also so inept with its PR response.
Could it be they who have billions at stake at first glance are letting a “muppet” put a face to their corporation ( especially the Americans who are very very heavily involved in this corporation)- They obviously have some say in how their corporation is perceived throughout the world and by fellow Amercicans so why aren’t they putting a sock in your mouth unless ?

It makes me wonder! Oh! I know you aren’t running for office and that win lose or draw your ass ( ets) will be covered. You have an enviable position of seemingly not losing. After all eventually we will be paying more at the pumps to pay for this mess, that is a given.

So could it be, Tony , that there is more to this than meets the eye are you perhaps the “go to lightning guy” deflecting from other issues. You aren’t stupid and you have the best PR people in the world so it makes me wonder?

Of course and then there is the other side OH ! OH! Obama what is this all about did I miss this on World News tonight? Not more media manipulation please !!!!!!!!!

73 per cent of all Gulf incidents involve Transocean
All bonuses banned after four died on firm’s oil rigs

Obama desperate for support of politicians linked to Transocean lobbyist

The American owners of the drilling rig at the centre of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have been involved in nearly three-quarters of all significant safety incidents on rigs in the region since 2008, according to new figures.
Over the past five years, the US government has investigated four fires aboard deep-water rigs – all operated by Transocean. British regulators have also issued a warning over a Transocean rig in the North Sea because of worries over a key safety device, the blowout preventer.

Investigators believe April’s explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig – which caused the death of 11 workers and the growing oil slick in the Gulf – was caused by the failure either of a seal meant to keep oil and gas from escaping from a well or by the blowout preventer, which is designed to close off the well in an emergency.

The company recently relocated its HQ to Switzerland, which has a more favourable tax regime for multi-national companies…..

It has so far proved far more adept than BP at handling the intricacies of US politics, and last month hired an influential lobbyist and former politician to represent its interests in Washington.

He is ex-Democratic Congressman Bill Brewster of Oklahoma, who remains a powerful figure in Washington among politicians linked to the oil industry.

He is also a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of conservative Democrat Congressmen from the southern states whose support Mr Obama desperately needs in the face of difficult mid-term elections later this year which could see many of his party’s Congressmen unseated.

Read more:


Tony, between your absolute cock -up on the Gulf and the England teams abysmal performance in South Africa, ALL of you millionaires ! I believe you all need a history lesson in what being English means but it in short it means having a heart , guts, creativity and following through- something none of you lot of over paid Englishmen” have shown in your employment . I can say this because you are of my ilk! I am ashamed of you .

Oh Tony! Oh Tony! I smell something phony about all this…this is more than a culture clash- because you have in your corporation been immersed in the American way and thinking – there is a reason you are out there as the “gaffe (r)” pun intended for the non Brits
gaf·fer (gfr)
n. Chiefly British A boss or foreman.

But for your efforts and that of those enabling this bleeding of our world you and all BP ownership Brits and Yanks get the Notorious Opponents of Exactitude Award

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