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IGNOR(e)(st)ANCE and the Roman Catholic Church

I wonder how many people will be cringing and looking at the heavens- (guilt by association with THAT WOMAN ๐Ÿ™‚ ) as they read my thoughts on this one. I have to smile at the thought actually as in my “mindset” lately I said something irreverent and the people standing by me (of great faith ) looked to the heavens at the very same time- expecting the lightning to strike possibly – it didn’t -but I could see they were very uncomfortable by what I said .

Let me preface this piece by saying

“I DON”T KNOW WHOSE FAITH IS BEST, I WISH I HAD GREAT FAITH (BLIND OR OTHERWISE) it would make my life at this particular time much easier.

As far as I am concerned you are ALL RIGHT , whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu , Buddhist, Wicca or any of the over 4,200 religions in the world . whatever you believe if it is right for you I applaud your faith I am not going to “preach” or try to convert ALL I ASK IS THAT MY BELIEFS ARE RESPECTED AS WELL.

There has been so much written about the Roman Catholic Church of late , too many links to link here in this article. I suggest you google “Vatican, Abuse, History of the Roman Catholic Church .

There is a simple flaw running through the Roman Catholic Church, a flaw that if addressed would have stopped the current problems and other situations. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this particular flaw is not just found in this particular religious community but in many many walks of life , from governments on down.

It is the flaw of “IGNORE

. I am exploring the Roman Catholic Church because it was that same church that has enabled (imho) a great disservice to be done to those I love and we were “Ignored”-

would they have ignored fellow Catholics- the question begs to be asked and I am going to and have done the asking?

In the next couple of posts I will explore the flaw but to begin a little background……….

If I ever had faith it was built on a foundation of sand and in hindsight obviously was lip service to organized religion ( better safe than sorry- you never know …conditioning ) .

First I do have some background and ancestry ( there is that unfinished portrait –who are we question again) .
Seems ( even from wrong side of the blanket my line can be traced back to John Bunyan.

For those that don’t know him you might have heard of a little book he wrote
Pilgrims Progress

He was the subject of great debate among “family in the know” as to his character ๐Ÿ™‚ And it seems that my forbearers were even involved in the ” Reformation” back in the day , throw in an Archbishop ( Anglican- who also got thrown out – what a family ) and you have a bit of a resume of religion as pertains to my genes ๐Ÿ™‚

My mother insisted on my singing in the choir every Sunday in Canada – I hated it didn’t like the “structural parameters” but I went because I had to and at 9 years old would debate Dr. Long on religious theory as opposed to what I was learing in my science text.

I think Dr. Long enjoyed those discussions – truth be known – I know I always was rewarded with some candy and his eyes would twinkle as I purposely made my way to his office, my blue eyes flashing usually with indignation, after sermon I felt needed to be questioned. He also used to reach back behind his chair to show us his watch so his little choir members knew just how much time we had left to sit when we fidgeted and strained at our confinement.

Frederick Stuart Richardson

Sunday school I skipped. I was dropped off every Sunday but never made it ( the staff were unaware I was even registered as I had never showed up ) . Ian , his sister Jane, Floyd and I would meet up and spend a lovely time racing through the forest behind the church , picking blueberries along the train tracks, stuffing ourselves with bill berries, spearmint and picking fiddle heads ( when in season) , spying on the beaver dams and diverting streams with boulders and on the odd occasion catching water walkers ( a type of bug). Our Sunday lessons learned not from stories as written by men but in the joy of being at one with the world in a cathedral of green.
Photo John Thomson 1864

Since we always managed to dirty our Sunday Best and have faces covered in the tell-tale signs of our feast I wonder why we were never caught. Could it be that the signs were “ignored”?

Although I always had a sneaking suspicion that Dr. Long knew of our antics as the Church service was after Sunday School and the four of us must have seemed at odds with our rosy cheeks , curls all a tumble and muddy shoes with our spic and span counterparts who had quietly been sitting all morning, their hair combed neat and tidy . Yes thinking about it he knew , I wonder why he chose to ignore?

To be continued ……………..


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