IGNOR(e)(st)ANCE and the Roman Catholic Church Part 4.

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IGNOR(e)(st)ANCE and the Roman Catholic Church- Part One
IGNOR(e)(st)ANCE and the Roman Catholic Church- Part Two
IGNOR(e)(st)ANCE and the Roman Catholic Church Part Three .

IGNORE by definition:
To refuse to pay attention to; disregard.

DISREGARD : there is another word you can get your teeth into:

To treat without proper respect or attentiveness.

When the Catholic Cemeteries people ( also supposedly men of compassion) decided to ignore and disregard my thoughts I decided to write on January 9th to

Bishop Lennon – Bishop of Cleveland and

Father Divis.

The epistle is lengthy and explains in the course of this letter ”

My son married Angela Lombardi, daughter of Tim and Sue Lombardi on June 7th 2008 at St. Mary’s. He married Angela without becoming a Roman Catholic, acquiesced to her wish of getting married in her church but did not take any counseling or “classes”, he refused to do so. He did not attend any services with her or her family. He had his own “independent views” as to religion, as does his family.

and lastly

I am coming to the close of this lengthy epistle – Chris’ family has had no closure due to, in my opinion, the enabling by your church of this travesty to our family . I would have thought that at least one of the “god fearing “ parishioners or priest would have had some compassion for my son’s immediate family . I was wrong and I am terribly disappointed that as I put aside religious beliefs to help the oldest Lorain parish continue the same was not done to help a family have closure. For the record I did not contact Angela Lombardi (Ritchey) after the “note” as my son had not yet been cremated. I was petrified (yes petrified) that she would then also change her mind about the cremation. This cruel injustice leaves us no dignity in death or focal point to our grief except the anger that replaces the tears briefly and gives some relief from our mourning

Letter Jan 9th Bishop Lennon Father Divis

My Roman Catholic friends( every single one of them ) told me:

You aren’t expecting an answer are you ?

Well of course I was expecting an acknowledgment of my “letters” – not emails – even if it was another one of the Bishop’s form letters or a thank you letter,

so sorry about your loss your thoughts have been noted.

Aren’t Bishops and Priests supposed to at least have good manners?

Not a way to run a “business” and trust me on this one – religion has become a business. After all I could have become a convert or potential supporter of the church of Mary Mother of God Lorain Ohio…..Oh wait I already did that.

By February 26th I was even more annoyed that our grief and loss was deemed so insignificant as to not even receiving one line of a condolence or a note of condolence at least-

Hell ! ( sorry Father ) they must have made some money from my son I think there is a cost of internment into the Catholic Cemetery in Lorain

( more than likely paid for out of the October fundraiser money – SIGH!!! More on that aspect of this journey in another posting)

but someone got paid – benefitted – didn’t they because of my son dying !

Where was there at least a “thank you for your contribution”….

Yes! I am being sarcastic and irreverent – but to me this is what they had now relegated my son to—– a business transaction !!!!!!?

My Roman Catholic friends said to a man and woman –

Told you so!!! .

Well OK- if the Roman Catholic Priest and a Bishop in the USA are without compassion or manners maybe Rome and the Vatican will acknowledge at least the situation……

So I wrote to :

Archbishop John Patrick Foley
President, Pontifical Council for Social Communication


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