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July 13, 2010 at 6:31 pm 2 comments

UPDATE: From Dennis Lamont some great pictures from the “Old Port”

From the collection Al Doane and I have assembled comes these pictures of the first Erie Avenue swing bridge (manually operated). Note the great collection of hi-masted freighters (why the electric lines had to be raised over the river). The second picture shows the damage caused when one of the freighters pushed its tug into the span. Great collection of wooden lake freighters!

ED: NOTE Just a reminder to check out Renee Dore’s article on Lorain’s Port Then and Now- somethings have changed – the Capt is now at Settlers’ Watch but a worthwhile read about this old Port of Lorain

I would like to invite you to this year’s Lorain Port Fest

Port Fest 2010
July 16th and 17th – Black River Landing
Kids rides and games, nautical gifts, artwork and apparel, and your favorite festival foods all in celebration of Our Waterfront… Our Future!

FREE Admission • FREE Parking
Festival Hours & Location:
Friday 6-11pm • Saturday 12-11pm
Port Fest will be hosted at Black River Landing, one block East of Broadway in Downtown Lorain. Free parking is available throughout Downtown Lorain.
Port Fest 2010
Musical Entertainment Schedule – Black River Landing
Friday July 16, 2010 6pm-11pm
Saturday July 17, 2010 12pm-11pm
Sarah Wilson
This upcoming Nashville Recording Artist makes her debut on the Black River Landing Stage showcasing her latest single “Walkin on the Blue Side”


The Neah Bay, is an 140-foot Bay Class icebreaking tug; permanently based in Cleveland, that can break 22 inches of ice by running at three and a half miles per hour. It can break thicker ice using a back-and-ram technique.

The Coast Guard works closely with the Lake Carrier’s Association and Canadian Ship owner’s Association, which on average each winter ship about $2 billion dollars of cargo, including steel, coal, heating oil and grain.

It also works with the Canadian Coast Guard to keep the Great Lakes’ navigation lanes open and provide search and rescue, such as when ice fishermen become stranded.

The Coast Guard also breaks ice so that ferries can bring food and other supplies to the year-round residents of the Lake Erie Island and helps break up potential flood-creating ice jams on local rivers such as the Vermilion and Black River.

The Neah Bay and its siblings are the most efficient icebreakers of their size in the world, says the Coast Guard. Such vessels have a high horsepower-to-displacement ratio, which provides ample power to maneuver easily in ice. Two Fairbanks-Morse diesel engines provide 2,500 horsepower to a single shaft via a diesel-electric propulsion system.

A unique hull design with a low length-to-beam ratio allows the cutter to break a wide track in the ice. The ship also generates a pronounced wake designed specifically for ice-breaking, the Coast Guard says.

The ship’s standard complement consists of seventeen personnel including three officers and 14 enlisted crew members.

(Makes you cooler just looking at this doesn’t it?)

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