Paula cuts the ice on the Neah Bay

July 20, 2010 at 5:09 pm 2 comments

I had the privilege and honor of being asked to accompany the crew of the Neah Bay on their journey from Cleveland to Lorain for the Port Fest.

I was greeted by a very courteous crew member and found my way onboard. My first impression of the ship was what tight quarters and how “solid” it was. This was an “Industrial Strength” ship. I’ve been on the Jet Express and it was built as a pleasure craft, this Ice Cutter Tugboat was built for power.

To get to the different levels of the ship I had to manage ladders, not steps, these were very vertical. I’m not sure of all the technical names for different areas on the ship but I searched every little nook and cranny except for the “basement”, there was no way I’d make it down and back up again, but I could hear the engine and watched my bottle of water drop off a table due to the vibration while at the stern of the ship.

I told the Lt. Commander, if we were able to bottle the feeling of cruising on the water, wind in your face, perfect temperature, beautiful surroundings, we’d be millionaires.

I introduced myself to several crew and officers. I was very struck by their good nature, politeness and knowledge. You couldn’t pick better PR for the military. I found they came from Rochester, NY, San Francisco, San Diego, South Dakota and even Steubenville, OH.

Saturday morning I ran down to the ship to take pictures for my Editor (That Woman) for her afternoon edition. While standing next to the Neah Bay cars were driving by to take a look. One car stopped and two gentlemen and a woman stopped to talk. They were both ex Navy and Lt. Commander Woityra came ashore, shook their hand and answered questions. There was some reminiscing and promises to come back later for the tour.

When I returned home to download my pictures for the Editor, I thought back at just how touching all this is. Do we realize how much the Coast Guard really does for us? They protect our borders every day, here on our land. They save millions of dollars, if not BILLIONS by preventing flooding during the winter months with their Ice Cutters. They save lives, remind us to be safe on the water, rescue individuals (on boats, ice flows etc).

I was a little jealous, cruise on the water for a job…. I could live like that and then I remembered the other side of the Coast Guard, those that have been deployed overseas; away from family for months on end.

Please join me in thanking all that serve and protect.


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  • 1. Grammy  |  July 21, 2010 at 2:14 am

    Maritime vessels can be such a rush. I got to experence an air craft carrier out on manuvers in the Pacific Ocean. What a thrill!!

  • 2. Larry  |  July 23, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    Very Cool Paula

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