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What makes the Bedroom Community of Avon/Avon Lake different from Lorain

A bedroom community a community where many commuters live

Avon and Avon Lake locally are such communities I am told. People still want to buy property there and it is recognized as a good place to lay your head.

Lorain is situated on the beautiful lake and has a plethora of affordable housing as well as some new builds that are on par with any being built in Avon and Avon Lake. BUT poor old Lorain we are not deemed worthy apparently of being even a “bedroom community “=

HA Ah!!!! and I know why – it is all down to the pajamas or lack thereof!

Regular readers know I have a thing about pajamas from
Hugh Hefner and Me ( written on the defunct WoM.
and how they also saved my life

Since the episode of the mismatched pajamas I have been quite careful to make sure I go to bed in attire that I wouldn’t mind being caught dead in or at least in public.

Therefore the other day , since I had had one of my I am a puddle days the day before- I hadn’t watered what little plants I have this year- the heat was causing them such distress. I tentatively stepped out of my front door to give them a much needed drink in my pajamas.

This wasn’t such a big deal , surrounded as I am by empty houses and a now closed school and immediate neighbors who were on vacation I was fairly safe and my pajamas matched! Of course it just so happened that I was caught by a drive by- No not a shooting- just a friend slowly driving up the street- he stopped and chatted from his truck- luckily for me he was sans camera..

Also readers are also aware that I rarely go out anymore unless I have to. In my emotional state it is better to “shop on line” and stay in my pajamas if I choose.

However, there are times when I HAVE to venture forth – my mum’s prescriptions and errands. I had such a day the other day so off I went “dressed” to various shops- Avon Commons being one stop for all and sundry .

Then a quick trip around some stores etc. in Lorain because the items were less expensive- ever notice that hair colour is priced according to zip code 🙂

It was on this journey that I made the discovery that a bedroom community really does depend upon pajamas

I saw NOT ONE Avon/ Avon Lake consumer dressed in pajamas – shorts, some tank tops but of the appropriate kind as I waited in line or pushed my shopping cart around the shelves .

BUT in every store I entered – well Lorain shoppers , there was at least one in every checkout line wearing yes pajamas …. some of the pajamas I saw as I waited to be served or pushed around my cart were to say the least “interesting” . Yes the difference is definitely pajamas and the fact that it is OK to shop in pajamas in Lorain – even some they shouldn’t be caught dead in!

But be not afraid Lorain- the international city- it is also an “international’ problem

Now according to

At least one Welsh supermarket in the UK has taken a stand- to this international phenomenon – who knew?

Welsh Supermarket Bans Shopping in Pajamas

Shoppers in pyjamas and bare feet are no longer welcome at a supermarket in Wales where customer complaints have prompted the introduction of a strict dress code.
Signs announcing the no-PJs rule now grace the entrance to the sprawling Tesco’s outlet in St Mellons, a suburb of the Welsh capital Cardiff, that is open most nights until 10:00 p.m.

“To avoid causing offence or embarrassment to others, we ask that our customers are appropriately dressed when visiting our store (footwear must be worn at all times and no nightwear is permitted),” they read.

Only a handful of customers have ever turned up in pyjamas, but a spokeswoman for Tesco’s — the biggest retailer in Britain — said it was enough to trigger firm measures.

“We’re not a nightclub with a strict dress code, and jeans and trainers (sneakers) are of course more than welcome,” she said.

“We do, however, request that customers do not shop in their PJs or nightgowns … We have listened to customer feedback that it makes them uncomfortable and embarrassed.”

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