The “PRINCESS” and the 4 Wheeler- Chapt. 2- Chris Ritchey

August 10, 2010 at 11:04 am 10 comments

Chapter One

Chapter Two- Avarice Abounds in the Land of I-ME-WE

The young Knight was in Texas the day of the fundraiser with the Wicked Witch– he was not happy about asking people for money –

this is what our savings is for-

But he knew that his family was not wealthy and they had already paid out for the airfares to Texas and the accommodation and spent many thousands besides during his illness.

He was not sure how many months, if not years, that he would have to travel back and forth to Texas in order to stay alive- he had after all been told it was his only hope. So he reluctantly agreed to the fundraiser as did the Wicked Witch She even wrote about it in her blog

However. he was not happy about the way the fund was set up with the “Aunts” being the signatories on the checks and said he would deal with that when he returned home. He also told his sister and Dad that he would be paying back his Uncle and Dad for the monies they had paid out.

His sister told him ”

don’t worry about that now just wait until you are well again and throw a party and give them a check- they are trying to help and it makes them feel like they are doing something.

It was not to be . The young Knight did not get to buy a pony for his nephew , a horse and land like he wanted to do , or ride the forest trails anymore on his four wheeler .

His body was taken back to the Land of Loss– he lay waiting for The Princess of I-ME-WE to proclaim her wishes.

The Wicked Witch , stayed away from the ceremonies of grief– she didn’t need to expose her soul and sorrow to those that had taken the dignity of his last days with feasting and ogling as the young Knight lay trapped by machines- quietly dying.

There was disgust as strangers to his family sat around his poor broken body, as his life was draining away – texting on their phones, or swapping taco recipes in the hallway. The gypsy caravan of crass that followed the Princess of I-ME-WE .

The Princess , King Weak n”Weedy, Queen B and the courtiers held their “ceremonies” . The family of the young Knight offered to pay for the expenses of the cremation and in the Princess’ own words in an email:

The day we made
arrangements, Nikki asked what I wanted her to pay for and I said that I was going to use the fundraiser money. Chris would not of
wanted anyone to pay
for his funeral. We

( WW NOTE the word WE there I guess the WW and family had nothing to do with that fundraiser Sigh !!! I forgot this is the land of I-ME-WE)

raised that money with the intention to pay for plane
tickets to Houston
but it didn’t work out that way. Chris would of wanted
me to use that money for the funeral

Dec 7th they of the Royal Righteousness held a memorial service in the late morning early afternoon at their church presided over by the King’s good and loyal Priest. The Royal Righteousness did not acknowledge any of the young Knight’s family even his beloved Nana

The Wicked Witch stayed away taking care of the Knight’s father and nephew.

The Princess of the Land of I-ME-WE had proclaimed ( in front of witnesses)(DEC 4th) she would grant the wish of the Knights family to be cremated ,as was the custom of his family , and separate the ashes so all could have their closure in their own culture. The young Knights Nana went to the Princess at the meeting and thanked her for doing this.

The morning of December 9th was surreal, the family of the young Knight huddled for comfort- numb- not knowing what to do how to deal with this terrible emptiness and grief. Not one person wanted to or could make decisions or to face the loss of the young Knight. The day before ( December 8th ) had been so hard – the young Knight’s loved ones went and chose his living memorial, plans had been made for him to be honored in the land of his ancestors and also a final goodbye under the woodland canopy – a place he loved – a place of life and beginnings.

Then as they sat surrounded by despair and sorrow in their surroundings Jim, the Wicked Witch’s son- in -law received a text from the Princess

The Princess sent the message

“Hey, I have got a question about the four-wheeler when you get a chance” ( 1.21 pm. Dec 9th)

Dutifully the son-in-law of the Wicked Witch called The Princess. she said:

I know you already have a four- wheeler but I will be selling Chris’ and I thought I would ask you first if you would want it ?


I already have a 4 wheeler but I am sure that Chris’ Dad will want to keep it – I will check with him and Angela let us know when you will be having your graveside service for Chris.

The Princess:

Ok but if he ( Chris’ Dad) wants the 4 wheeler he will have to pay it off! I checked with the funeral home it will take a few days for the paperwork so Chris hasn’t been cremated yet

There was a discussion amongst the family assembled – the Wicked Witch was furious her thoughts now confirmed about the crass , self-serving, money-grubbing aspect of the inhabitants of the Royal I-ME-WE

– My son isn’t even cremated yet hasn’t even been dead a week and they are calling about paying off the 4 wheeler. How mercenary, crass and cold can you be ?

My son is lying in a cooler and all she cares about is paying off the damned 4 wheeler. THIS IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT! I DON’T BELIEVE THAT BLOODY FAMILY !!!! – I HAVE NEVER MET SUCH GREED AND COLDNESS – We are not giving that family one more dime let them sell it!!!

But NO , The young Knight’s father already broken at the loss of his son wanted the 4 wheeler – it was something he and his son had shared – he would meet the Princess’ price and pay it off and give the Princess the “money” because he knew that the young Knight would not want the “beast” sold to strangers . The young Knight’s sister

“Chris would be so angry that she is doing this- you can’t let them sell it mum, we have to buy it off of her- he loved it – I can see him riding out back on it – you can’t do it mum”

as she dissolved into tears.

In fact part of the ceremonies planned by the family of the Land of Loss was to take the young Knight’s ashes on one last ride and scatter them in the woods he so loved . It is symbolic of release from the ties of the earth.

The Wicked Witch deferred to her husband and her daughter – The young Knight’s sister sent a text to “Princess of I-ME-WE”

The text to the Princess on December 9th at 1:51 pm –

We will definitely take the 4 wheeler

The Princess:

Cool Beans” Next time I am at the apartment I will look to see what the bill is I think it is over 6 thousand dollars….. December 9th (1.53 pm)

Not one time during the text messages or the phone calls did the Princess mention that she had changed her mind and was not going to separate the young Knight’s ashes. Although apparently the important self serving decisions of what to sell and getting money was important enough to text and contact the family of the young Knight- but the fact that she was taking away a families closure wasn’t deemed significant to mention.

Angela Lombardi ( a study in green) Chris RITCHEY

This Petulant Princess let his family go ahead with their plans for closure , air fares arrangements all being put in place…….. but less than 40 hours later she denied the family of the young Knight closure and went back on her “royal word” with apparent blessing of her minions without even the decency of a personal contact from the Royal Righteous Family of I- ME -WE


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10 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Mark  |  August 10, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    When ALL is said and done, and I mean Everything, when she has to face her Maker and answer for her actions, I’m curious as to how she and her family will try to explain all this away? Her mother seems to be the snake in Eve’s ear at times, telling her what to do.

  • 2. Mary  |  August 10, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Want to go dig up the urn? I’m being facetious but that is something I would probably do. I’m bad like that!

  • 3. thatwoman  |  August 11, 2010 at 11:08 am

    No but I would like a pill that gives “selective memory loss” so that I can forget these people ever existed in my life.

  • 4. Mark  |  August 11, 2010 at 11:25 am

    I’ll go get the urn.


    Where is it?

  • 5. thatwoman  |  August 11, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Have no idea I wouldn’t step foot in that place of deceit and dishonoring of my son. I can’t bear to even go anywhere near that part of town……. If Chris remains had to be buried which I find abhorrent in and of itself he should have been at least with his fathers family ….. but learn the lesson everyone get ALL arrangements in writing . between all parties concerned ….the funeral directors should be doing this actually in my opinion.

    Had the arragements agreed to verbally in front of witnesses been in writing then our sory would have been different- please never trust in good will when control is part of the legacy……

  • 6. Grammy  |  August 11, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    That’s a shame that you don’t even know exactly where his remains are. I know Mark said it before and I have to agree, the final judgement will not be a pleasant situation for deceivers and liars. Those who put “things” before people and emotion, pay a hefty price for a very long time. Once that final judgement is rendered, there is no changing it. “Things” do not a person make;
    “things” do not leave a legacy; “things” are just “things”-graven images-that will not comfort anyone. Graven images are what got our forbearers in such trouble and since history repeats itself, mayhaps the story of Lot’s wife will be repeated with just rewards handed out.

    May the good Lord bless you and keep you . . .

  • 7. Loraine Ritchey  |  August 11, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    well seems if I remember Lot and his daughters had some issues too didn’t they 🙂 I suppose in the grand scheme of things thinking that one day they will answer for the pain caused is comforting but whilst being on the receiving end of their thoughtless and selfish acts it isn’t bringing much consolation……..especially since I probably won’t be around to see it….

    I guess I have this fatalistic and cyncial thinking of
    scum rises to the top of the pond” and it seems the pond scum I have been dealing with are doing very nicely from what I have been told .

    I could find out where those ashes are easily enough but I am disgusted by them and their decisions and certainly will not validate their actions by bending a knee to the piece of earth that holds what is left of my son in their slefishness. He wouldn’t want that ……. tourjour moi 🙂

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