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Somebody give me a swift kick – pulleeze

WHY DO I DO IT ?????

I promised myself not to get involved with the “comments” on local forums ( a lot of them are the same people anyway posting under two or three names.)

I haven’t learned my lesson from last year and the year before and the year before.

I quit “cold turkey” (I thought ) reading the forums. I was doing very well too but then someone will contact me

“Did you see?”

Now in my present state it takes a lot to get me to come to the surface.

One poster on a local forum basically said who cares what you people think and lumped me with another group who loved to pontificate and share their thoughts.

I thought about that and really who does care what I think- who am I – nobody – can I move mountains -nope and maybe the information I have to share really is self-serving and of no account. Although I have tried not to be self-serving but they are entitled to their opinion. Besides it would free up a lot of wasted time .

So the point of this post –

I went to MJ and the CRA(p) latest legal go around. And yes! I fell off the wagon I started reading the comments section
Reading the comments I realized that most of the posters are getting the information from “sound bites of newspaper articles” ( not a good thing) , getting the time lines blurred as to who said what when- for the past few articles I have shook my head and stayed away I didn’t comment directly .

But then today as the posters wrote and discussed I stepped into the CRA(p) again . I knew it would bring out the “angry in amherst” type, the supporters of “off with their heads”- the disinformation and the confusion…. As I hit the submit button trying to clear some confusion I thought :

Why did you do that?
What are you doing? You know too well there is no arguing with ignorance.

And anway who appointed you the Chief watchdog of the CRA mess and misinformation police. People really don’t want the facts that are rabidly tearing one another to “posting pieces” in the comment section. Haven’t you learned it just gives you a headache?

Give it up already – sink back into your apathetic existence it is easier and anyway –

who the hell cares what you think.

The next time someone sees I have posted on one of these forums do me a favor and come and give me good swift kick please !!!!!!

Or does anyone know of a good support group “Posting Prevention Anonymous” perhaps ????

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