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Side bar Your Honor!!!

I have often said that I didn’t have to leave the house to get in trouble, just answer the phone! However, in the age of the net you don’t even have to do that to get caught up in intrigue – death -robbery and an alibi arriving via the WWW!

The following story is true the names have been changed to protect the “innocent” 😉

I had a private eye – ( detective) call and email me this week . Interestingly they were from California-

did I pay “Betty Boob” to look after my family member “Mary of Scot” .

It seems they were investigating the Fiji national “Betty Boob” for ripping off elderly woman who died in California.

So how did I end up in this sordid tale – the internet

You see years ago I wrote an article for a magazine about “Mary of Scot” – I must say I had never met the woman in person- and she lived and died in Scotland ! NOT California and the fact that I was NOT a family member just a columnist did not seem to go down well with the Private Eye.

“BUT ma’am your name was given by “Betty Boob” as the person who paid her!”

The facts are these : The woman in Scotland had the same name and I had the same first name as the person the Betty Boob had given as paying her. AND we were linked in the whole wide world when they googled or binged or whatever the name “Mary of Scot” and Loraine ( wonder how they spelled Lorain,Lorainne, Lorraine, Loraine come to think of it) that was the ONLY relationship that came up in the whole wide world.

So according to the net it must be right- SIGH!!!- a few emails later and phone calls have hopefully cleared the situation- although considering the Private Eye spoke with a heavy hispanic accent and didn’t seem to understand me at all who knows?

Case Two :

If you go to the About Me page on this blog you will note the email address for this blog has changed.

I wrote a few weeks ago that I was not the author of emails sent describing the benefits of little blue pills and male enhancement. You, hopefully believed me, but Yahoo……. – have you ever tried to reach anyone at Yahoo SIGH AGAIN!!! ……….. it seems they consider me a spammer and don’t believe me when I try to type their own word identification letters. I finally gave up – so thatwb address will get you nowhere except maybe a connection to a happier sex life!

You see the lesson learned this week is :

If the web says it is so – it must be so Virginia- and Santa Clause is real and he “never forgets” !


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