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There are many many people in the cyber world who are fighting for their lives and some like Hillary are fighting for their life and also medical coverage to be equal.

All I wanted was equal quality and accessible health care for all, but even when Americans had to make no change if they didn’t want to and were offered the congressional health plan, people still screamed about rationing and the possibility of even larger soaring health care costs.

What did we get?

Well, with the little reform that made it through, inflation has all ready eased. Insurance still cost 14% more than last year and americans still have no recourse but to pay the rising costs, but that’s better than the 28% last year.

And we are starting to ration.

This young woman is amazing and I would suggest you follow her thoughts as she continues to fight.

Chris Carr from Chris Alt Delete blog said in his most recent post

My situation (or anyone who will have to fight cancer for the rest of their lives after losing their job) is difficult in that I would like to go back to work if I could find a job but who is going to hire someone who has chronic cancer (especially in this economy)? Not to mention, what insurance company is going to carry me? The laws against discriminating against pre-existing conditions don’t kick in until 2014. So, for me to go back to work, I’d be taking a huge gamble that quite frankly I can’t afford to take.

Although MY Chris, my son, fought the same battles had the same treatment his coverage from insurance was amazing.

You see when he married Angela- he married into the Cleveland Clinic ‘s medical insurance- now coverage there for their Dr. employees is a lot different from what I am covered for and possibly yours.

Apart from the “professional courtesy charges” – they don’t pay the same when professional courtesy is applied…. EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING 100% was covered in Chris’ case.

Both stem cell transplants, the chemo, the hospital stays even the tests on the trial- apart from the initial deductible ( which we paid) not one penny for any medical tests , procedures were billed, all prescriptions once the deductible was met ( which we also paid for gladly)- the only thing it cost Angela and Chris was the parking fees at the hospital. There was NO CAP of their insurance………..

The fundraiser , for which I am still trying to find the words to write about- was NOT for medical expenses but for plane tickets and travel expenses to Texas- those unfortunately are not covered by anyones insurances- how Hillary and Chris Carr and others fighting this “curable cancer“( Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) manage is beyond my ken.

I wish everyone had the coverage that Chris was able to receive- for his wife to walk away from the loss of Chris with no debt is a very rare thing in the non Dr. world. In that respect she was lucky, certainly luckier than most in the same circumstances

It is bad enough that people are fighting for their lives but then to be faced with huge medical bills it too is an obscenity .

I don’t know what the ‘Health Insurance ” answer is in this country but for Hillary, Chris, Beckha , Mike and millions in this country that face this every day – I want equality!

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