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Sorry Abe- It is George that counts!

How many times have those of us that have tried to save a house a building that we think is historically significant been told

“Unless George Washington slept there- we can’t help”

A few days ago I received a request from Daniel Brady-

this house was torn down before I came to this community – I was still in London , being young .

What a beautiful home this was- ironically when we did come to Lorain and were looking at apartments we drove up to the “block” that now stands where this house used to stand

I told my young husband when he stopped to enquire about the vacancy sign –

No way I am not living there looks like “base housing”

Thanks to Daniel’s question the ‘history detectives” went on their search- you can find Daniel’s post here on the Gregg Mansion.

You will see on Daniels blog the progression of “progress” ( said with sarcasm) .

What you will not see is the following sentence in the text at the bottom of the May 16th 1969 article

“Abraham Lincoln is believed to have spent a night here”

Now why would Lincoln be in Lorain?

This would have to be another one for the history detectives but…….

It seems that Abraham Lincoln had a problem with the “copperheads”
and since Lorain and surrounding area did indeed have its share of “copperheads”

“The history of the party in Lorain was painted in colors that would put the G.O.P followers to shame. Mr. Vorwerck gave a very interesting talk. He told of the standing of the Democrats when he came to this city and that 11 men who professed this political faith at the time were called “copperheads”

Did Lincoln on his way South to Columbus etc. stop here- did he campaign locally? It would be nice to know for sure- but sorry Abe even if “Abraham Lincoln did sleep here” obviously you weren’t George Washington!

40 years ago a letter was written by
the “Women’s Division of the Chamber of Commerce- to the Editor of “the Journal” 1969 – apparently nobody listened then – are you listening NOW?

“”Few homes of this caliber remain in Lorain. They are thoughtlessly destroyed in the name of progress. Just as a town needs modern steel and concrete buildings, it also needs to retain the dignity and character of days past.


from this


Photo- Daniel Brady

Progress? or

For Shame – Lorain!!!!!!!!

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