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My comments- Lorain City Schools – math- thoughts etc.


November 8, 2010

To the editor,

Recent editorial comments ridiculed Lorain City School board members for not immediately adopting cuts to reduce expenditures. To do so, in my opinion, would have been wrong. First, any cuts that reduce educational opportunities for Lorain’s public school children should only be made after all other areas of potential cuts have been identified and discussed. There are many such areas.

Second, immediately “wielding the axe” would be seen by many as a retaliatory move to “get even” with the public for the defeat of the last 4 levy attempts and would, in my opinion, set the stage for a 5th defeat next May.

Third, now that parents have choices as to where they want to send their children to school, cutting programs will result in more children leaving the district for charter schools or through open enrollment. Lorain City Schools have lost more than 1000 students in the last few years. This has cost the district more than 5 million dollars in lost state revenue and, in all likelihood, parents of these children did not vote For the last 4 school levies. It is also a primary reason that our academic standing has fallen.

The district receives about $5700 in state funding for each student enrolled in the district. That money follows the student. The reason past school boards did not ask for new tax dollars was because, simply stated, the school district didn’t need more local funds. The district must adopt strategies to retain and attract students. More taxes cannot be the only strategy, only part of that strategy.

As the school district plans for the future, what board members, school employees and citizens of the school district must never forget is this, “Schools were created to serve our children”. They are our future.

Jim Smith

After going on a quick search this is what I came up with in my comments – you can actually see what is left of my mind working.

1. We had been told only cents a day for the new “operating levy” for Lorain City Schools.

ED Note :information used comes from the Plain Dealer article and the LCS own figures to that newspaper
Answer: the amount based on a 100,000.00 taxable home ( that is their base of reference – not mine ) would cost the homeowner
$23.28 PER MONTH

WE the taxpayer already pay for the operating levy ( based on a 100,00 dollar base line)
$63.27 per month and according to the percentage calculator site
that equals an increase of 36.79 percent

Not small change in my account book.

Now added to that (LCS figures to the Plain Dealer)
$10.31 per month for the Construction levy- ( you know the new schools etc)

and a further $1.41 for the permanent improvement levy

IF the levy last week passed we would be paying $98.00 per month or $1,176.00 per year to the LCS alone .

My thoughts are these – if according to the 2008 figures as to the City of Lorain median income are correct

Estimated median household income in 2008: $34,943 (it was $33,917 in 2000)
Lorain: $34,943
Ohio: $47,988
Estimated per capita income in 2008: $17,351

then $1,176.00 is 3.36 % of that total median household income

That doesn’t leave a lot left over for all the other taxes, insurances, health care, utilities, car payments , clothes, food and just plain living.

So to those who are earning 3 and 5 times the median income I believe they need to get realistic when chiding –

“you let the kids down for a few pennies a day”


$23.28 a month increase adds up- $279.36 a year on top of the hundreds we are already paying $896.64
Source Columbus Dispatch

Cartoon by Stauhler Columbus Dispatch

It is easy for those earning 3 times or 5 times the median income in Lorain to dismiss it as pennies a day when “pennies a day” aren’t counted in YOUR daily budget!.

Look around you – the cents now mean everything to some of us – and so might I add does common sense……… to ask for a 36.79 percent raise in an operating levy I will personally need to see a significant change in the other stats- and since we are paying a great deal of money out for some of the brightest people available to administer LCS then I want to see results for that money.

We aren’t just paying for the captain but the whole crew, the ship , and the cargo so please don’t tell me that the only way to fix the leaks is stuffing the holes with dollar bills- not any more! We of the $35,000 are down to pennies…………………..

ED NOTE: The offer of an OP ED is always open –

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