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"Speech Can Segregate You From Everyone" poster- Chris Ritchey

How many times have we sat on our hands and bitten our tongue, thinking thoughts but not expressing them out loud for various reasons?

NOTE: Published in 2000 when media tried to “control” a situation- 10 years later and you tell me is the article still topical???

Who is Watching the Watcher

1. We don’t want to look like we are not “team” thinking.

2. Will disagreeing cause us to be come a target? ( I know that one)

WoM archive John Cole and MJ

3. Our thoughts may not be politically correct as this ” political correctness ” wave sweeps over us.

4. People, on the whole, no longer read , they scan and our words have been misinterpreted – and therefore it follows we are hung for the sheep instead of the lamb! I know that one too 🙂

So have we become a community held hostage by our own censorship of opinions?

In the past year I have written things about my personal situation and the death of my son and what followed- It is my truth and makes some uncomfortable – I made the conscious decision initially ( out of respect for my son) not to name names or delve too deeply into the subject- That changed as their lack of respect for this family and our grief was ignored.


I came across the posters designed by my son when he felt “censored in his work” There you have it a new Guest Blog option-“OPEN FOR DISCUSSION’ and the rules are

1. You may write under your own name or a nom de plume as an individual or even a group ( you are going to have to put your trust in me) if you write under a nom de plume but I alone will have to know the source. I am sorry I can’t be fairer than that – I have to have some checks and balances when it comes to what is written on my blog. Otherwise you of course have the option to host your own blog.

2. I would very much like to keep this as material that effects those of us living in LORAIN LOCALE discussion.

3. There will be a disclaimer that the opinions of the writer /writers is not necessarily that of “that woman” .

4. And please keep the post from personal attacks and situations need to be documented- for instance if you say “money was used for something other than its main intent “ prove it please with documentation and photos are always welcome.

5. I will be using my sons’ Anti PC posters to designate the “Open for Discussion” posts but I will not edit your words.

So if you trust me and you want to offer a subject up that effects those of us in Lorain ( city / county) discussion- you can contact me through this blog ( see About Me)

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