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Can you hear them now?? Lorain City Schools

UPDATE on the Update- And then there were two- and no body knew it was there
Update :”Come Watson the games afoot”- our intrepid history detectives are on the trail of “The Case of the History Held Hostage” – it seems there is more to this than meets the eye- 😉

those pesky voices from the past who are calling to be recognized?

Lorain High - Mark Teleha

The Lorain City Schools and their “past” adventures have been in the news the last couple of days
from a corner-stone of Lorain High School and a time capsule ending up as “fill” or landscaping found by a “student” albeit in a different school system.

I would recommend reading the Chronicle article by Rona Proudfoot it is more in-depth

However the Morning Journal also has some coverage by Freddie Hunt

Photo Mark Teleha
Why the corner-stone ended up where it did ? No matter the demo crew or the LCS the fact is there was “no follow through and accounting” for this piece of Lorain’s past by someone ( sound familiar) – and it was only by luck this “corner-stone ” (which I was told personally months ago would be incorporated somewhere in the new building) could have been landfill for the ages. This was someones “job of work” for which they were compensated by the taxpayers – no matter a private corporation or the LCS system.

And on the local blog “Buster’s House”
Lisa points out the words from the past – have they been lost to Lorain too?

You can also access the complete demolition as covered by Mark Teleha on his blog here

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