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December 9th- the Countdown

As we relive each terrible day of last year- not knowing what lay in store for this family – a very cold December continued and the Lombardi gift that keeps on giving :

On the 9th of December his true love gave to us cell phones ringing, texting- texting

The morning of December 9th was surreal, the family of the young Knight huddled for comfort- numb- not knowing what to do how to deal with this terrible emptiness and grief. Not one person wanted to or could make decisions or to face the loss of the young Knight. The day before ( December 8th ) had been so hard – the young Knight’s loved ones went and chose his living memorial, plans had been made for him to be honored in the land of his ancestors and also a final goodbye under the woodland canopy – a place he loved – a place of life and beginnings.

Then as they sat surrounded by despair and sorrow in their surroundings Jim, the Wicked Witch’s son- in -law received a text from the Princess

The Princess sent the message

“Hey, I have got a question about the four-wheeler when you get a chance” ( 1.21 pm. Dec 9th)

Dutifully the son-in-law of the Wicked Witch called The Princess. she said:

I know you already have a four- wheeler but I will be selling Chris’ and I thought I would ask you first if you would want it ?


I already have a 4 wheeler but I am sure that Chris’ Dad will want to keep it – I will check with him and Angela let us know when you will be having your graveside service for Chris.

The Princess:

Ok but if he ( Chris’ Dad) wants the 4 wheeler he will have to pay it off! I checked with the funeral home it will take a few days for the paperwork so Chris hasn’t been cremated yet

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