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SOURCE- Dave Walker

Cartoon by Dave Walker

What is a blog? It depends on one’s perspective ( isn’t that always the way 😉 ?

In the beginning of my experience on the www. I had a website which I used to document my writings for “print media” so I could have easier access than all those magazines cluttering up everything in my attic. I retired from writing in 2005- (SIGH)

One of those web sites is still “hanging on” and still receives traffic and the owners of the site still run adverts. Another website I use quite regularly is the Charleston Village Website which is graciously hosted by Emerge . If you check out that website you will also see adverts. It is how the “hosts” bring in dollars to sustain their business. They host my writings and in turn ( hopefully for them) my readers read the ads, the more readers the more popular you are the more the advertisers pay to advertise and the more money the “host ” can charge.

This WordPress “BLOG” called “that woman blog” will have google ads from time to time- it is how WordPress recovers their costs of hosting a free blog. Now I could pay them to host my blog and the ads will go but I appreciate them being my host!

This “that woman blog” started back in January 2008– but that was not the beginning of my “blogging ” experience”. Initially I was introduced to the “blogging” world ( rather than my website world) by a Blogger/musician Scott Bakalar.

Scott was a “blogger”- he was documenting and venting on his blog “wordofmouthblogspot” the trials and tribulations he, as a resident of Lorain ,faced ( mainly his basement flooding problems). Scott contacted me to ask permission to use one of my articles that had been in print- thereby developed a relationship .

The blogging world caught my attention and eventually the WoM Blog was born- in its heyday there were “11 bloggers blogging and guest bloggers posting and hundreds of comments waiting and a partridge in a pear tree”.

Most bloggers blog about something that is of particular interest to them, politics, photography, sports, family, cooking, history , health, dogs, you name it people with a passion for their subject write about it on their blogs. etc .

This “that woman blog”- is like a blog on steroids-( just check the category list there are over 60 of them. What started out ( after leaving WoM) as a “finishing up on a follow through”soon became eclectic epistle of who I am , what I think at any given moment and a sharing of my experiences from Cra(p) documenting history , the British take, – Alsace-Lorraine to City of Lorain and in recent months exposing my innermost thoughts and pain to the world.
When blogs first appeared the print media flew into a tizzy-

These bloggers are nothing but unsubstantiated writers of opinion- they aren’t journalists- puffed up with their own self importance.-They do nothing but comment of the work of “real journalists” – they don’t deserve respect …. etc etc.

However, the “blogajournalists” started to make a difference and started to draw in a huge readership. People started to look to the bloggers for the “rest of the story” – even if most based their research on speculation and opinion. As the blogs grew so did their credibility. In a short period of time media was using the talent and tenacity displayed by bloggers to their advantage. Then came the dawn of the professional blogger who gets a stipend for their “blogs”

Note :This “post” comes from the standpoint of one of the criticisms leveled at bloggers – who just read what others are doing and comment- please bear that in mind – my thoughts on the following are from one who has observed from afar.

For many weeks now one local print media has been recruiting bloggers for their community media lab.

This is a good thing for the bloggers, it will mean hopefully that they will draw a larger audience to their blogs and therefore spread their thoughts wider as they are under the umbrella of a “host media” who can use their ability to advertise ( for free) to bring readers to their member blogs.

Initially I had the “Tell it to the Editor “ Blog link on my blog roll- but I took it off because the “editor” didn’t update regularly ( sorry Tom)

The Morning Journal has decided to benefit its readers but giving them “citizens forum” so to speak – bit like the old WoM blog if the truth be known 🙂

I was pleased to see the Daniel Brady blog as one of the “group”- he fills a niche in this area that is fascinating. And his writings are always based on facts.

But the little voice in me ( who used to be a journalist 🙂 ) nags a little-

What do those writers who have gone through Journalism 101 think about all this- after all from their perspective bloggers ( unless they too are paid???) are doing the research, the writing and the work for free-

now that may be a little worrying to the “professional journalist” but don’t fear the bloggers are saving you-

In the case of our local media ( The Plain Dealer also had this bloggers unite idea a few years ago with political blogs such as “Writes Like She Talks”) The bloggers get exposure through a “recognised media outlet” in turn the media outlet brings more “hits” to their “umbrella hosting” which in turn means they can tell their advertisers

We have so many more readership on our “site” we can now raise the advertising rates

which keeps the “mother organisation” able to pay the journalists and possibly allowing the professional journalist to now cover a specialized area and become yes! a pseudo TV reporter and camera person- another option open to the journalist 😉

So a partnership has evolved and a partnership is born . Who knew that those who were so pilloried just a few short years ago may now keep the “print” ???media afloat……..

Watch out channels 3,5,8,19 Cnn etc. the Mini Me Print Media is coming

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