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As I wrote and pondered and tried to tell the “rest of the story” with what was happening with the CRA(p) – ( P standing for political)- I noticed something that worried me and should have worried anyone who holds a public office. “

“How many lawyers do you need to advise you when making legislative decisions when holding a public office “

Mark Stewart – J.Accuse

The Auditor in question – Mark Stewart- had claimed “politics” as a concern with the County’s Law Dept. when wishing to hire his own outside counsel- Subodh Chanda- as he didn’t like the opinion he was given by the county’s legal dept( although the Supreme Court did agree with that opinion eventually).

Depending on the usage of the word “politics”there was a lot of “politics” involved in the CRA(p) .

So here I was the non “political” observer worrying about a situation that really didn’t affect me. All the wordsmithying, innuendo and casting aspersions as to the integrity of the “accused” was leaving the accusers and anyone else holding office in a vulnerable position.eg ( should you always get a 2nd legal opinion ?)

In every article written , every discussion the “accused “ maintained there was no wrong doing or intent . In fact this public servant sat with these other public servants week in and week out in Lorain City Council chambers – they followed the same legislative procedures -voting on the same issues- chairing council committees and the “process” of sending legislation to full council and all that entails- they knew full well the legislative procedures , they were not “on lookers”. The “accused” HAD in fact followed the direction of the City of Lorain’s LAW DIRECTOR- in all things and decisions made. .

Craig Snodgrass J’Accuse

The fact that there was even a letter from that Law Director on the City of Lorain letter head apparently didn’t matter.

That letter was never published ( apart from on my blog) – just an aside once in a while in newspaper articles that it existed as a man was pilloried in the press and in “politics”

Greg Holcomb J’Accuse

Whoa thought I – these same individuals who are casting the aspersions use “every day” opinions from their respective Law Directors- ask for advice and follow that advice-

I wondered what they were letting themselves in for-
How can someone who followed the advice of the city’s chief legal counsel still be held to censure?

Does this mean that a public official should then get another legal opinion in everything they do “just in case “- It didn’t make sense to me The public servants who follow the advice of county and city legal opinions everyday day they seemingly picked and chose which opinions suited them. The accusers had, in my opinion, based their accusations on supposition, hypothesis and self-serving interpretation of the law.

AHHHHHH politics!

Phil Betleski J’Accuse

And yet a man’s integrity , his intent and reputation had been tarnished. For three years this carried on- until finally another letter from a another Law Director .
LD Riley letter CRA

I wonder if those that cast the aspersions and claims of wrong doing and who put “character” on trial in the court of public opinion have apologised – In my opinion they damned well should!

As I looked at the photos of the “politico accusers” I noticed they all had “flags” adorning the background behind their smiling faces even Subodh Chandra is in full swing with “the American way”

It seems to me those that espouse the virtues of the “American Way” should now be stepping up and rectifying the actions of their accusations.

You don’t get to throw the mud and walk away ( in my world) leaving the stain of politics on one’s character.

The accusers , for me at least, have lost respect, not only personally but professionally and definitely politically- I for one look upon them with a certain degree of skepticism…….. J’Accuse………..

The Chronicle and the Morning Journal both put the “rest of the story “ out on their front pages last week

As for the Plain Dealer – well if it was mentioned it certainly wasn’t mentioned on their front page as the “aspersions” cast that October day of “THREE YEARS” ago merited.

It seems to me that you may be innocent in a court of law until “proven” guilty but in the world of politics, media and the court of public opinion you can be guilty until you prove yourself innocent!

Is this to be the new “justice” around here lately – throw aspersions and half-truths around enough and maybe something will hit a target and if not

Oh well we will just walk away and find another “target”-

In the meantime those of us who have been “accused” – no matter our proven innocence will always have the muddying of our reputations

” oh you know who that is he / she / they were involved with??????????”




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