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Visiting the holidays- The visit

I knew a year ago this house would not see another “Christmas” – there wouldn’t be a tree dragged in and decorated, no lights ,wrapping presents, dinners and plum puddings.

Christmas’s past were all too powerful to let in the mere thought of a Christmas present.

So this little house became the house that “Christmas didn’t happen” – no holiday baking or signing of cards, no stockings hung by the chimney with care.
Christmas happened elsewhere in a house full of warmth and joy and a darling little boy.

I “visited” Christmas this year and when the visit became too much- I was able to leave the present and find sanctuary in a log fire without stockings and decorations. I could leave Christmas and HO! Ho! Ho! , I could escape from the neon , the music and the jolly jolly .

Don’t feel too badly for me I have noticed that I felt not one bit of holiday stress with rushing here and there, parking, making sure this would be done, did I forget this person– the money, the dog’s tail knocking the ornaments across the room- clearing up the needles, worrying whether the tree was drying out too quickly.

None of that- the only shopping I had to do was for that little boy- for this year’s CHRIS -MISS- PRESENT. A present given from Chris who wanted so much to be part of Gavin’s life and to help him grow and to spoil him- from a pony to teaching him soccer – Chris, who spent such a little time with him was denied . However. Gavin knows his Uncle Chris in so many ways and will always have his Chris Miss Presents on all his holidays.
This year the Chris Miss Present was easy- as soon as I saw it I knew- there was no debate , no

“Do you think this is what Chris would’ve wanted for Gavin?”

I knew and even though it will be a couple of months until he can reach the foot controls- and mummy and daddy have lost their living room once again – The Chris Miss present brought a smile and a tear.

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