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Speech can segregate you from everyone- by Chris Ritchey

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

OK I admit it – I was so damned naive –
You see, believe it or not, for the most part I believe in the good until proven otherwise. I thought that those who are “in charge” especially when it came to faith, must be a much better person than I am and live their lives setting a much higher bar than this sinner lives by. I was wrong!

I have met some truly wonderful people of faith, good , compassionate beings . I suppose I thought that to be “in charge/ or over such people” must take a very special human being. SIGH.

The more I delve the more I realize I was naive and somewhat pollyannerish. Oligarchy (small governing group: a small group of people who together govern a nation or control an organization, often for their own purposes ;government or control by a small group of people)

does exist in religion and in my experience the Roman Catholic faith as well and I am a victim of oligarchy.

I really was stupid wasn’t I to expect an answer from the local “Men of God” or even an understanding as to what this family was being put through. After all apparently they have been covering up and ignoring much more terrible things than the breaking of a mother’s heart and desecrating a grave ( in my opinion). They have been enabling such disgusting crimes against children etc. which makes my plight pale into such insignificance .

Did I think I would get any sort of human response to my last letters?

NO! I knew that when I wrote them– but I wanted the paper trail for this blog- you see I did learn my lesson.

Why then did I bother ? Because, as I have said in part one, the sad part of all this is the only accountability I have left to me is writing the truth of the story ( remember I document everything- I don’t lie – the facts can be checked ) and the recording of the facts and the situation and those involved will be there for the long-term.


Maybe I will be dead, but some day someone will read these words and look at their neighbor, priest, co-worker, one with whom they do business, aunt , uncle, mother or even grandparent and recognize the fact that they were the “people of pain”. – the knowledge may give them insight when dealing with such people.

As my Catholic friends and also those who have complained to us ( thinking the RITCHEY family were the culprits of questionable taste ) learned through this blog and elsewhere of the “decorations” such as balloons, cake , peanut butter cups, vegetables , Hallowe’en happenings, beer/ cans at the place where my sons’ earthly remains are buried were in fact being placed there by people whom we have not “truck” with ( The Lombardis, Vykas, Gonzales, Gotts and Zaworskis) since our son died – to a person- they all stated :

“They can’t do that there are rules- there are rules governing the decorating of the graves in Calvary. (Cemetery, Lorain) You should call the office.

Well if letters to those in the higher chain of command of the cemetery management did nothing maybe a phone call was needed .

My cynical outlook is that laws are made for the law-abiding and rules for those who follow them…. and it seems the “heathen I am” is correct.

Phone calls to Calvary Catholic Cemetery , Lorain only produced

“Oh well! we remove the items if we see them but we leave at 4:30 . Yes, it is against the rules , I have myself seen people around a grave side drinking beer and cans have been left on occasion but we pick them up when we find them”

It seems the rules of Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Lorain Ohio are only for those of you that follow them – others can do what they like !

No accountability ! And therefore it follows no respect for my son in that place not as long as those that “control the family plot” decide to “decorate’ his remains in their way . You see every single part of Chris was precious to his family and still is. It is precisely why we “scatter the ashes” a symbolic “freeing” if you will from the earth he left behind and freedom from those whose ways are “cultural and faith based opposites ” .

And as for the Bishop Lennon and Co after much research it also seems he “holds accountable” but HE is NOT held accountable.

And since he finds it acceptable to excommunicate 300 or so from his own flock what does he care about a silly woman in Lorain over whom he has no control of her mortal soul ( thank God!!!) or her finances 😉 – can’t excommunicate me I am already in hell.

I have been doing a lot of research on Bishop Lennon- personally I don’t think he is a very nice man- certainly not the picture of a man of God I had in my naive mind.

I would like to draw your attention to the following link it is an article from Cleveland Scene Magazine

the film Hand Of God and the scene described below with Bishop Lennon can be found here. the words of the brother of one of the victims of “abuse” and the filmmaker rings so true to these ears

Bishop Lennon In Joe Cultrera’s face during the filming of Hand of God-source

“Sir, if you think you’re going to make me feel bad about this . . .,” he says flatly.

“I know you guys don’t feel bad,” Cultrera responds. “You don’t feel anything.”

The back-and-forth continues before Lennon decides he’s got better things to do — save for one parting shot.

“It’s all in your head, sir,” he says, towering over the much smaller Cultrera. “You’re a sad little man.”

the article goes on to say

Cultrera, 48, says he’s received several e-mails from Cleveland Catholics, ashamed at Lennon’s cameo. Some parishioners have even written the bishop, Cultrera says. He doubts they’ll get a response.

“He knows that it doesn’t mater,” Cultrera says. “He knows that nothing will happen to him. They all know that nothing will happen.”


IGNORE and LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY in the Oligarchy………………


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