Nancy Smith- “Reasonable Doubt”

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UPDATE: MARCH 17TH The Rosenbaum reach

I do not personally know Mrs. Smith. I, like many others in this community, remember the case and of course all the recent court appearances.
However, I do know a number of honest and caring people who support her innocence who have fought for her .

Fighting for their freedom: Support growing for Smith, Allen

Smith wants the truth

I happened to see Mrs. Smith’s interaction with some of her family and friends at a celebration of an upcoming birth I attended recently. There was much love and joy at that event as evidenced upon her face and demeanor.

A few years after the Allen/Smith case a family member was called as a “Voices for Children “ witness for another such case. I watched the hanging out to dry of another woman by those prosecuting at the time ( yes the same man) Jonathon Rosenbaum

In 1999, the office drew national criticism when Oberlin mother XXXXXXXXX was indicted for snapping pictures of her eight-year-old daughter in the shower. A photo lab worker and the grand jury found the pictures pornographic; XXXXXXXX insisted they were not. Facing public outcry, White made a rare compromise, offering XXXXXXXX a diversion program instead of a trial. Later, he dropped the charges entirely. Rosenbaum hated the deal, Rousseau says. “That was one of the first big problems between Greg and Jon.”

Note I have X’d out the name of the mother- she needs no more notoriety-

Rosenbaum had it wrong – I knew it – the community knew it- Greg White knew it and the result ended differently for another young mother than it did for Mrs. Smith. Although the ripple effect of Rosenbaum’s actions caused life changing results for the family.

As I read the transcripts , the coverage I have shaken my head and sighed-
little catch phrases pop into my mind

“witch hunt – political posturing-
reasonable doubt– scapegoats – miscarriage of justice”

I also was a jury member a few years later on a child abuse case and we convicted. I know how this system works. I have, in the past, written about abuse in the Australian dance world, I have also expressed my concerns to Children’s Services at one time as I saw an ongoing situation that in my opinion needed to be explored – so again I am not a true novice when it comes to these situations.

And finally as I read of the latest twists and turn- the words in my mind
“cruel and inhuman punishment”-

The Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights which prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that this amendment’s Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause applies to the states. The phrases employed originated in the English Bill of Rights of 1689.

The “rack” of legal maneuvering in this case has tortured and torn at the fabric of a family and at a legal system that continues to tighten the bonds whilst sacrificing on the altar of ego ” reasonable doubt”
and the Morning Journal and I agree

OUR VIEW: Wrongly convicted Smith and Allen deserve to stay free

and reason should be the operative word here
We will fight for them’: National Center for Reason and Justice to back Nancy Smith, Joseph Allen


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