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As the writings of yours truly leave the desk in the den and make their way through cyberspace( to who knows where) they find a reader who relates to some of the subjects that come their way.

From time to time those readers contact me and I read their work and I like to link up and share with my regular readers.

Today is such a day, so no matter if you are in “sunny” Florida, the icy cold of Lorain, the heat in the middle east or taking a break in Australia , I have picked three for your reading pleasure and information. The subject matter runs from the art of design/graphics of a young man – What to do if you are alone this Valentines day and Gender Wage Gap and its relation to selection of
college majors.

This artist Chris Waind wrote in response to my request for a bio

Since winning second prize in the Manchester Evening News colouring-in competition at age 24, Chris Waind has never looked back. He has lost his mind in London, broken his bones in Vancouver and burned his skin in New Zealand. A graphic designer and illustrator by training, Chris’ work encompasses film, photography, collage and traditional fine art practices. Most recently, he has turned his attention to Etsy to offer a selection of artwork prints, and maybe other visual delights in the near future.

Chris likes painting, drawing, filming, calligraphy, collecting, aquariums, lomography and his orange surfboard (which rarely leaves his garage). Some of his favorite achievements have been creating a small dictionary compiled purely of words he hates (highlights include ‘Kudos’, ‘Snuggle’, and the phrase ‘…it was a lovely spread.’), and his sketchbook where he chronicles a lonely whale, an obese cat, a mission from god, coconut bras, the mourning of a crab, seal attacks, white trash, 50 clicks, a book of thoughts, and some things that are true.

Chris also likes to write in the third person

Chris first introduced me to his
‘Papillons Graphiques. The Graphic Butterfly Collection.’ which can be found by following this link

You can also access Chris’s works ( that are for sale I might add) here

Next up is Maria Rainier. She studied English and music at Elon University, developing interests in professional writing, rhetoric, poetry, and classical piano performance. She conducted undergraduate research on Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) in the music department, as well as the role of classical Spanish music in collegiate piano instruction. Maria tries to keep her Spanish fluency by Skyping with friends in Spain and Brazil and continues to follow her favorite contemporary Spanish composers. She has worked as a writer, editor, consultant, and piano teacher, and still enjoys spending her free time playing Brahms, listening to classical music, and figuring out the logistics of an MFA in Creative Writing. Maria loves to design new origami models, do yoga, go running, and try to keep her patience while learning to play tennis.

Maria has written the article on the blog On Line Degrees. org

Is The Gender Wage Gap (Partially) Caused By Major Choice?

It has long been remarked that women earn less money than men. Whether this reflects invidious discrimination or differential participation in the labor force is a hot topic in the social sciences. We decided to take a look at it from another angle: do young ladies simply major in poor paying occupations in college?

To read the rest of the article please follow this link

Heart Hostage– by Chris Ritchey

And last but not least ( sorry bio unavailable at writing) Hannah Douglas who also writes for an On- line degree site

All The Single Ladies: 14 Ways to Enjoy Your Solo Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is creeping up and before you know it, it will be all heart-shaped boxes and teddy bears. Avoid the sappy feel-sorry-for-yourself routine with a few innovative ideas to celebrate yourself, your friendships and the things that matter most in your life (hey, if that’s watching Gossip Girl, we won’t tell).

to read the rest of the article follow this link

ED NOTE: just a disclaimer – since two of the site are on-line degree sites- I am not promoting or suggesting on-line degree programs – I think the posts are topical and may be enjoyed by my very diverse readership.


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