Burned Out – Bruised- Battered and Bewildered

February 27, 2011 at 9:57 pm 3 comments

artwork Alec Longstreth

Apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein for the title.

We have seen a decided lack of participation in happenings in Lorain. Most notably in recent days the Lorain City Schools from meetings about design to the future of the finances of LCS.
There are many reasons for the lack of enthusiasm for all things Lorain .

Some are too busy trying to hold our own lives together or keeping roofs over one’s heads.

Some have been the victim of no good deed goes unpunished.

The volunteer population is aging –

we now leave a lot of the work to NON- profits and paid directors whose direction is governed by “foundations and grants” rather than the excitement of the individual. We do our bit by paying membership dues or donating to those non -profits – we have handed over the can do to those that are paid to do. We don’t for the most part get down in the trenches anymore. ( before I get a plethora of so and so does this or this group does that comments- this is a generalization across the country rather than specifically Lorain)

Going through my “boxes” I came across material “Lorain and Lorain(E) of Yesteryear”.

The yesteryear of 1992 caught my eye and the “International Home Town Parade” where a certain organization The Downtown Lorain Growth Association was the spotlight organization

NOTE: The DLGA in 1995 became ” Mainstreet Lorain ( not to be confused with Main Street program ,although in 2000 it did become for a while a Main Street program) then due to “hiccups” and I am saying that nicely 🙂 this organization then became Lorain Growth Corporation.

Back in 1992 there was a buzz- a rebirth – a new future for the “downtown area” The quotes are the very similar to today and we who were excited back then remember the de ja vu – the Visionings the studies, the “movers and shakers”, sitting around conference tables, drawing on flip charts, voting for this and that. SIGH!!!!!!!!!!.

I also came across the minutes of 1994 when the Morning Journal/ USS/ Kobe hosted the meeting of a fledgling Lorain Pride Day and a Community Mobilization Committee to include all the population in Pride.

I looked at the names on those minutes – some of us are still around- some have retired and gone to warmer climes- some have left for other jobs – some have died and in the four businesses that were initially mentioned who were very supportive well you can see for yourself

Builders Square
Willow Hardware
Super K
Sherwin Williams

And then there was the Arts – July -14 1985 when again the Morning Journal and Mike Bass Ford sponsored a night at the Ohio Theatre honoring Lorain Native Gerald Freedman , the Artistic Director of Great Lakes Shakespeare. I was there the Mayor of the moment was there , John Cole was excited to have an annex of GLS come to Lorain.

Yes we still have Lorain International, we still have Pride Day we still have meetings, flip charts, studies and visionings (SIGH) and the “wanting” for a successful Lorain City and Lorain Schools and Lorain Industry but for those of us that are burned out and have been “burned “ we are passing the candle flame of caring and wishing success to those that continue to carry it-

But to save anymore think -tanks/ studies , meetings galore the minutes from those meetings in 1994 might help 😉

THE END????????????????????


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  • 1. Paula Tobias  |  February 28, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    How to keep volunteers:
    * COMMUNICATE Most organizations require volunteers to fill out a form listing their address, telephone number and even an E-mail address. Use this information to keep your volunteers informed of the upcoming event, reconfirming work schedules and whether any more volunteers are needed. After the event, let them know the results of the event, upcoming events that you will need volunteers for and to thank them for their time and effort. Return telephone calls and E-mails promptly, even those that were made to complain about something. Ignoring phone messages and E-mails just tells your volunteer (in a not too subtle way) that you don’t think they are important enough to respond to.

    DON’T WASTE THEIR TIME Make sure that you have a need for all of the volunteers that you have scheduled to work. There is nothing more frustrating to a volunteer than having them standing around because there is not enough work to do, or that there are too many volunteers, or that a task that was scheduled was cancelled at the last minute.

    TAKE CARE OF THEIR NEEDS If your volunteers will be doing physical work for four (4) hours or more, plan on feeding them. Have plenty of cold water available for them if they will be outdoors and/or doing physical work. If they are assigned to a position that can not be abandoned, such as monitoring an entrance gate, plan on having another volunteer go around to these types of positions so that the person can use the restroom.

    TRAIN THEM If your organization uses volunteers in a variety of positions, cross train the ones that are interested in learning a new skill. This will expand their knowledge, keep them from becoming bored with doing the same task, as well as provide you with additional volunteers to call upon if there is a vacancy.

    THANK THEM While the method of saying thanks will depend a lot on how many volunteers there are, it is important to volunteers to know that you appreciate their effort and time. If it is a small group, call them on the telephone. Not only will you be able to thank them, but you can get feedback from them as to what they saw that was going well, or not going so well during their time there. If it is a large group, use an E-mail or newsletter to thank them. Take the time to call new volunteers after their first time working with your organization, this will show that you appreciate them for helping out, but you can answer any questions that they may have and invite them back again to help out. Also take the time to thank your long time volunteers, a birthday card, an award for working the most hours in a period, etc

    Oh yes, and listen to them.

  • 2. Grammy  |  March 2, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    I remember being in high school (you know back in the stone ages) and the big “talk” was about the underpass we needed on Broadway so traffic could continue without the train stopping you. There were lots moving through town on the two tracks that ran through. Oh yes, don’t forget the station/depot that served the passenger trains. Anyway, finally, when my children were in school, they finally got around to it, but . . ., by they there was only on track, hardly any traffic and no station/depot or passenger trains. Why go ahead, well the powers that were said they had spent too much money in engineering fees et al to no go ahead with the project, even though there need had disappeared. Go figure.

  • 3. thatwoman  |  March 2, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Now we have a train depot ( BRL) 😉 and no trains SIGH!!!!

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