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Ghost in the Pond – Deux

It was exactly one year ago today March 19th I wrote the post
The Ghost in the Pond telling of my son’s last Mother’s Day present to me :

“Oh Chris ! why would you buy another Koi? you know they never survive the winter”

“I needed to get this one and it’s Mother’s Day so you have to accept it “

as he mischievously grinned up at me from the water’s edge

Last March 19th I wrote:

I was in Chris old room a couple of days ago. I looked out of the window at the pond , the spring sunshine was warming the water. There were flashes of gold as the surviving fish made their way to the warmth and then -a flash of silver.

I was scared to look closer , maybe it was one of the pale goldfish , we have a couple. I couldn’t bring myself to go to the pond for a better look. I can still see my son kneeling by the pond and surreptitiously slipping in that Koi .

Chris would check on the Koi every time he came home , he would ask in the hospital

“How’s the Ghost has it given up the ghost yet?”

All summer long I would check on the koi dreading the fact that maybe something would cause him/her to leave us too.
Summer found him/her active and possibly procreating

But inevitably winter comes; the fish huddle at the bottom of the pond

Only Misty on her daily rounds dares to make the journey through the cold checking on her charges . Misty who was Chris’s dog.

A dog who has seen us through such trying months – a warmth , giving unselfishly her love, a joy, a companion who never leaves my husband’s side , this “misty” dog who has kept him from himself these many months

Misty continually makes her rounds as winter’s ice and whiteness turns to brackish brown and the peeping of green through decaying leaves.

The sun warms the earth and the waters of the pond and yes! so far so good an even larger than last year Ghost Koi moves lazily through the warming water bringing once again the smile on a son’s face to a mother’s memory

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