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March 26, 2011 at 7:02 pm 8 comments

DISCLAIMER: although representing CVSI at this meeting the following thoughts, opinions and resulting frustration are entirely my own as an individual and are not to be seen as representing the board or the members of CVSI in any way shape or form!

Maybe I should just not go to meetings– apathy is at least good for the blood pressure.
I have done what I have never done before I walked out of a community meeting!

Charleston Village Society of which I am co- chair and founding member, has for more than 2 decades been involved with safety in the community. We are a 501C3 and therefore do not support any candidate or political party. We leave that to our individual members to be involved in “politics” . Charleston Village Society is about “community” no matter race, creed, religious belief, economic, educational or social background.

We are community and therefore we try diligently to “include” all of our community and we don’t deal in percentages. We try our utmost ( and have been pretty successful so far) to remain “politically” neutral – we try very hard to stay away from the “political arena” and threats of we won’t vote for you behaviors when dealing with our elected officials – no matter their party or if they were our personal preference.

CVSI had the first community policing model back in the early 90’s , we had the first organized “crime watch” nearly 20 years ago . We continue quietly through our neighbors to keep our eyes and ears open and have had a working relationship with the LPD for decades. Our model works for us as a community .

We held the Community Safety Forum in 2005 and worked on a 5 pronged approach – Lorain Police Dept. Lorain City Schools, Lorain Clergy, Lorain City Administration ( Lorain Building Dept. Fire Dept. ) , Neighborhood /Social Services and a “plan”. That plan was implemented and was working until basically the “school” which was at the heart of the plan was no longer available and things changed too dramatically in the birthing of that plan for the model to recover. We have been there done that – we have been “involved” during the years

Why this post? I have been feeling guilty that CVSI needed to be a little more involved on a Lorain City community level, especially with our neighbors in the central part of the city. Since I am the one from our Executive Board who has the availability I attend these sort of meetings. I have, due my personal circumstances, been very lax in doing so recently.

I received a letter from Martha Pye requesting the presence of CVSI at the “2nd Community Safety Forum”. I have worked with Martha for many years and we have shared many a meeting so because she asked I made a special effort and went.

As usual at any community meeting , representatives of Lorain City Council, those running for election and re- election , both mayoral candidates, were present along with the Sherriff, LPD etc.
The tone of the “ safety meeting” was set from the very beginning as focusing on holding candidates and elected officials responsible for all our “ills”- a situation I am sure they are used to – however that was NOT what the meeting was supposed to be about.

IT was apparent from the start there was something else on the agenda other than “safety ” and “solutions” –

Rev Lewis stated:

“We are a community first and need to come together “

Apart from Chief Rivera’s presentation- after the voting rhetoric in the beginning by the MC ??? ( sorry I didn’t get his name I didn’t have a printed agenda with it) on the Lorain Police Dept. and a question from the audience as to “police response time” we were subjected to holding elected officials as to blame and representation based on ethnicity .

And when Richard Romero got to the microphone and started giving stats about non representation of elected offices and reflection of numbers based on DIFFERENCES etc. etc. and literally dividing the community into racial percentages 18 percent this group 25 percent that group and the empassioned rhetoric of division – I left – not without registering my disdain as to the topic of the meeting totally getting away from what was presented to me as a SAFETY FORUM . This to me was more of a political rally, where political biases were evident as well as a division of community- not by the people in attendance but by some who held the microphone.

I sat with Mayor Krasienko , Safety Director Phil Dore , Mayoral Candidate Chase Ritenauer and Dan Given- quite frankly if these individuals who are for the most part in opposition to one another in their electoral races can come together for the sake of the community then the “community” should do likewise! Presenters and participants should put aside political rhetoric and not put “politics “ and “division” before the subject that was supposed to be on the floor “SAFETY “!
The proposed subject of the day

“what can be done , what solutions can we the community do to help solve some of the safety and quality of life issues that face us in Lorain’s oldest neighborhoods”

was buried in rhetoric, blame game and grand standing!

If I want to hold the politicians and elected officials accountable – I will – I don’t need to participate in political diatribe whilst trying to see what can be accomplished to make my neighborhood safer.

Politics and division wasn’t on the agenda – I left – for the simple reason – I was quite frankly offended by Mr. Romero’s “platform” and also the misrepresentation of the subject matter of the forum !

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  • 1. Witness to this Crime from afar  |  March 26, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    I was there and saw this utterly distasteful display of hate and biggotry as well. Richard Romero was basically pitting blacks and hispanics against all the “whites” in the community. He stated the minorities percentages were getting high enough such that they could take over the city. It is clear that Master Romero is full of himself and his goal is personal power and divisiveness in our International City. Everyone should stay away from this disgustingly self serving individual as well as watch who he associates himself with.

  • 2. thatwoman  |  March 26, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    Thanks for your thoughts – Romero’s remarks certainly weren’t about how we as a community “together” can help one another to improve our quality of life and issues of safety in Lorain’s oldest neighborhoods. He managed to turn me off completely….. .hopefully things got back on track after I left but I for one was not going to waste time and effort in listening to such “claptrap” .

  • 3. Anne Molnar  |  March 26, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    I just arrived home and read your remarks. No truer words spoken. I was discusted with the previous community meeting, and knew this one would not be in the interest of the community.
    I wonder how many issues of real concern were mentioned in this meeting. We are so divided in our thinking, and forget about the real purpose that needs to be done to bring this community together. It appears everyone has their own agenda,with no great city leader strong enough to bring the people together.It’s politics as usual.
    I thank you for all your efforts, and wish more people would follow your example and concern for this City.

  • 4. thatwoman  |  March 26, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    apologies again for the continued “editing ” in the post the editiing tool for this blog is still wonky!

  • 5. Peter Potamus  |  March 28, 2011 at 12:07 am

    Your conduct in refusing to participate may have shook the sensibilities of those in attendance there so that those who cared enough to attend/particioate will ensure that future meetings stay focused.

    Good to see the political candidates there also… 99% of the problem is “not enough money”.. everyone knows that… still, those asking for your votes were willing to put differences aside to attempt to find a common solution

  • 6. Loraine Ritchey  |  March 28, 2011 at 11:39 am

    We can only hope! Loraine

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