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Oh! to be in England…The wedding of William and Katherine


Morning Journal article:
Transplanted Brits watching royal wedding by Ron Vidika

I went to bed early last night knowing I had to pick my mum up at 5 am. I do not sleep well anymore but since I will be babysitting Gavin later on this evening I knew I was going to need some rest .

Gavin does sleep well but when he is ready to roll the rest of the world stops and Nana’s and Nag Nogs are rushed off their feet trying to keep up!

Best laid plans …. well you know the rest….. I was awoken from a fitful sleep by Misty who decided she needed attention at 1:56 am.

I decided rather than taking the chance of falling back asleep and missing the great day “live” I would wait and watch the events unfolding in my hometown. Of course I knew that my cousins etc would be watching so phone calls back and forth to London as I sipped my third cup of coffee ( to keep me awake)

I picked up mum to take her to Nikki’s , who thankfully had had her power restored from the storm yesterday. We wanted to watch on the large screen ‘plasma”- although right now I think I could used a transfusion .

Breakfast was not traditional but McDonald’s. Unfortunately their computers were down this morning at 5: am. it did take a very long time for the poor chap to add up our order sans computer or calculator – Oh dear….

However we arrived with juice and bacon egg and cheese biscuits for us all. ( maybe it is the computers that always mess up my orders hmmm)

SourceI was proud of the British people and their visitors – I longed to be there – to feel the patriotism , the sense of belonging – the history but I will remember sharing with my own mother , my daughter and her son a day shared by so many across this world.

I thought of my own wedding, my daughter’s wedding and I couldn’t help thinking of another broad-shouldered young man whose wedding and bride brought not joy, laughter and sharing or compassion but pain and anguish eventually to his loved ones. The tears that fell from my eyes this morning were those of great unhappiness on such a happy day.

And the naysayers as to the Royals can say what they like but there is no denying the Brits do pageantry well, the bride was beautiful and to hear hundreds of thousands of voices singing a national anthem was awe-inspiring – I just wish I could transplant a little of that to my adopted home town and the home town of my daughter and her son.

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Vote FOR Issue 10- Lorain Public Library

Lorain Public Library is requesting voters to renew a levy- Issue 10 on the ballot –

#10 – Lorain Public Library District
Renewal / 4.08 Mills, Current Expenses of the Lorain Public Library, 5 Years

I AM VOTING YES! absolutely no hesitation on this issue!

The library on their web page
has more information on the funding of Lorain Public Library systems

“Unprecedented cuts in state library funding have been devastating to Ohio’s libraries. To learn what the Lorain Public Library System is doing to maximize your tax dollars, download the Facts About Lorain Public Library System and Its Funding.

You can access the PDF file and Video for more information here


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Water water everywhere and ne’er a drop to drink????

UPDATE!!!! What do you want to bet the City of Lorain’s insurance will say “ ACT OF GOD!”

Funny that “HE” mustn’t have been in this neighborhood until after CT Consultants and the sewer project- and if the EPA told the city no more taking the water straight back into the Lake Erie shouldn’t there have been a remedy put in place to stop this happening? Or is God the scapegoat?

We are up to our necks in water and the following gives a new meaning to living on the water !
Charleston Village – the neighborhood- 1st Street-
It just bubbles up the man hole covers no match for our turbid torrents!

If the residents can’t go the lake the lake will come to them ( at least everytime there is a major storm in “recent” years….. hmmmmmmmmmm???? )-

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Black River Historical Society- Pasta Paradise

The BRHS – the caretakers of the “History of Lorain” are having a fundraiser. This wonderful organization is such an important part of Lorain her past, present and “future” please attend and if you can’t please send a donation!

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DON’T DRINK THE WATER- ERRR Bit late for that !!!!!!

So the Utilities Dept sent out a warning , I received it in this morning’s mail

and a two page letter to residents of the Cities of Lorain, Amherst , Sheffield Lake and the Northern Ohio Water Company

Today is April 22nd and the problem occurred Saturday April 9th , 2011 and Sunday April 10th

NOTE: If it is important enough to send out a letter It might have been nice to receive it before 12 days had passed

so that people who are at risk with severely compromised immune systems ( those people on chemo for instance) , infants and some elderly may be at increased risk would know that their nausea, cramps diarrhea and associated headaches were possibly due to that glass of tap water.

Yup it was nice to be thought of but how about contacting us in a timely manner!
Turbity-Turbidity is cloudiness or opacity in the appearance of a liquid caused by solids, particles and other pollutants. Turbidity measurement provides an indication of the clarity of water and water quality.

Sorry!!! but that is definitely shutting the barn door after the horse .

However since the letter asked us to share I am sharing

Contact 1-800-426-4791 E#PA

or Daniel McGannon 440-204-2280 1106 1st Street Lorain

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ISSUE TWO?????Is this for you???

Lorain City Schools aren’t the only ones on the ballot in May Amherst School District ( comprised of Lorain, Amherst and Amherst Township residents ) is running their own campaign.

Issue Two has become somewhat of a lightning rod in and of itself. Questions and concerns have come across from residents of Amherst/ Lorain and Amherst Township.. They have been combined and are brought to under a Guest Lorain Amherst Township Amherst Blog or LATA .

NOTE: Should readers wish to address the questions or comments I will make sure those comments reach LATA Group . As always those with information and or differing opinions will be given space

The LATA :

1. What will the recreation center membership costs be? Why are they not listed?
In district costs?
Out of district costs?

2.Governor Kasich’s budget shows Amherst School District will receive $1 million less from the state for two years or $2 million for the two-year budget. What does this mean to the district? Another levy?

3. How many renewal levies are expiring over the next two years and will need to be renewed?

4.Will the Federal or State Governments increase payroll or sales taxes without a vote within the next year?

5. Why are there no schools located in Lorain or Amherst Township? Combined, over one-half of the registered voters in the Amherst School District (ASD) live in Lorain and Amherst Township.

6. When the last levy was passed, didn’t the schools budget for the repairs needed for the existing schools?
Wasn’t that levy for operations?
Two years later ASD now needs more money for repairs?

7.This levy represents a 15% increase. Can businesses/property owners absorb a 15% increase?

8. S and P threatens to downgrade U.S. debt. What is the possible effect locally?

9. Why full-day kindergarten? The State voted not to implement full-day kindergarten. Pre school function? Only $26/ month for $150,000 home and no child care costs?? I am in favor of issue 2.

10.How many existing day care and health clubs will go out of business if Issue 2 passes? Can you name these businesses?

11.Federal Government is broke; State Government is broke; County Government is broke; Local governments are broke; And Amherst School District wants to expand using a 37 year bond?

A comment:

In this economy, I say we should keep what we have and wait for the economy to improve before making this large of a move.

12. Is your family expanding and taking on more debt? My family is not.

13. Did Metro Parks look at the Soccer Academy as an alternative? It is the Amherst School District.

and another comment

In this economy with rising gasoline/energy costs and reduced discretionary income, the rec center will not benefit downtown Amherst.

TO BE CONTINUED??????????????

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Side Order of CHIPS- Salt with a dash of vinegar

Part One – Political Pie with a side order of CHIPS

For the past few years the organization CHIPS- The Coalition for Hispanic/Latino Issues and Progress has held forums introducing area candidates via tv and radio . They give the “opposing candidates” in any given race an opportunity to face off and answer pre determined questions.

Due to the crisis in my life the past three years I have not attended but I bit the bullet put on my emotional armour and attended last Wednesday’s forum at St. Josephs Community Center auditorium.

It was hot and I don’t mean the candidates – although the Mantini/ Higgenbotham slice of life was somewhat adversarial on Ms. Higginbotham’s side of the table 🙂
No, it was the auditorium that was hot and even the ceiling started to sweat. There were times I admit I expected a “can I have an AMEN!!! to that” as the penchant for bringing “HIM” into the forum was evident –

In the States, virtually every political speech seems to mention God, especially in the final call “God bless America”. In Britain, no politician mentions God and none would think of inviting Him to show a special preference for his or her nation state.

ah American politics!!!!! 🙂

Of course no one wanted to bring into the mix the dread T word ( taxes) not me read my lips and yet for all the NO Tax talk by politicians through the years we are still paying them HMMMMMMM how can that be ? 😉

BUT the audience for the most part did as requested and remained quietly respectful for the sake of the TV and radio broadcasts.

Although at least one audience member was using the time to gamble on-line ( I just don’t know why he was there actually !)

So to the questions – I am leaving my platform of don’t criticize what your aren’t prepared to change” just a little bit here.

The questions I felt should be tailored to the individual candidates race. For instance I realize the SB5 is a top priority at the moment for a great many and is grabbing news but it is “fluid” the LPA’s and the annoying (to me at least) the THEM and US statistics –

err as an aside to the “di- visionaries” we are all in this community together what effects one affects us all equally!) AND I am tired of the WHAT IF scenario I want theWHAT IS question dealt with!

For example in my -Ward 2- We have two people running Mr. Drwal
and Mr. Flores . Personally I would rather have the questions put them

” What is your major concern with the Ward and what solution do you see and how would you go about implementing the solution”

The Council at Large candidates– their wards comprise the whole of the city- Ward 2 or 6th is very much different from Ward 1/7 or 8 –

How would they deal with those issues that divide – Give an example of how you promote legislation that would benefit the city in total.

I don’t much care as to how they would deal with SB5 -others are dealing with that at a different level. I am sure none of the candidates for our Wards and in fact any of those attending “READ” the 400 pages of SB5.

We are lucky if some read their council packets SIGH
There were a couple of hiccups as least one senior moment in the Lorain Mayor’s table talk and in the Council at Large table talk only one of the candidates actually “answered the question as it was asked

All in all, in my opinion, there weren’t as many candidates on that stage as in previous years ( that could be due to “lack of opposition”) and the running of the event was a little less organized- but since I don’t care to get into the mix I will now shut up and thank CHIPS for the time and effort they put into these events.

You can view the Mayor of Lorain candidates table talk here and catch Channel 20 the LCS (TWC) channel for the evening’s events

BUT DID THEY???????????????????

Schools questions The first part of the CHIPS evening was given to issues and Issue 9 was front and center. If I could have asked a question this is what I would have asked:

Would the failure of Issue 9 be the absolute death knell for LCS or can they revisit in November and would that be the ultimate ringing of the school bell?

What exactly would the state do should they come into Lorain?

How do you answer those that are planning on using Issue 9 to “send a message” that what the current LCS Admin and BOE are doing is “not good enough” from a community standpoint, because it is the community that ultimately decides?

If the levy does not pass either in May or November how many mils will “actually be lost”. ( I have been informed that in actual fact the LCS would lose 3.5 mils that there is a bottom line of 20 that has to be adhered to Is that accurate ?

How , does a Board of Education and an Administration make plans for the long-term when apparently the current Superintendent Dr. Atkinson is looking to leave?

How does a BOE work efficiently keep having to deal with the changing of horses in midstream/ personal loyalties/dislikes and searches getting in the way of decision-making etc when there is apparently even a lack of information sharing among themselves?

As a LCS superintendent and the BOE are overseeing Lorain 2nd largest employer and a product of that is of the utmost importance to our future how are you going to deal with the downward spiral-

or are we “morphing and evolving into a new era of charter schools”

which will eventually become the way education goes in this city- will that be the death knell for LCS?????

If Irving is the poster child
then you better start worrying LCS !!!!

Charter group to buy Lorain’s Irving School for $240K

NOTE I just hope my pie and chips hasn’t left you with indigestion but a burning desire in the pit of your stomach to do your homework ! As always answers to questions and differing opinions will have space on this blog

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