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April 11, 2011 at 1:32 pm 1 comment

As the “cleaning in preparation of just in case I depart this world suddenly” continues – I find so much more of Chris’s work. Some is stored in what has now become a Chris Ritchey Library of Life Room ( aka his old bedroom) but once in a while I come across a sketch book or drawing , water-colour and I just can’t “box” them back up.

Ad by Chris Ritchey

Nikki’s house too, has displays of her brother’s photographs,sketches and his professional portfolio. Gavin loves the big portfolio case as he checks out the “truck” advertisements every day on his journey to his playroom.

Although the case is almost as big as he is, he lays it down, unzips the zipper goes through each page, points out his favourites, zips it back up, blows a kiss to the picture of his Uncle Chris and heads to the place where we fondly say “toyland threw up!”

The trouble is I am running out of space on these old walls to display his sketches, paintings etc. that is unless I take everything else that has any meaning to me off the walls . I could rotate the art work I suppose but haven’t managed to get to that particular place in my mind at the present.

My husband has been complaining for ever about the totally feminine decoration of our bedroom. I admit to flowery curtains , the four-poster bed with the fru – fru hangings, roses and flowers galore- well we know why the roses right?

So since everything needed a thorough cleaning from blinds to drapes etc. I decided to de feminize the room . Take down the fru – fru hangings and open up the back wall for another display of Chris’s work.

I chose a very expensive off beige paint. Since the walls have a sand based covering anyway I went with the granite with sparkly bits. Luckily I had just started on the back wall when I noticed that this wasn’t coming out quite right. Certainly not the bland beige I had chosen in fact it turned out to be a perfect match for my husband’s camouflage jacket.

The following picture does not do the wall justice as this looks like tiger stripes -BUT trust me on this -it was more camouflage and you can just make out the “beige bits” it was supposed to be in-between the charcoal grey!

Maybe it will dry differently..errrrrr NO! However, the husband (whom I believe secretly liked the wall) insisted that we were not going to pay another 53 dollars in paint to re-do the WALL.
by E Norton
So I added water to the paint- this made whatever was in the paint ( I believe charcoal instead of sand ) a deep bluey grey beige slatey colour- then I threw the granite glitter at the wall. You would be surprised how that can make you feel- “visions of Tinkerbell” came to mind but I was not very “fairy like” with my huffing and puffing”. Although I would prefer to paint over I now have a unique wall colour and thankfully Chris’s art work covers some of it up. I left the other walls the bland white – one wall was enough!!!!!!

Although it has toned down and is seriously on the masculine side, the art work also reflects the more masculine side of his talent with just a hint of roses 🙂 I believe though that “he who thinks he should be obeyed” would have loved a camouflage bedroom!

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  • 1. Mary  |  April 18, 2011 at 3:13 am

    I like it!

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