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Because THEY CAN!!! The Manipulators – Lorain

Free Speech by Chris D. Ritchey

As regular readers are aware for the past months I have been in somewhat of a self-imposed isolation. It isn’t because I am making a concerted effort to
“stay out of life as I knew it”- I am just not “me “ anymore.

Situations that would have me “rallying, promoting, writing and tilting at windmills” are very few – NOW – mainly I shrug!

But even in my self-imposed isolation from community , situations come to light. I won’t go into details here it isn’t my place . BUT the bottom line is that there are good people fighting for the truth , having it smothered in a spin, half-truths and in some cases outright deceit – ( I know all too well that feeling) and good people are being hurt and in some cases reputations tarnished.

Once tarnished they never shine as brightly .

“How do you get the truth out, how do you deal with those that lie, when being accused not to your face?”

These are just one or two questions that have arisen from at least four of the recent situations I know about in my isolation. They run the gambit from “professional capacity “- “volunteers”- “organizations” – and “educational.”

You see the people who are manipulating truth in all these situations are supposedly “trustworthy ” – members of the established community of Lorain – members of religious communities ( although different denominations), people who are leaders, those in financial institutions and some are well-respected in their respective walks of life, some were even classed as friends who for various reasons have bent , twisted and used untruths hurting others. Is it greed, vindictiveness social standing, pay backs, wanting perceived power over others, personal accolades – it depends on each situation.

All of the truth victims involved in these situations are people, who get on with their own lives, jobs and are the worlds “helpers”. They are innocents, not the cynic that I am– they believed in the people they thought they knew, worked with , joined with and now as manipulation and spinning of truths enter their world they are ill-equipped to deal with the resulting conflict.

You see they believed in truth and people doing the right thing- after all they share the same culture of community – or so they thought………

“it is just a matter of pointing out the error, the facts of the situation – letting the powers that be, the respective community know what happened or is happening- truth will out- truth will remedy the situation, “

BUT that wasn’t the case in any of the situations and as a consequence they have lost their innocence – they have found to their chagrin , there are very few that will stand behind you- who will tilt the windmills.

Most of our societal community just want the “unpleasant situation “ to go away – they don’t want to be reminded that those they share a pew with, a table, an organization, a meeting, an interest are capable of lies and manipulation because to acknowledge the resulting fallout they might have to react!

Sometimes the injured party doesn’t even know they are being injured- they are the last to know until blind sided by the “manipulators”- they reel with shock because they, in their innocence and truth, couldn’t even imagine how to manipulate events such as the manipulators have done .

I was reminded recently of how “society ” USED to hold accountable those that went beyond the pale – society no longer holds accountable. Why because most of society is now caught up in the game playing , greed, apathy and manipulation.

I found out months after the fact that Sue Lombardi and her offspring were telling people at the visitation and at their church :

Can you believe it, his own mother isn’t even here! She boycotted the funeral because it wasn’t done her way!”

“You cannot believe what we have had to put up with”


“Yes, she’s an UNNATURAL mother.”

I also found out the Lombardi’s good friend and businessman was sending out emails to his “list” about me – inferring that I disrupted my own son’s funeral in order to somehow justify their taking the remains of my son burying them without his family even being told – ( How anyone can justify those actions is beyond me)
This was the most despicable act of betrayal at a time of such pain and anguish as to be untenable but they felt no such pain in the passing of my child – their calculating coldness proved that. Lies were being told to justify the actions of callousness and greed and since I was unaware of the extent of this manipulation I could not fight those lies at the time.

BUT I will continue to write the truth of my family’s situation . You see my truth has documentation, letters, emails, witness statements and those will be exposed to the clean air of truth on this blog as my ” in search of my son “ journey ends.

Now I am not an innocent , I am a cynic, one of the reasons I kept all documentation – I will fight the lies in my case the only way I know how –

I will have my justice and I will expose the underbelly of those that compounded the ultimate grief to a world-wide societynot that I expect society to do anything but my truth will be there – documentation and all– my principles that I live and will die by are intact.

But I cannot answer the questions put to me recently by good people

“what can we do?”

Lawyers???? in some instances those are in play but lawyers don’t advocate they compromise and settle– they do not tilt at windmills.

News media – most media are not going to do an investigation – you might get a five-minute wonder headline but then again depends on who is in fact printing the truth 😉

Just a few days ago two accounts of the recent firing of Lorain Community Development Director Tracy Udrija (emphasis mine)

Chronicle Telegram

Gilchrist was angry that she allowed her secretary to backdate a memo requesting vacation time. Udrija said Gilchrist also may have been unhappy that she agreed to meet with Democratic mayoral candidate Chase Ritenauer, who defeated Krasienko in the May 3 primary and Republican mayoral hopeful Timothy Baxter after they requested meetings

NOTE: CT states “they “ Baxter and Ritenauer requested the meetings

but in the Morning Journal a different truth once again emphasis mine
Morning Journal

Yesterday, both candidates said Vecchio-Udrija had contacted them to meet this week and discuss her department and its programs.

So what is society to believe ? I checked and I know which article is correct but how many check????????? did any of you notice??????Maybe you didn’t care but behind this very simple “who is telling the truth” could be the foundation for a lawsuit that could cost the citizens of Lorain mega bucks but will surely line the pockets of yet more lawyers 😦

There isn’t much you can do if society doesn’t react then your truths are lost spun out of existence to all but a few – I don’t believe in Karma – I believe scum rises to the top of the pond though and blots out the light of truth turning the waters murky And to the question WHY?

the answer from this cynic is

“because THEY CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the next time you – society – the ones that are aware – as you attend your church service- shake hands at the “peace be with you ” or at a meeting – or a function- congratulate the “winners” remember as you clasp that hand you “society” are enabling what ails society .

Note this blog is open ( as they the victims of what ails Lorain are already aware) to them should they ever wish to tell their truths. ( documentation and all 😉

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The Memory of Memorial- Eric Barnes- The Valiant

Eric Barnes design by Chris Ritchey

I never had the honor of meeting Eric Barnes and neither did my son but we will always have a connection this young man and I .

When Eric Barnes was killed giving his young life , strength and love for his country, freedom and flag. Century Tel ( now Link) wished to pay homage and tribute to this young man of Lorain .

They did and in Settlers’ Watch an eagle soars once more reminding us of not only the bravery of Eric but of all the young men that gave their very essence so a flag can fly, a child can laugh and a true word spoken without fear.

Eric Barnes ( design ) Christopher D. Ritchey

The very last design work my own son did was to commemorate the bravery of Airman First Class Eric Barnes. A few weeks after completing the design work for Eric’s tribute , Chris died, not laying his life down for his country BUT from the obscenity of cancer .

Who I Am by Chris Ritchey

Chris was extremely proud to do this for Eric and the Barnes family , he loved freedom and was as patriotic as they come. And the truth be known I find a sort of comfort knowing that Chris’ last work was honoring the bravery and selflessness of this young man who like so many others gave and are giving everything for their home. It is fitting I think that one who so admired America and her heroes was able to speak to those ideals in his final work.

Please remember as you enjoy your hot dogs, hamburgers ,apple pies, parades and get togethers those who fought and continue to fight for our freedoms, those that like Eric called Lorain their home as well as all who have given their all no matter their hometown- They are the Valiant …………..
Design by Chris Ritchey

The upcoming three-day weekend has prompted searches on Yahoo! for “when is memorial day,” “what is memorial day,” and “memorial day history.” The day was originally known as “Decoration Day” because the day was dedicated to the Civil War dead, when mourners would decorate gravesites as a remembrance.

The holiday was first widely observed on May 30, 1868, when 5,000 people helped decorate the gravesites of 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried at Arlington National Cemetery. (Some parts of the South still remember members of the Confederate Army with Confederate Memorial Day.)

After World War I, the observances were widened to honor the fallen from all American wars–and in 1971, Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday.

Towns across the country now honor military personnel with services, parades, and fireworks. A national moment of remembrance takes place at 3 p.m. At Arlington National Cemetery, headstones are graced with small American flags.

This day is not to be confused with Veterans Day, which is observed on November 11 to honor military veterans, both alive and dead.


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Tears – I Hear Each Tear- hear(t)ears -Chris Ritchey

A woodland glade greens with the spring rains, no one ventures close, the path is heavily pregnant from the coupling of the already sodden earth and watery sky , the path to the clearing will need days of sunshine to birth the way – this is a special place- a place of great love- one that is secret to only those that know – a place where love does not forget nor is forgotten.

And yet, through the veil of watery mists can be seen, as eyes, through their own veil of tears, seach the woodland landscape -a spark-

a glimmer of gold, a splash of sunshine, a shock of red, a greeting of purple reaches through the grey dampness as if some lone rainbow comes to kiss the earth.

I don’t have to walk the woodland path where deer graze in the evening, wild turkeys flock, squirrels play noisly to the mournful song of the Morning Dove as birds are building nests for new life, to know what is the cause of my rainbow.

A promise kept and renewed with each spring – and love that continues vibrant , strong and on the other side of grief.

A small tree fights for its place in the woodland reaching to the canopy of green above and beneath its own branches- a small plaque – given by another mother marks the spot where love is focused

“Missed beyond all grief- loved beyond all tears”

I am not alone in the shedding of my tears, there are others of this sisterhood. One is my friend Jayne, who lost her daughter. Jayne wrote on her face book page the following:

I Hear Each Tear
My mom doesn’t know I’m watching her, but I’m watching her just the same. And I hear each tear fall on her face at the mention of my name.

She says it sounds like music to her ears and can be heard over a crowd. Oh, I hear each tear fall on her face,when my name is said aloud.

I watch her stumble through each day as she wishes the day would end. And I hear each tear fall on her face as she talks of me with her friends

But there are few who truly understand Oh this I’ve heard her proclam, and I hear each tear fall on her face will my mom ever be the same?

I know that her smile can light up a sky , but I don’t see her smile today . Oh, but I hear each tear fall on her face, her blue skies have turned gray.

Oh I send to her my warmest hug with the rays of the morning sun, then I won’t hear a tear fall on her face, for I shall erase them one by one.

Yes, my mom doesn’t know I’m watching her, but I’m watching her just the same and if I hear a tear fall on her face I’ll just softly mention her name.
By: Jayne Bartish-Kacik

Photo appears with permission of Virginia Mak

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Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King – Remembering YOU

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Admiral King visiting his birth home

“Oh! he was born somewhere over there”– this man of history , this man of “war” , this man of Lorain , Ernest J King- was the usual reply when asking where his birthplace was located in this old neighborhood.

Through the years there have been many articles written about his birthplace, his home on Hamilton St. ( Ave) , but like most of Lorain’s history for decades, the homes, people, places and buildings were left forgotten, tucked away in memories of some, word of mouth and archived ( thankfully) by the Black River Historical Society , Lorain Public Library and recently through bloggers like Dan Brady.

Dan sent me this PDF file
of an article in the Plain Dealer (King died June 25th 1956) and on June 26th 1956 ( 55 years ago)

Mayor John C Jaworski said today “the city should purchase the property [113 Hamilton Ave] and set up a memorial to Admiral King. The plan was discussed some years ago but nothing ever came of it.

( Jaworski was going to call a meeting to rectify that)

A few years later – September 21st 1966 Lorain Journal the “editors” posed the question:

A Plan Worthy of Admiral King


That was the question of one listener during a group discussion of a recent suggestion that the house in which Admiral King was born in Lorain should be moved to Elyria and there enshrined. That idea was broached by Mayor Leonard Reichlin of Elyria.

Councilman Alex Olejko of Lorain added to the frivolity by stating that Lorain would be happy to turn that old house, and others, over to Elyria, including the Lorain City Hall building, which is itself an ancient residence.

It’s all in the spirit of good clean fun. But there is a serious note which is brought to the surface when a citizen innocently asks: “Who was Admiral King?”

Not enough has been done to preserve and to honor the name of this great naval leader who stood shoulder to shoulder with General Eisenhower in mapping and executing the military design of World War II. A local high school bears his name, it is true. But the recognition should be more widespread.

For the whole article see Dan’s Blog post

Lorain did name a high school after the late Admiral -one that has now had its name changed to Lorain High- as school buildings are chopped, changed and renamed. Lorain City Schools will be naming the new elementary school on the site of the old Lorain High Admiral Ernest J. King Elementary later this year.

Source :
The destroyer named after Admiral King in 1958 was decommissioned in 1994 and sold for scrap.

And although in March 2006 there were 15 unnamed ships and a letter writing campaign to “pepper the Navy office to name one of those ships” ( USS King Association)

” We plan to rally and do everything we can to help get another ship named after our Admiral King ” Lorain spokesperson Dear Schnurr said
“our English classes will be writing letters of support … members of our Junior ROTC program will be collecting petitions……..”

It looks like good intentions all around BUT…… it looked like nothing ever came to fruition. However, as humble as the tribute planned by CVSI and BRHS is in the great scheme of memorial , I am pleased to say PHASE ONE OF THE ADMIRAL KING PROJECT IS UP AND MOVING FORWARD

(AK Tribute drawings Gary Fischer Arkinetics)

The over view is landscaped as an anchor. The flag pole has been recycled thanks to Black River Historical Society and Frank Sipkovsky from the old American Ship yard ( where so many WW 2 ships were launched including the USS Lorain) – flags are being sought and a solar lighting kit purchased.

The hook of the landscaped anchor will be a large earthen mound ( landscaped with silver plantings at the center of which will be one of the anchors (on permanent loan ) Lorain City Schools from the previously named Admiral King High School.
Photo Lisa Miller

The bricks that will be surrounding the flag pole are also recycled from the old Lorain High ( now demolished) and from whence Ernest King graduated.

The historical marker, also recycled and courtesy of BRHS will be located next to a recycled bench. The tribute is directly across from the home where the Admiral was born and from the green space a beautiful view of Lorain’s lighthouse and the harbor entrance.

The project planned on my living room floor by phone , emails, one or two meetings and a great deal of co-operation between entities such as the City of Lorain , the utilities dept, the street dept, the Black River Historical Society and Lorain City Schools and those readers of the Morning Journal who have donated not only monies but information and labor in 6 short weeks we are “underway”
Photo Mark Teleha

Lorain’s maritime history is very important on more than one occasion she has been saved by her port. The Admiral King Tribute green space ( to be named later) is diagonally opposite Settlers’ Watch where tributes to Lorain’s maritime history and to another Lorain warrior ( Eric Barnes) stands testament to her sons and her history.

The tribute has apparently taken 70 years – should you wish to donate to the project Please make the check out to ‘Charleston Vllage Society’ 1127, West 4th Street, Lorain, Ohio 44052 and mark AK Tribute on the memo portion. Thank you.

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Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King- Lake Erie’s son

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

1901 Academy photo Black River Historical Society

Fleet Admiral King apparently had as many moods as Lake Erie. Was he defined from his early years by the lake the sound of her waves lulling him to sleep as a wee child in that little house on Hamilton St. ( Ave)? There were times apparently his demeanor could well match the fiercest November storms or the calm and warmth of a July evening.
Houghton Mifflin Companion to US History:
King, Ernest

Most naval historians agree that King was the greatest naval commander of the twentieth century. His powers of reason were first-rate, and his professionalism and understanding of the complexities of modern warfare were without parallel. Although he was too unrestrained a personality to succeed as a military diplomat, he was intelligent, dynamic, and merciless, widely respected for exacting outstanding results from his ships and his men. He was also feared and hated, but his grasp of strategy and his ability to impose his will on the enemy were major factors in the defeat of the Axis navies in World War II.

It has been said of one of his not so brilliant decisions , giving the Germans a 2nd “happy time”Operation Drumbeat it was due to his “anglophobia”.

by Guðmundur Helgason

War against America

With the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbour on Dec 7, 1941 Hitler was bound by a promise to Japan to also declare war on the US. He did so promptly on Dec 11 and after that all restrictions on German U-boats (which had been attacked and hunted by US convoy escorts in the North Atlantic for the last 5-6 months of 1941 anyway without permission to attack the US escorts) not to attack American shipping were removed. This opened up a whole new field for Dönitz which immediately drew up plans for a devastatingly swift blow on the US eastern seaboard……..

Convoy system startedIn middle of May the US finally started running convoys on the east coast, over 4 months too late. They proved to be effective right from the start like the British had known for more than 2 years at that time and had told the US Navy command again and again.

On 19 July Dönitz withdrew the last two boats operating of Cape Hatteras, U-754 and U-458, and 8 days later he shifted the effort back into the North Atlantic where it had all began and would eventually end.

The statisticsDuring the first 6 months of the German U-boat offensive out of the US east coast some 397 ships totalling over 2 million tons were sunk, costing roughly 5000 lives. In the process only 7 U-boats (U-85, U-352, U-157, U-158, U-701, U-153 and U-576) were lost. There were only survivors from U-352 (33) and U-701 (7), the rest went down with all hands. 302 Germans were lost on these 7 boats

I have spent the last few days going through comments and articles from naval historians , from the German (Axis) and the allies perspectives.

My conclusion being there were other “logical” reasonings for King’s decisions during that time – mitigating circumstances and as one pundit put it –

” would King’s anglophobia override his love of country – would he have put American lives at risk just because he didn’t like the British?”

And I haven’t been able to find one anglophobic quote ( not saying they aren’t any I just haven’t been able to find them on the net) therefore I believe there was much more involved in King’s decision-making during this time than “anglophobia”.

Navy leaders, especially Admiral King, were unwilling to risk troop shipping to provide escorts for coastal merchant shipping. Unscheduled, emergency deployments of Army units also created disruptions to navy plans, as did other occasional unexpected tasks. Contrary to the traditional historiography, neither Admiral King’s unproven yet widely alleged Anglophobia, an equally undocumented navy reluctance to accept British advice, nor a preference for another strategy caused the delay in the inauguration of coastal escort-of-convoy operations. The delay was due to a shortage of escorts, and that resulted from understandably conflicting priorities, a state of affairs that dictated all Allied strategy until 1944.”Source: Timothy J. Ryan and Jan M. Copes To Die Gallantly – The Battle of the Atlantic, 1994 Westview Press, Chapter 7.

I wondered why he would have such a supposed hatred for the British after all his ancestry on both sides was “British”.

Granted his stint with the Royal Navy during World War 1 may have tweeked his penchant for “not suffering fools and drunkards” understandable with some of the stuffed shirts of my countrymen of the day 🙂

During World War I he served on the staff of Vice Admiral Henry T. Mayo, the Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet. As such, he was a frequent visitor to the Royal Navy and occasionally saw action as an observer on board British ships. It appears that his Anglophobia developed during this period,] although the reasons are unclear. He was awarded the Navy Cross “for distinguished service in the line of his profession as assistant chief of staff of the Atlantic Fleet”.

but I can’t see this man basing military strategy upon his dislike for the British.
Plymouth Dockyard mid 1800’s

Ernest King’s parents met and married in Ohio but they were not long from the British Isles. King’s paternal grandparents – Mr. and Mrs. William King left Londonderry , Ireland to live in Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire Scotland where his father James Clydesdale King was born.

James King married Elizabeth Keam she was the daughter of Mary Ann and Joseph Hicks Keam who came from Devonshire England and St Austell’s Cornwall where King’s grandfather was a top sawyer in the Royal Navy Dockyard, Plymouth England. They came to the United States in 1870 as the advent of steam had literally done away with Keam’s job in the shipyards. Source Fleet Admiral King ( A naval Record) by Fleet Admiral Ernest J King.
Launching from American Ship of the USS Lorain in attendance at the launch party of the USS Lorain March 1944 remembered the Admiral as :friendly and witty and proved to have considerable skill as raconteur” ( The Lorain Journal May 8th 1945)

This “1st son” of Lorain and 1st generation American I believe was too logical, intelligent and complex to put a dislike for the British ( his own ancestry) ahead of his duty to the United States of America.

It has taken decades to recognize King’s birthplace – that little cottage on Lake Erie- but this “Brit” and many others are working on it – he may or may not have liked the Brits but this is one Brit who has come to like him for the character he was, this man who walked the same streets and looked out to the same lake as I.

To be continued……………….

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Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King- Salty Sea Dog

Part One Two

I could write down all the accolades earned by Lorain’s native son his accomplishments, which were many ,

Naval Aviator Wings

Navy Distinguished Service Medal (w/two gold stars)

Navy Cross
Spanish Campaign Medal

Sampson Medal

Mexican Service Medal

World War I Victory Medal (w/Atlantic Fleet campaign clasp)

American Defense Service Medal (w/Atlantic Device)

American Campaign Medal

World War II Victory Medal
National Defense Service Medal

Grand Cross of the National Order of the Légion d’honneur (France) 1945

Croix de guerre (France) 1944

Commander of the Order of Vasco Nunez de Balboa (Panama) 1929

Officer of the Order of the Crown of Italy 1933

Knight of the Grand Cross of the Military Order of Italy 1948

Order of Merit, Grand Official (Brazil) 1943

Naval Order of Merit (Cuba) 1943

Estrella Abdon Calderon (Ecuador) 1943

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (United Kingdom) 1945

Order of the Sacred Tripod (China) 1945

Grand Cross of the Order of George I (Greece) 1946

Grand Officer of the Order of the Crown (1948)

Croix de Guerre (Belgium) (1948)

Order of Orange-Nassau (Netherlands) 1949

others certainly have done a better job of that than I could. As I read his story I started to “like” the man.

Ernest J King was also a Mason

the story of Ernest King at the time of his entry into the Masonic Fraternity in George C. Whiting Lodge No. 22 in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. June 25,1935 while he was Chief of the Navy’s Bureau of Aeronautics. He received the Fellowcraft Degree in July of that year and was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on September 12.1935.

“There was kindness, as well as directness and simplicity. in his answer to a Brooklyn eighth-grader who in January, 1943 wrote to ask if he drank or smoked, and what his favorite movie star, hobby, and sport might be.

“Dear Harriett:

I have your letter of January 6th and am interested to learn that you have to do my biography as part of your English work.

As to your questions:

I drink a little wine, NOW and then.

I smoke about one pack of cigarettes a day.

I think I like Spencer Tracy as well as any of the movie stars.

My hobbyist cross-word puzzles–when they are difficult.

My favorite sport is golf–when I can get to play it otherwise I am fond of walking.

Hoping that all will go well with your English work. I am.

Very Truly yours.

E.J. King Admiral, U. S. Navy.”

This man was not perfect, he was irascible , had a temper , liked a drink or two was an admirer of the ladies, upset even General Eisenhower

King was “the antithesis of cooperation, a deliberately rude person … a mental bully,” Eisenhower noted in his diary. “One thing that might help win this war is to get someone to shoot King.” swore like —well—- a sailor!

King developed a reputation for being abrasive and argumentative. As a member of the Joint Chief of Staffs he often clashed with General George Marshall. King opposed plans to land the US Army in North Africa. He thought the most important area of concern was the Pacific War. What is more, he thought that the US Navy should play the decisive role in this as long as it was given adequate resources.

King, General Douglas MacArthur the Supreme Commander of the Southwest Pacific Area, and Chester Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the US Pacific Fleet, decided that their first objective should be to establish and protect a line of communications across the South Pacific to Australia. This resulted in the battles of Coral Sea and Midway, where the Japanese Navy lost all four of her carriers.

King insisted on launching the Guadalcana campaign although General Douglas MacArthur claimed that the US Army was not ready yet for a major offensive. MacArthur also disagreed with invasion of the Soloman Islands. There was also conflict over King’s view that American forces should bypass the Philippines.

King also opposed Russian involvement in the Pacific War. He also objected to the idea that the Royal Navy should be moved to Pacific after gaining control of the Atlantic. In December 1944, King, along with William Leahy and Chester Nimitz, was given the five-star rank of Fleet Admiral.

Source :
And a sailor he was – we must remember the early part of the 20th century was a different time – men spoke their minds ( women not so much) – it was OK to have an opinion and Ernest J King certainly had those.

” a tongue-in-cheek remark about King, made by one of his daughters, carried about by Naval personnel at the time that “he is the most even-tempered person in the United States Navy. He is always in a rage.” Roosevelt once described King as a man who “shaves every morning with a blow torch”.

It is commonly reported that when King was called to be Com in CH he remarked,”When they get in trouble they send for the sons-of-bitches”. However, when he was later asked if he had said this King replied that “he had not but would have if he had thought of it”.

If a ship has been sunk, I can’t bring it up. If it is going to be sunk, I can’t stop it. I can use my time much better working on tomorrow’s problem than by fretting about yesterday’s. Besides, if I let those things get me, I wouldn’t last long.”


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Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King- Lorain- Ohio

Part One
Over the years, as I lived my life in my adopted home of Lorain Ohio, I have seen the honoring of a home town hero. He is rightfully adored and admired by older Lorainites. but sadly what , I wonder, do the younger generation know of this man?

You can find so much information on him through Black River Historical Society , Articles and books through the Lorain Public Library and dozens of articles all over the web.

Recently the high school named in his honor, Lorain Admiral King has become Lorain High School – the old Lorain High demolished and in its place a new elementary school named Admiral Ernest J King . Yes! I know confusing isn’t it? However the bottom line is once again Lorain honors one of her favourite sons.

According to Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King’s biography:

“He was born was born November 23rd 1878 only a hundred yards from the shore of Lake Erie, in a small cottage that is still standing on the east side of Hamilton Street ( Ave) No. 113} Lorain Ohio. (Fleet Admiral King – A Naval Record by Ernest J King.”

Over the years groups and individuals have drawn attention to the little cottage now over 135 years old , including Lorain County Blogger Daniel Brady

Admiral King visiting his birthplace 113 Hamilton Avenue

This unimposing little clapboard house still sits on Hamilton Avenue. For many years people have stated that maybe his birthplace should be recognized and maybe someone should remember a little clapboard house where Admiral King first saw the light of day , his new-born cries echoed by the gulls that ride the inland sea breezes – a man from humble beginnings who garnered many accolades in his career in the United States Navy.
The young child who played overlooking the great Lake Erie -did he hear in the voices of the crashing waves a call to sea?

What do we know of this man ? As I scanned the many articles in print and on the web I realized this man was first and foremost a sailor and all that it means to be a sailor before the time of political correctness took away individuality and a sailor’s swagger and salt……..

To be continued

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Lorain Dude- Spring is Sprung and with it PRIDE!

ED NOTE: I will be unavailable for a few days- see you next week- but you can leave messages – Loraine

I wonder where the sunshine is?

Enough with the rain already- I had to wear my wellies ( rain boots to the non-English) when I went on the Easter Egg Hunt at Lakeview Park . There were hundreds of kids and thousand and thousands of eggs

It was all over in a couple of minutes – all the eggs were picked up and the shells recycled – It was great fun and the breakfast at the Rose Cafe was really good and Easter bunny was there . In fact it was so good we all went back the next day for brunch at the Rose cafe .

I even got to find out what puts the smile on a crocodile or perhaps it was an alligator!

Yup! it has been a busy wet spring so far- hope those croc -a -gators don’t live around here !

I am thinking maybe we could have a trash hunt in Lorain with everyone picking some up we would have a nice clean place to live.

Oh wait!!! I remember now , they do have a trash hunt only the grown -ups call it Pride Day– That’s right I was part of that last year.

Nag Nog tells me we need people to get busy this year – Settlers’ Watch could definitely use some help with the weeds and putting down a lot of mulch .

The day is May 21st- Saturday at 9:00 am. we need it all spruced up for the Black River Historical Society’s Trolley tour as part of their celebrations.

Activities start at 1pm until 6pm and include FREE tours of the Moore House Museum. Trolley Tours will be $1 last tour at 5pm. Scavenger Hunt of area landmarks. Popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream ; soft drinks available for purchase. “Through the Years” power point presentation.

I am ready with my wheelbarrow

I am ready to dig out those weeds!

I am ready to mulch and water!


Put your tools in your vehicle and join me May 21st in the hunt

Ed note: If you would like to participate on Pride Day for Settlers’ Watch please contact Loraine (440- 246-6046) or

For elsewhere in and around the city please contact Dean Arroyro ( 440-244-4294) or

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Fudge- Sludge- and Cloudy Water

ED NOTE : It was TWO years ago this old neighborhood was given the pleasure of new technology ( yes I am being sarcastic) of the “sludge sausages”. – We were told they were temporary .

You will see the post I wrote back in May 2009 below. It seems that those “sausages of sludge” and their final removal from 1st and Oberlin – 18 months later has caused more turbidity and not just in the water.

Everything thing we do has a ripple effect – I cannot address the who did what , who said what on this blog at the moment.

BUT I will say these “sludge sausages” were a surprise to residents two years ago – no one was told of this added attraction in our village-

Would this have happened in a more affluent neighborhood we asked without residents and businesses being informed.

We fought for over 18 months to have this temporary fix fixed. I thought it may be an appropriate time to re post the concerns of the residents back then. In the equation of the City of Lorain – The Utilities Dept there is also another “the residents”.


BY Loraine Ritchey

geotube_industrial SOURCE

Firstly my apologies for the twist on an excellent product “Dunlopillo”

For those not familiar with the Charleston Village neighborhood of Portside – we have suffered various set backs since the 1975 “study and plan” that stated this neighborhood should be embraced and preserved- the fact that it was at that time nearly 100% owner occupied.

We have struggled, helped preserve Lorain’s oldest green space – fought blight designation- preserved and are preserving Charleston Pioneer Cemetery

tried to make the best of things, tried to keep Lorain’s oldest neighborhood alive- even when the odds and economic climate turned against us and no one was listening to our pleas
Charleston Village Annual Report and links to previous annual reports found here

2nd street as most are by now aware lost 19 trees to clear cutting policy by the energy companies after the big blackout.


Phase One of an alternative to “detraction” is now being completed.

Barnes Trib

It has taken so long due to storage and sewer works in the area. Once again the neighbors were patient, even though one of the neighbors literally encased the front of their house in sheets of plastic to stop the dust from the piles of gravel etc which blew constantly at his home.

We took another step forward this past week with the 2nd street carving site. The traffic that goes by that corner was very surprising. Not as surprising though as the
Giant bags filter silt: New geotube system may save Lorain money by Alan Ingram

The city has been using geotubes along West First Street for about two weeks as it cleans out one of the two major water treatment basins, he said. Two of the bags they’re using measure 75 feet by 20 feet, and one measures 100 feet by 20 feet.

As the water is going through them, city workers need to occasionally beat on the bags to knock the solid material out of the drainage holes, Hoholski said.

They are no longer pumping water into the bags but they are being allowed to sit so the remaining water drains. The process is a trial, Hoholski said, but added that if it proves viable, it may be used more in the future.

As I have said we have put up with a lot in this old neighborhood, and we deserve some smiles, and I surely got them watching the antics of grown men and women walking up and down for hours , beating the bags and doing the dance of the “bagging bounce”. I must say not the modern technology I have come to expect in the 21st century .Hopefully these giant “sausages of sludge” will be removed soon. There is a definite odor at times as noticed by those on 2nd street as we worked on the “tribute and carving” – the “sausage of sludge” aren’t attractive, unless you are a “tween ager” with a lot of time on your hands ( I have grave misgivings that these aren’t going to be “un” attractive to them) and the residents have already put up with a lot from the utility companies.

So I am really glad this is supposedly saving us some money , giving us some amusement BUT if the “sausages of sludge” are going to be more than a temporary fixture – they need to be moved away from that corner and the residences.


I realize that the City has had to come up with an alternative solution BUT please realize that this is still a residential neighborhood, there is an odor and these are eyesores and magnets for the “tween agers” I have had complaints from residents and therefore I would like to draw your attention to the following on my blog today – please follow the links embedded you will see this neighborhood has put up with a great deal in the past 4 years alone and we have tried to make the best of bad situations however we keep getting more thrown at us . I would like your assurance this is temporary and a time line for their removal please Thank you Loraine

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Blooms at the Watch- Mark Teleha

Photo by Mark Teleha

Please check out Mark’s photos of Settlers’ Watch taken this week – and a gently reminder of “work to come” Pride Day is looming so to keep on blooming!

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