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Boxes- little boxes- outside the box!

Self portrait- Boxed In- by Chris Ritchey


Life really is all about boxes. On this blog and in the newspapers there was much discussion about a box nothing truly significant OR IS IT ? A box that contained a few artifacts, scraps of life and happenstance – a time capsule – but its contents made people think and remember.

A box that made people remember!

My life is no different I am boxed in with my own time capsule of boxes. As Mother’s Day approaches once more I am reminded of life’s boxes and the opening of the people of my own personal Pandora’s Box”

CHECK THE BOXnext of kin
Angela ritchey DO

Angela ( Lombardi) ritchey – by Chris Ritchey

THE LAST BOXChristopher David Ritchey – deceased and interred in their box, buried and locked into a place of deceit. A place not of his or our faith or beliefs of heritage and a continuing insult to Chris and his family.

A place that has become a shrine to tacky, (my son was many things but he detested tacky tat and now he has become the anchor of tat and tacky) – balloons, cake, beer , garden whirly gigs and chocolate eggs festoon my son’s earthly remains as they play their cemetery games .


Sue Lombardi ( the mother in law) – the cash from fundraiser– not deposited into the Friends of Chris Ritchey account( First Federal) – her own statement November 2009- waiting room – Cleveland Clinic- when asked for a list of those that donated so I could send thank you

Sue Lombardi –
“We don’t want people to know the full amount – we aren’t publicizing that. I have opened a safe deposit box for the cash – Angela has access”

A box holding the treasured memories of a little boy Watership Down, Cedar Point passes, photos, trinkets, a driving license with organ donor noted -a little boy’s most important stuff and now holds his mother’s heart.

cardboard boxes sent with a dead brother’s, son’s ,nephew and grandson’s clothes and containing the narcissistic and cruel musings of Angela to his grieving family months after his death as she “moved apartments ” to a more luxurious facility .

AND a plain white cardboard box holding cards ,hundreds of them, waiting to be signed and sent to those that gave time, baskets and money to help my son on the October day 2009.

I don’t know who all of you are– I only have the paperwork that my daughter has , from the tickets and baskets that came through her, I only have a partial listing from the Lombardi family see ( safe deposit)
So for over a year I have sat with the plain white cardboard box that hold my thanks and appreciation reminding me daily that I have not acknowledged and probably will never be able to acknowledge the generosity of those that cared.

Every once in a while I find out that this person sent a basket or that person had donated, stopped by at the fundraiser to drop off cash- for one thing I cannot believe the wonderful generosity of people .

And I am so sorry that your donations went to pay for a funeral that kept Chris’s family from him and has caused so much pain to all of us , new furniture and the expenses as “bride ” moves on.

Had I had more say in the distribution of funds rather than designer headstones, gratuitous ceremonies I would have asked those that donated if they wanted something other than death being the recipient of their donations.

You see this “fundraiser that I and my son “reluctantly agreed to”wasn’t about medical expenses and funeral expenses those were covered – NO THE FUNDRAISER WAS ABOUT “traveling for hope” .

I would

Now we find ourselves once more on a journey – to Houston – Texas- MD Anderson- where we were fortunate enough to be given just a glimmer of hope with a “trial treatment” of SGN 35 –………. ….having to stay in Houston for weeks and also flying back and forth is adding to the ripple effects of ever-growing expenses
Had I had any input then those funds no longer needed for Chris’s hope would have been used to give hope to others or returned.

As I look every morning at the box holding the thank you’s, I remember how gracious and caring most people are and the helpless feeling of not being able to express my gratitude to those whom I am unaware made donations.

Chris’s family has, as you know, opened scholarships in his name to give back it is our way of saying thank you –

I wish we could put back into the community the over 36,000 dollars raised after expenses (Note: this was the last accounting I had a figure told to me by my son).

However the Lombardi’ clan had the final say- and I have no recourse as they were totally involved with the accounting .

Thank you though to everyone! I will try to bear your generosity in mind as we remember our son Chris through the years with these scholarships.

Please consider them our thank you to all of you!!!!

Lorain County Community College

Cleveland Institute of Art.

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