The Gift of Mother’s Day

May 6, 2011 at 12:28 pm 2 comments

The first Mother’s day gift you receive is that of your first child-

You hold that tiny bundle of exquisite love, reach for a tiny hand that reaches back – fingers interlocking -a love that wraps around you and envelopes both mother and child in an ecstasy like no other on earth.

You take the child to your breast and to your heart . It is a mother’s instinct to give nurture and to comfort your “gift” so they can hear the sound of your heartbeat. A sound of a beating heart that had been their first introduction to the sounds of life – the sound of their mother’s heart as they grew within her body.

You are given the gift of becoming a “mother” and hearts are literally entwined forever.

I was given two such gifts– my life was happy and my daughter and son completed that happiness everyday through each milestone of their lives, the first smile, the first rollover, sitting up , a first tooth , walking , their first boo boo, talking ,

the first time of a babysitter, nursery school, big school, first bike, first report card, first friends, first overnight, first games, first disappointments, first kiss, first car first loves.

I lost one of my gifts, cruelly taken – the gift of being the “mother of a son”

I am incomplete I can no longer see my son’s smile ,wipe his tears, draw upon his strength, I cannot reach to touch his face or hold him close. The mother who could hold her son is no longer.

It was my daughter who first gave me the gift of “mother’– we shared our firsts and her brother’s firsts and I was there when she shared with me her own gift of becoming a mother of a son.

As I rubbed her back and held her hand as her gift of exquisite love entered the world, I was thinking too of my own son locked in a hospital room having a stem cell transplant so he could continue to share a life with us – the phone the only link across the miles that separated them that night as “life” was being fought for in both those hospital rooms.

My first gift , my daughter and I have shared so much but the loss of Chris robbed us of complete happiness. The loss of my son and her brother, she is the closest thing on this planet to my son. They shared everything DNA and matching stem cells and they shared a great love for each other, a love that continues.

It is the gift of my daughter , her love and strength and depth of feeling that has kept me from dissolving completely away.

She is truly the best gift any mother could wish for. She reaches out past her own pain to try to lessen ours and she does so every day – She is the gift of love on this mother’s day and every day – her heart beats for those she loves and her brother and she gives the gift of my son to her son in all she does.

She was the gift of total love the day she gave me the gift of “Mother” and continues to be the gift of love.


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