Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King- Lorain- Ohio

May 17, 2011 at 12:38 am 4 comments

Part One
Over the years, as I lived my life in my adopted home of Lorain Ohio, I have seen the honoring of a home town hero. He is rightfully adored and admired by older Lorainites. but sadly what , I wonder, do the younger generation know of this man?

You can find so much information on him through Black River Historical Society ,
http://www.loraincityhistory.org/lizzie/people/admking/adm_king_1.htm Articles and books through the Lorain Public Library and dozens of articles all over the web.

Recently the high school named in his honor, Lorain Admiral King has become Lorain High School – the old Lorain High demolished and in its place a new elementary school named Admiral Ernest J King . Yes! I know confusing isn’t it? However the bottom line is once again Lorain honors one of her favourite sons.

According to Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King’s biography:

“He was born was born November 23rd 1878 only a hundred yards from the shore of Lake Erie, in a small cottage that is still standing on the east side of Hamilton Street ( Ave) No. 113} Lorain Ohio. (Fleet Admiral King – A Naval Record by Ernest J King.”

Over the years groups and individuals have drawn attention to the little cottage now over 135 years old , including Lorain County Blogger Daniel Bradyhttp://danielebrady.blogspot.com/2010/03/admiral-kings-birthplace.html

Admiral King visiting his birthplace 113 Hamilton Avenue

This unimposing little clapboard house still sits on Hamilton Avenue. For many years people have stated that maybe his birthplace should be recognized and maybe someone should remember a little clapboard house where Admiral King first saw the light of day , his new-born cries echoed by the gulls that ride the inland sea breezes – a man from humble beginnings who garnered many accolades in his career in the United States Navy.
The young child who played overlooking the great Lake Erie -did he hear in the voices of the crashing waves a call to sea?

What do we know of this man ? As I scanned the many articles in print and on the web I realized this man was first and foremost a sailor and all that it means to be a sailor before the time of political correctness took away individuality and a sailor’s swagger and salt……..

To be continued


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Lorain Dude- Spring is Sprung and with it PRIDE! Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King- Salty Sea Dog

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