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May 31, 2011 at 10:49 am 6 comments

Free Speech by Chris D. Ritchey

As regular readers are aware for the past months I have been in somewhat of a self-imposed isolation. It isn’t because I am making a concerted effort to
“stay out of life as I knew it”- I am just not “me “ anymore.

Situations that would have me “rallying, promoting, writing and tilting at windmills” are very few – NOW – mainly I shrug!

But even in my self-imposed isolation from community , situations come to light. I won’t go into details here it isn’t my place . BUT the bottom line is that there are good people fighting for the truth , having it smothered in a spin, half-truths and in some cases outright deceit – ( I know all too well that feeling) and good people are being hurt and in some cases reputations tarnished.

Once tarnished they never shine as brightly .

“How do you get the truth out, how do you deal with those that lie, when being accused not to your face?”

These are just one or two questions that have arisen from at least four of the recent situations I know about in my isolation. They run the gambit from “professional capacity “- “volunteers”- “organizations” – and “educational.”

You see the people who are manipulating truth in all these situations are supposedly “trustworthy ” – members of the established community of Lorain – members of religious communities ( although different denominations), people who are leaders, those in financial institutions and some are well-respected in their respective walks of life, some were even classed as friends who for various reasons have bent , twisted and used untruths hurting others. Is it greed, vindictiveness social standing, pay backs, wanting perceived power over others, personal accolades – it depends on each situation.

All of the truth victims involved in these situations are people, who get on with their own lives, jobs and are the worlds “helpers”. They are innocents, not the cynic that I am– they believed in the people they thought they knew, worked with , joined with and now as manipulation and spinning of truths enter their world they are ill-equipped to deal with the resulting conflict.

You see they believed in truth and people doing the right thing- after all they share the same culture of community – or so they thought………

“it is just a matter of pointing out the error, the facts of the situation – letting the powers that be, the respective community know what happened or is happening- truth will out- truth will remedy the situation, “

BUT that wasn’t the case in any of the situations and as a consequence they have lost their innocence – they have found to their chagrin , there are very few that will stand behind you- who will tilt the windmills.

Most of our societal community just want the “unpleasant situation “ to go away – they don’t want to be reminded that those they share a pew with, a table, an organization, a meeting, an interest are capable of lies and manipulation because to acknowledge the resulting fallout they might have to react!

Sometimes the injured party doesn’t even know they are being injured- they are the last to know until blind sided by the “manipulators”- they reel with shock because they, in their innocence and truth, couldn’t even imagine how to manipulate events such as the manipulators have done .

I was reminded recently of how “society ” USED to hold accountable those that went beyond the pale – society no longer holds accountable. Why because most of society is now caught up in the game playing , greed, apathy and manipulation.

I found out months after the fact that Sue Lombardi and her offspring were telling people at the visitation and at their church :

Can you believe it, his own mother isn’t even here! She boycotted the funeral because it wasn’t done her way!”

“You cannot believe what we have had to put up with”


“Yes, she’s an UNNATURAL mother.”

I also found out the Lombardi’s good friend and businessman was sending out emails to his “list” about me – inferring that I disrupted my own son’s funeral in order to somehow justify their taking the remains of my son burying them without his family even being told – ( How anyone can justify those actions is beyond me)
This was the most despicable act of betrayal at a time of such pain and anguish as to be untenable but they felt no such pain in the passing of my child – their calculating coldness proved that. Lies were being told to justify the actions of callousness and greed and since I was unaware of the extent of this manipulation I could not fight those lies at the time.

BUT I will continue to write the truth of my family’s situation . You see my truth has documentation, letters, emails, witness statements and those will be exposed to the clean air of truth on this blog as my ” in search of my son “ journey ends.

Now I am not an innocent , I am a cynic, one of the reasons I kept all documentation – I will fight the lies in my case the only way I know how –

I will have my justice and I will expose the underbelly of those that compounded the ultimate grief to a world-wide societynot that I expect society to do anything but my truth will be there – documentation and all– my principles that I live and will die by are intact.

But I cannot answer the questions put to me recently by good people

“what can we do?”

Lawyers???? in some instances those are in play but lawyers don’t advocate they compromise and settle– they do not tilt at windmills.

News media – most media are not going to do an investigation – you might get a five-minute wonder headline but then again depends on who is in fact printing the truth 😉

Just a few days ago two accounts of the recent firing of Lorain Community Development Director Tracy Udrija (emphasis mine)

Chronicle Telegram

Gilchrist was angry that she allowed her secretary to backdate a memo requesting vacation time. Udrija said Gilchrist also may have been unhappy that she agreed to meet with Democratic mayoral candidate Chase Ritenauer, who defeated Krasienko in the May 3 primary and Republican mayoral hopeful Timothy Baxter after they requested meetings

NOTE: CT states “they “ Baxter and Ritenauer requested the meetings

but in the Morning Journal a different truth once again emphasis mine
Morning Journal

Yesterday, both candidates said Vecchio-Udrija had contacted them to meet this week and discuss her department and its programs.

So what is society to believe ? I checked and I know which article is correct but how many check????????? did any of you notice??????Maybe you didn’t care but behind this very simple “who is telling the truth” could be the foundation for a lawsuit that could cost the citizens of Lorain mega bucks but will surely line the pockets of yet more lawyers 😦

There isn’t much you can do if society doesn’t react then your truths are lost spun out of existence to all but a few – I don’t believe in Karma – I believe scum rises to the top of the pond though and blots out the light of truth turning the waters murky And to the question WHY?

the answer from this cynic is

“because THEY CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the next time you – society – the ones that are aware – as you attend your church service- shake hands at the “peace be with you ” or at a meeting – or a function- congratulate the “winners” remember as you clasp that hand you “society” are enabling what ails society .

Note this blog is open ( as they the victims of what ails Lorain are already aware) to them should they ever wish to tell their truths. ( documentation and all 😉

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  • 1. Mark  |  June 3, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    It baffles me how people can play the good church-going, God-fearing Christian to all, yet behind the scenes are conniving, money-stealing, lying sacks of human filth. Momma Lombardi and her snake in the grass daughter will reap what they sow.

  • 2. thatwoman  |  June 4, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Oh Mark it is a bad weekend it was three years ago this weekend and June 7th that my son brought that family to ours—–and because of that legaility and the enabling of that “damned church” because quite frankly in my world Devious Divas and Co are damned … how do you reconcile putting a father , sister and a 92 year old grandmother through such an ordeal … and still get on your knees and pray ….let alone be the “vampira’s” or draining what sympathy they could from the death of my son to their own benefit both professionally and financially …… but they did and do because “they can”.but I don’t believe in karma as I said …… scum rises to the top of the pond ……… and my pond is thick with their scum…… now let me tell you how I really feel 🙂

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