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Yin- Yang of Lorain –

AHHHHHH Lorain, this week finds the Lorain International Festival a community coming together to enjoy the diversity of its population and our “differences”. Tonight Veterans Park will celebrateSOURCE MORNING JOURNALPHOTO NATE PARSONS

Monday, June 20, 2011

Band Concert at Veteran’s Park
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Veterans Park, West Erie Avenue Washington Avenue in Lorain.

Cost: Free

A wonderful evening of Greek inspired music, performed live by the Ousis Band.

The 2011 International Princesses will be present to greet and dance along with you. Feel free to bring your favorite lawn chair and stay awhile.

This event is free to the public and held at Veteran’s Park on the corner of West Erie – Washington Avenues in downtown, Lorain.

Not all differences should be celebrated though in my opinion- added decoration to that same park last week and those enjoying the ambiance were of a decidedly different nature and NOT to be celebrated
A Tale of Two…..

Last week Dennis Flores sent me photos of what had been happening in Veteran’s Park in the preceding evenings

I was even more upset to get more photos later in the week of more destruction by a group of young men .

Now these “writings of chavs” seem to be by idiots with magic markers-
Our retaliation for such behaviour – my poor efforts on my blog – letters to the editor of the Morning Journal:

LETTER: Lorain needs to enforce curfew, curb vandalism

photos, complaints, law enforcement is certainly not having the desired effect on these “socially challenged” individuals –

I am not sure what can be done because the behaviour is there along the societal chain, from the “chavs” to the “educated and professionals” -like writing on the wall to be seen by those that are frustrated, angry and hurt by such behaviours.


BUT then you see people trying their damnedest to make things better to give back – to “be good neighbors”

On the street where I live we are now only 35 percent “owner occupied” . The little house next door has been the subject of more than one blog post in recent years on more than one blog – the latest
just a few days ago

This little house, once belonging to the big blue house ( until some twit on a planning committee decided it would be good to split the lot SIGH- another story), both have been foreclosed upon.
One of the renters who had lived in the blue house had to move elsewhere.

He and his wife were lovely gentle people and were living pay check to pay check- no money for extras or even sometimes necessities.

I lost touch during these last months of my self- imposed house confinement- but the other day a knock on the door-

The husband stopped by, he was worried and concerned about my husband and I and wanted to know how we were. I guess I didn’t assure him that I was fine.

The day Dennis Flores sent me the photos and as I was typing the blog post, I heard the lawn mower next door.

The bank which owns the blue house and the city which now owns the brown house have the grass cut -badly – but cut.

The day was hot and the lawn mower not a large one was being pushed by my old neighbor. I watched as he carefully trimmed , picked up the twigs, raked both properties and bagged the clippings. I knew that even the gas for the mower was to them a luxury.

I ventured across and he said

the lawns looked so bad and there isn’t much we can do to help you but I thought at least Loraine will have a nice yard to look at from her window – it was the only thing my wife and I could think of to do to help – we are so sad for you and your family. We just wanted to do something to help

Yes! there truly is another side to Lorain and sometimes it will also knock on your door – we just have to open it.

As for Veterans Park

If this park is to continue to please families of today as it has done for more than two centuries then something has to be done.

I have somewhat of a band-aid approach at best at the moment but possible a deterrent – the LPD having an officer walk through – staggering the times- every day / night might send a message and possibly the parking of a police car in front of the Washington Avenue address where the little darlings live might send a message Security provided in the plaza provided by the owner may also help with the panhandling.

I have no answers- I just have the writing on the wall …………

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