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Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King- Tribute Flag raising

On Saturday – June 25th 2011 at 11:00 am. corner 1st Street and Hamilton Avenue- 55 years after Fleet Admiral King passed away – we will raise the Flag of the United States of America out of respect to the man who from humble beginnings went on to hold the highest rank in the United States Navy.
Photo by Lisa Miller

This tribute is not finished- this is just Phase One -but Black River Historical Society and Charleston Village Society thought raising the flag on this day would be fitting.

To complete Phase One we have had donations of in kind, labour , materials and money. Another post will be thanking all who have contributed.

We had a dress rehearsal this week to make sure all the flags would fly , and the solar light would light.

Our thanks has to go to the City of Lorain Administration and Lorain City Council , the Lorain Utilities Dept, Lorain Street Dept for their patience , help , advice and for agreeing to have this tribute on their property.
Dress Rehearsal:
Fitting the solar light

Frank checking the signal flagsthey spell K I N G

Checking to make sure all would fly right!

Making sure the flag is folded correctly

The ceremony will be simple on Saturday -all are welcome- remember this is still a work in progress and we have a long way to go before the final dedication at the end of the summer ( date to be announced) but it is one phase of three……

To Be Continued………….

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