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Literary License- the burn- CITY OF LORAIN

I am writing under a Restricted Literary License It seems I am in learning mode. I have been used to writing on the wrong side of the rules for a Literary License– this is a habit I am going to find hard to break but they assure me it is easy enough to do- OTHER BLOGGERS have no problem 😉

Also my usage of the English language can confuse the American reader from time to time – I do apologize for that and my “run on ” sentences- as I read the handbook that came with my Literary License given out by the 7th floor – I am sure I will learn and will punctuate my sentences and articulate with the inevitable ” ummm”.

Also I have to stay within the speed limit of my keyboard- something else that is going to be very, very difficult.

So now I have my Literary ( albeit restricted ) License I will begin with Tuesday evenings City Council Meeting from my perspective:

You can find Ree’s here

and Lisa’s here

My first council meeting was back in the late 70″s – a young thing was I- I was new to the political arena of Lorain- I went for two reasons:

One I had an issue with the fact that another “bright spark” was going to put ore piles in my neighborhood ( we know how that worked out)

Two – the fact that a directive was sent by a Mr. Jacabozzi to all city personnel ( my husband had been recently hired ) they and their families should NOT attend City Council meetings and so it began..

I have sat through 6 Administrations – dozens and dozens of different faces on council – I have grown old watching political game playing- complete and utter fiascos – I have seen division- wheeling and dealing- I have seen patience – I have seen the good – the bad – the ugly I have even seen my own council person( a few years back) fall asleep and then fall off the chair……

I have watched the business of legislation and the business of adminstration. I have watched when citizens speak at cross purposes with the people on the other side of the barrier.

There are times that I admire the patience with which “OUR” elected officials listen and deal with us.

You see WE don’t always KNOW the procedure, the terminology, the chain of command – we don’t live in the world of the politician – we jump into the government pool when we need help or have a concern.

Mostly we live our lives, and yes “bitch” on occasion, but we are there when they need more money and our votes and then they come looking for US!

I am not sure I should be writing under the influence of “anger” there maybe a Literary License “Cop” hanging around???

I attended the City Council Meeting Tuesday night in order to introduce to the Administration and Lorain City Council individuals who had been experiencing some very negative situations all caused by the City of Lorain.

And silly me I thought

if their elected representatives are aware of the situation they would do something to ease the way for these members of the tax paying public.

Their complaints were documented and legitimate.
I truly believed in bringing the big guns to bear would get action

However, I learned one or two things at that meeting.
One city council members were unaware of the controlled burn program-


After a little research on my part to see whose “idea” this partnership with Tri C was I found it in the BOC minutes .
Gilchrist ( Community Development) Krasienko ( Mayor) Dore ( Safety Director) with advice from the Fire Chief.

I also was chagrined to hear Mayor Krasienko in his explanation to Mr. Silecky negating the concerns of one of his citizens by questioning their integrity and worthiness of reporting what happened to them when contacting the City of Lorain Community Development Dept. A bad workman may blame his tools but good Mayor should never belittle a taxpayer

As bad as that was I was also upset with council members who knew these people were in the audience and were their constituents and they sat on their hands they didn’t even bring a pea shooter to bear – their constituents were silenced:

Artwork Chris Ritchey

I also know that if a member of council calls for someone to speak they can as Mrs. Molnar did to Chief Brown- he had his say -the Mayor had his say- but the people who were most effected by this “controlled burn- were left to burn in enforced silence ….

original artwork idea – Sangrea

Somehow in this whole government cock up ( oops sorry back to the English again sorry) the city turned this from being a “COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT” issue into a LORAIN FIRE DEPT issue.

This was never about the burning it was about the taking down the eyesores left by the burning in a timely manner and getting answers!

It has now become about RESPECT and the lack thereof and once again “what were they thinking?

BUREAU OF GOVERNMENT COCK UPS AND LITERARY LICENSE EVALUATIONS- In order to lift the restrictions on your Literary License – please answer the following questions :

ONE Did your writing contain half-truths and inaccuracies?NO

TWO Do you have witnesses and documentation? YES

THREE Were you present at said scene? YES

FOUR Were you truthful? YES

Sorry THATWOMAN you failed your first Literary License Test. You are still under restriction

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