Auditor Mantini responds to Mayor Krasienko

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Last week Mayor Krasienko used the press and a public forum ( Lorain City Council meeting) to accuse Auditor Mantini and Councilman Given of misappropriation of funds , tampering and conspiring to cover up.

“It’s come to my attention that a misappropriation of funds by the auditor MAY HAVE occurred, along with tampering with public documents,” Krasienko said. “This legislation is an attempt to cover up a conspired action by Auditor Mantini and Councilman Given. I am publicly requesting the law director to begin a formal criminal inquiry and forward his findings.”

The Mayor’s chair from which he made his accusations a week ago was empty last night – Mayor Krasienko was not there to face those he accused .

Whether or not the Mayor was there Mr. Mantini addressed the accusations
Morning Journal with video can be found here

Mantini says Krasienko’s accusations were ‘charade’ (with video)

Chronicle Telegram article can be found here

Lorain auditor says mayor’s accusations are payback
Mr. Mantini’s full statement to Lorain City Council is as follows

At last Monday’s council meeting, the mayor made some very serious accusations against me and Councilman Given. He accused me of the following:
• Misappropriation of funds
• Tampering with public documents
• Attempt to cover up a conspired action along with Mr. Given

I am here tonight to respond to these allegations and set the record straight in the same public forum the mayor chose to make these accusations.

The 1st accusation of Misappropriation of Funds

First of all, council passed ordinance #023-11 appropriating $311,558of expenses into the Economic Development Fund. Council then passed ordinance #070-11 de-appropriating the money from the Economic Development Fund. As a result of this de-appropriation, I reviewed all purchase orders already issued and payments already made from the Economic Development Fund in order to determine what changes needed to be made. The result of this review was the June 29, 2011 submission of the two ordinances for council’s approval.

ORC 733.12 states, “the auditor shall prescribe the form of accounts, the form and method of keeping accounts and shall have the inspection and revision thereof “. My office does this on a regular basis without council approval – two examples are:

1. A purchase order has the wrong account number put on it when it was issued and we subsequently make the correction to the PO and issue journal entries to correct invoices already paid.
2. A pay check was issued for an employee and was coded to the wrong Fund or account – we do a journal entry to correct it. This happens often between General Fund police & Levy police and also Community Development employees.

The 2nd accusation of Tampering with public documents

I consider this the most serious of the accusations. I am here to tell you that this is absolutely not true. I have not altered one purchase order, one payment voucher or any other document and I have here the proof for all to review. Here is a copy for the mayor, the State Auditor, Council, the Police, the Journal and the Chronicle. I have not made any changes because council has not yet passed the two ordinances submitted on 6/29/11. If and when these ordinances are passed, I will then make the appropriate changes to the PO’s through a PO Change Request Form and invoice documents through either an invoice distribution voucher or a journal entry.

The 3rd accusation of an Attempt to cover up a Conspired Action

I would like to know how I am covering up anything when all matters concerning these items have been publicly submitted to council for their agenda and approval. I would also like to know how Mr. Given was singled out in this “cover up” when the de-appropriation legislation was passed by a unanimous vote of all council members at a public meeting.

In conclusion, it is my belief mayor Krasienko’s accusations and request for a police investigation were the result of my support for the winning candidate in the Mayor’s race in the May primary. These accusations are entirely unfounded and merely an attempt by mayor Krasienko to discredit me, my family, my staff in the Auditor’s office, my friends and my reputation in this community where I have lived my entire life.

It is my hope that council will see through these false accusations and pass the two ordinances before them tonight in order for me to process payments to our vendors for the work performed. In addition, I hope this will end this charade by mayor Krasienko to defame my character and my integrity.

I thank council for allowing me to speak on this issue tonight.

If there are any questions on these two ordinances, I will be glad to answer them.


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