“A very civilized affair” ( well that is meeting )

July 28, 2011 at 4:10 pm 12 comments

I attended the meeting in the police training room at Lorain City Hall on July 27th- I attended as a representative of Charleston Village Society .You can find the media accounts as follows:

Chronicle Telegram
Lorain business owners say shelter clients are driving people from downtown

Morning Journal
Downtown Lorain needs more security, representatives say (with videos)

Channel 8 News with text and video


There were no fisty -cuffs, no shouting, just businesses and their representatives , social service agencies and their representatives, the Lorain office of Sherrod Brown , ( funding?? of those agencies )representatives from the Lorain clergy, a number of non-profits, and of course the City of Lorain and the council member for the 2nd ward. It was quite a large crowd and they were so polite.

There is an issue with the clients of Catholic Charities of 8th Street and they were there to “listen” to the surrounding businesses as to the concerns as to how “some” of their clientele are causing problems to those in the area.

There was some anecdotal discussion, and “stepping lightly”.

It seemed to me that really nobody wanted to appear to be the “mean’ and unfeeling; everyone was very cognizant of not degrading those that have less than ourselves. In fact to the point of almost “hey my best friend is homeless” scenario

The end result was “let us meet again” explore more fully … yadyada yada …..and I agree , there has to be a coming together, there has to be talk and action but we also have to be honest and frank. Maybe if the media hadn’t been there I don’t know if the dialogue would have been more open. Talking is good BUT a major problem was not addressed: Maybe the next meeting!

Now here I am taking off my Charleston Village Society hat and I am now being ”

We can’t pussyfoot around an issue here BECAUSE IT IS THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!

This is how I see it from a resident of Lorain’s oldest neighborhood who has been in touch with the downtown more than most and also runs a non -profit ( without salary I might add) .

Social Service Agencies are BIG BUSINESS– they have a lot of dollars ( millions upon millions) given to them to run their programs. Their directors earn very substantial salaries . Their clients ( and that is what they are) bring in that funding- the more clients and programs the more money .

But Lorain businesses those NOT in the social service industry want me and others like myself to come downtown to be their clientele.

The realtors want young families to move into these affordable neighborhoods to support our schools, use our library , go to the theatre.

How do they do that?

You do that by making the neighborhood and downtown a place you want to be, to walk to enjoy, to feel safe and comfortable with those that are sharing those sidewalks and areas. You provide a service or product that is of a “positive ilk”

So let us get on the same page and see about taking care of the miscreants that make our downtown unattractive.

We have a lot of social service agencies in this area and therefore we are attractive to their clientele ( even if for the most part their clientele aren’t so attractive to us )

We also have a lot of bars that are attractive to some of the “clients” and newer residents ( said sarcastically) . Sorry but we are hardly “upmarket” in our bar scene and the one or two that try wellllllllll

I tried on more than one occasion to bring the elephant to the table :

the figures of trackable less than honorable gentlemen in our 1 mile and to get the point across we aren’t just taking care of the homeless – infact I believe the people at the discussion were giving the true “homeless” a bad wrap.

I was met polite smiles and Oh yes we know look and let us move on. So I will have my say here ( because I can) 🙂

So to those Social Service agency people in particular – as you leave my neighborhood in the evening I ask you :

Do you really KNOW about the area in my neighborhood and the downtown corridor and who lives there?

BECAUSE THESE AREN’T THE HOMELESS EVERYONE WAS MENTIONING– these “clients” of the Adult Parole Authority and also the plethora of RSO’s for the most part HAVE HOMES except for the “13 unmappable that sometimes give Catholic Charities on 8th street as their address.

They come here for the cheap housing , the cluster housing where they can be with people they have things in common and the welcome wagon of available services as they are informed as to where they will find acceptance and services upon leaving prison and where they won’t find that help.

I am glad that people volunteer at the shelters I am glad they are looking out for their fellow man- but hey over here – we who are trying to make a living – trying to live we would like a little compassion too!

Source Family Watchdog July 28th 2011
You see Lorain has a residential area that literally abuts the business corridor all long Broadway not just the area to the underpass – we were the foot traffic, the clients- when that neighbohood was healthy the businesses that relied upon that community were also healthy when people felt safe driving through those neighborhoods they came to those banks, churches, theatres, they parked and went about the their “business”. NOT NOW!

You can put up all the cameras you want in a long Broadway to underpass, you can make the Broadway business district welcoming

BUT YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER WHAT IS IN OUR NOT SO HEALTHY NEIGHBORHOOD thanks to affordable housing and a plethora of social services and mega funding ( good business) and it has to be said “lack of code enforcement and deteriorating structures.

BECAUSE IN THAT NEIGHBORHOOD OF 44052 that abuts that Broadway corridor and that self same business district we have :

We, who LIVE” here enjoy( sarcasm) the special talents contributions of 83 adults on parole ….. these men have records of kidnapping, drug dealing, murder, manslaughter, armed robbery , burglary , prostitution, menacing, victim witness retaliation etc. See for yourself go to the Ohio Government website type in Lorain -Lorain and 44052
read it and weep-

We also have in that mile along the corridor 63 RSO’s in 47 locations and some that are unmappable but give Catholic Charities as their address.


THESE CLIENTS are in my neighborhood, they are walking my neighborhood streets they are sitting in my park and getting coffee and donuts from those that care. I have a right to complain because I LIVE here I spend 24 hours a day with the CLIENTS!

THEY too are being “serviced” by the number of social service agencies and their millions in funding .

You can talk about poor “old Joe” who isn’t all there but harmless as he wanders around the park where I LIVE and urinates in the fountain as he says good day to another neighbor whose claim to fame is
“burglary, GSI, Attempted rape, conspiracy AGG Robbery, weapons and unlawful dangerous ordinance”.

He too, is out for his nightly airing with his a bottle of wine / drugs to share with the lady ( of the evening and day ) who uses the pine tree for her absolutions as she plies her trade.

Do you honestly think I am going to take a stroll with my grandchild along that pathway in my little park on a summer’s evening?

Do you think I am going to wander down to the theatre?

Do you think I am going to take my grandchild to the library 2 streets away ?

NO! I am going to drive OUT of 44052 with him.

I wanted to laugh as the lady one social service agency said

YOU need to get to know these people

but that wouldn’t have been polite!!!!

_ I will politely decline and I wonder where she lays her head – come to think of it – I don’t recognize her from my neighborhood. But I do know some of her clients .

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“Wonder”-land- Residence of CHOICE- Paul Biber The Biber/ Gilchrist Chronicle (S)tirring the pot!

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  • 1. Lisa  |  July 29, 2011 at 3:55 am

    At the Ohio Attorney General’s website, you can search for sex offenders by school district. A search of “Lorain” = 281 results found. [Clearview is a separate search option & that netted 28 results found.] Some have a home and work address listed. Some work addresses are just street names that don’t even have businesses on them, like Euclid Avenue and Gary Avenue. A lot of guys work at 1600 Broadway.

    I also saw these “home addresses”:
    Homeless area of Black River basin LORAIN, OH 44052
    Homeless area of Broadway Ave. / W. 4th St. LORAIN, OH 44055
    HOMELESS area of W14th St / Broadway Ave LORAIN, OH 44052
    Homeless area of W 15th St / Reid Ave Lorain, OH 44052
    Homeless area of Clinton Ave/ E 31st St LORAIN, OH 44055
    Homeless area of East Erie Ave and Root Rd Lorain, OH 44055

    A guy they’ve lost track of:
    Home unk Lorain, OH 00000
    48 Lorain

    Ohio Attorney General’s Office
    Sex Offender Search Link

    Every route to any place worth visiting in downtown Lorain requires slogging through the continuously rising tide of foul and unpleasant humans. I am tired of it. Why don’t these agencies take their millions and invest it in the old Ford plant? Create a transitional full service housing campus that provides GED classes or some college courses and job training. If you want to live there and take advantage of the opportunities, you have to earn your keep by working around the facility. Kitchen, laundry, maintenance – whatever needs to be done. The goal would be to help them eventually make a successful return to society while we RECLAIM OUR DOWNTOWN!!!!!

  • 2. Lisa  |  July 29, 2011 at 3:57 am

    I should have said
    “The goal would be to help them eventually make a successful return to society [because our justice system leaves us no other choice] while we RECLAIM OUR DOWNTOWN!!!!!”

  • 3. ree  |  July 29, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Amen to you both!

  • […] I thought of him and his words as I attended the meeting last week where everyone ignored the elephant in the room. https://thatwoman.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/a-very-civilized-affair-well-that-is-meeting/ […]

  • 5. Dr. Tammy Ramirez  |  August 3, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    We didn’t ignore the elephant, we just need some leadership to make it happen. With just a little research I found all of these millions going to all of these agencies and, I’m learning Lorain is the dumping ground because Lorain will take the money when other cities say thanks, but no thanks. We allowed this to happen, when we weren’t looking the worst of the worst came in. Let’s find the path out of this mess…other cities have done it, so can Lorain. It starts at city government, then to the “community development” dept.

  • 6. Loraine Ritchey  |  August 3, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Yes I was shocked when I listened to the research you had done on the amount of money “supporting” these agencies. I also was chagrined when Mr. Klimas tried to and did switch the focus away from your research.

    “I have never been panhandled in front of my business” ( LNB) etc.

    some were ignoring the elephant in the room and some were trying to hide it……. 😉

  • 7. Dr. Tammy Ramirez  |  August 3, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    When I met with family members of the “homeless” they were aware of the drug trade aroung these people. The dealers are very busy the first of the month! They wanted to know “what rock these people were living under” not to see what was really going on!

  • 8. Loraine Ritchey  |  August 3, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    Dr. Ramirez you would be most welcome to have space on this blog to share your research and your findings. Loraine

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  • […] As long as Lorain is perceived as being a haven for the criminal element- sub- standard housing and whilst rental and social service agencies are the main business attractions no little clean up or tattoo artwork on Broadway will help stop the rot ( bandaids at best). The core issues have to be addressed and soon and it can start with code enforcement and a tough stance. https://thatwoman.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/a-very-civilized-affair-well-that-is-meeting/ […]

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