“Money where your mouth is “- Chris Ritchey

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WHO I AM by Chris Ritchey

“Nothing should be hidden or untouchable , if it is your truth and you stand behind it – no one should be able to silence you”
Christopher Ritchey

Part 17 – In Search of My Son
Put your money where your mouth is!
That was the mantra – I was taught by my father –

just don’t talk about it – talk is like so much flotsam floating with no substance .

My Uncle Paisy ( John) used to say

stop bloody moaning and get on with it!


“The only thing you take to your grave is your name

Theirs was the “greatest generation” but it was also handed down by me to my children, Chris especially . I am not keen on those that brag without substance and I certainly didn’t want to see that trait in my off spring.

There were times when Chris was in his early teens, he like so many other “almost grown ups” would “talk a good game” and then not produce…. he was met with Money where your mouth is Chris…if you say you are going to produce…. do it otherwise don’t say anything…. sometimes he would get so ticked with me .

As he grew into a young man, he did put his money where his mouth was. He did follow through and if he thought he was right about something nothing would stop him. He used his talent ( and sometimes MY money 🙂 ) to get his point across, to stand up for his beliefs, and to make a difference.

As I discover his work for his clients, I realized he used some of what he had heard during his formative years:

I remember when Lorain Growth did the Welcome to OZ in 2002 and Chris had come to pick me up – we were taking questions from the audience – disappointingly he was the only one of his generation in attendance – He stood up – and I thought

OH! OH! what will he say-

Chris was never backwards about being forward………

“You can hang all the flower baskets, plant all the flowers you want

( he had the summer job of watering them and therefore was in the downtown all day, so he saw what was happening)

but until you get “reasons” for regular people to come to Lorain and feel safe – it is just so much talk”

When the Gardens of Charleston were selling their apartments – I thought :

this was a good deal- he could get on the property ladder very cheaply – even commuting to CIA it would still be less expensive than what we were paying in “college apartment rent” and he could have his independence during the summer .

We went to look at the apartments- which were great – but as he looked out over the roof deck Chris said :

Mum- but look at that view of the “hood”

I said

Christopher , I “LIVE” IN THAT HOOD!-

Well you haven’t much of a choice now do you ?

as he grinned down at me and patted me on top of my head.

but what is there for ME or someone like me in this neighborhood? When I come home I want to go out, relax have fun, have a decent meal, join my friends, do you see anything like that here? Yeah it is a good deal, great apartment but still in Lorain.

I couldn’t argue.

I thought of him and his words as I attended the meeting last week where everyone ignored the elephant in the room.

I thought of him as Mr. Howard was telling me how much he did for the community and over the weekend as I read and reread the email and the media reports on the Board of Elections meeting .

I thought of him as I puzzled at Mr. Hill’s remarks of the Klu Klux Klan , which I found so offensive and also the fact that Mr. Howard’s e-mail certainly ( in my personal opinion) contributed to the tone and rhetoric of that meeting.


But to be honest I have had enough of the “smiling faces that lie

what "lies" beneath the smiles - Lombardi-


and I have had enough also the muck and mire of the cess pool that has become Lorain’s political scene – I don’t want to deal with the basilisk that lives behind those smiles…..

my “will is wounded”

BUT as I was sitting at the computer looking for a photo I once again saw his Freedom and ANTI POLITICAL CORRECTNESS campaign posters.

And once again Chris spoke through his work….

Mum Are YOU putting your money where your mouth is?

I love you Chris, I miss you Chris , I miss most of all THE MEMORIES THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ……….

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