Lorain City Schools- Guest Blogger the Sorcerer’s Apprentice -Part Two

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Part One :https://thatwoman.wordpress.com/2011/09/01/lorain-city-schools-guest-blogger-the-sorcerers-apprentice/


(Author’s Note: for those of you old enough to remember to the Oldies but Goodies, do not allow “DIZZY” by Tommy Roe or “Do You Believe in Magic?” by the Lovin’ Spoonful invade your mind. It could prove a bigger distraction that this information will be.)

If a district is not passing state indicators, how then can said district be in a District Designation of Continuous Improvement?

To determine your District Designation, AYP becomes a factor (whether you have achieved it or not). Designation = Indicators Met (%) OR Performance Index AND AYP Designation.

So, here we go:

• Our percentage of indicators met has never been higher than 24% in the last nine years.
(Remember we got the % by using good old fashion Mathematics learned in elementary school)

• Our performance index number has been between 75.9% and 82.3%. (see Part One, definitions)

This number is a “mystical” number gotten from multiplying a weighted number by a percentage giving us a number that indicates how we “performed”. Of course it is a “weighted” number that doesn’t represent actualities.

So, we don’t pass indicators; don’t achieve AYP but when we combine that with the mystical Performance Index, we are continuous improvement. (Here comes that song again: “Dizzy, I’m so Dizzy, my head is spinnen, just like a whirlpool”. Oops! Sorry!)

Here’s one of the State’s own charts, try to follow along:
click to enlarge :

We were at #1 on the 2010-2011 State Report Card for Indicators met. But,
We were at #2 on the 2010-2011 State Report Card for Performance Index. And,
We were at #3 on the 2010-2011 State Report Card fir AYP Designation. Therefore, {Do You Believe in Magic?},Abracadabra,


Oh no! that’s just the PRELIMINARY DESIGNATION.

Let’s look at the next chart. click on to enlarge

We are at Continuous Improvement and our Value-Added Measure was – but the * at the bottom must apply. So, once again, {“Do You Believe in Magic”}Abracadabra, value-added has no impact on the designation and therefore the preliminary designation became the final designation.
We are Continuous Improvement.

It is “magical” how we are just so good. We don’t pass much at state requirements, we don’t achieve AYP ever yet through the wonder of numerical prestidigitation, we are Continuous Improvement. {“Dizzy”}

Bottom Line: We don’t pass much at the state requirement levels of 75% or 85%. We never achieved AYP but we are improving. It seems that the only improvement is in the minds of those manipulating the results. There is no consistency in the measure. There is way too much play in the formulas and explanations. There is confusion everywhere.

Our children (our future) are the ones who are suffering. They are being cheated of the best education our money should be providing. Let’s get the state to get back to basics. You all remember the good old readin’, ritin’ and ritmatic’.
Let’s give our young people a solid base to grow and work from.
Let’s offer the extras when the basics are in place.
Foreign languages are great as long as that foreign language isn’t math, reading and language arts.
Let’s get the science and social studies mastered and then from that base lets’s expand our horizons with Spanish, Computers, Mandarin and all the other great things added in middle school and high school.
Let’s not lose our children before they have the chance to find their path, to grow and contribute.

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Lorain City Schools- Guest Blogger- The Sorcerer’s Apprentice September 3rd – War- Movin’ on- Hell truly is other people – Chris Ritchey

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