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The Ghost in the pond – continues……..

He has grown this little fish of a Mother’s Day not so long ago. Every morning as I watch the sun sparkling on the water or the rain drops teasing the surface calling the fish to come and see , in my mind, I see my son on that special day, by the pond, slipping the koi into the pond.

Everyday I check to see how he fares

Everyday I watch the skies for the heron

but he has thrived this present, a token from a son to a mother , he has grown big and strong and possibly has offspring.

I must apologize for the video it is a bit jerky. Misty loves to tease the fish and always wants in the picture which means – “he of the video”– kept getting knocked about.

You will see he is now the biggest fish in the pond- a quick reference is his size to Misty’s head and if you look carefully you will see two little orange gold baby fish ( they are about an inch long ) – as a guide as well.

This year, we have spotted at least a dozen baby fish that have made it so far. I hope one or two belong to the “Ghost” – we will have to wait and see how they progress.

My Mother’s Day gift of frogs and fish continues -for now- and hopefully in the spring I shall see the Ghost once again as he glides through the water. His is a swimming motion of strength and purpose and reminds me of how strong you were my son and how much I miss your strength. Everyday a living reminder of a “mother’s day”

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